Hello from Mexico!

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Jul 26, 2023
Mexico City
Hello everyone!

I just created an account in the forum, but I've been browsing here for a while, I'm from Mexico and I'm 15 years old, maybe I'm not very old but history has caught my attention since I was little, especially the history of kings, queens, emperors, etc. and it was since 2016, with the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, that I began to be interested in royalty even though I was only 8 years old haha, it could be said that I became a fan of royalty in 2018 with the wedding of H&M and from there my interest in royal families only increased, as I said maybe I'm not very old but I consider myself quite fond of all the royal families in Europe, I'm always aware of any public act they do, my favorites are the Danish , the Belgian, the British and the Swedish.

Greetings to all!

PS: I don't really know how this works, so sorry if I'm not doing it right :)
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You are doing beautifully Danyeef, so don’t worry, and Welcome! Tons of information and discussions on royal life in every royal family in the world so plunge in and enjoy! Hope you post in those threads that interest you as well.
Welcome Danyeef! I hope you enjoy the forum.
Warmful welcome! :welcome:
A warm Welcome, Danyeef:
Following the various royal families is interesting and enjoyable. It’s a pleasure to see the beautiful palaces and gardens as well as the lovely clothes.
If you haven’t seen the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in June of 2010, I would recommend looking for it on YouTube. It was one of the most beautiful weddings and included most of the world’s royals.
Enjoy! ��
Bonjour, Danyeef! There is certainly a lot of royal history to learn about.
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