HRH Duke Amedeo (1943-2021) and the Savoy-Aosta Family

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Exactly Tosca,

Very sad indeed. At one time Italy had much more territory, such as Corsica and even much of the South of France.
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It's amazing how with this family you can really see the family traits being passed on. They tend to really resemble earlier ancestors.
This evening at TVR (National Romanian Television) Crown Princess Margareta of Romania remembered her childhood at Villa Sparta (Florence) together with her sisters and with her young uncle , HRH Prince Amedeo of Savoy.There were also videos from Villa Sparta of that period.
Duke Amedeo and Prince Aimone were present today at the celebrations for the the
150th anniversary of Italy's unification. Rome, March 16, 2011


These photos are from website of U.M.I (a monarchical italian organization) which is supporting princes' Aosta claims and that's why prince Amadeo and Aimone are on the foreground on the photos and the only photo with prince Vittorio Emanuele shows him in the bacground.
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Princess Maria Cristina de Savoia-Aosta in fragile health condition

Princess Maria Cristina de Savoia-Aosta ("Crista d´Aosta") born in 1933 and daughter of the late Duke of Aosta, the famous war hero (Duca D'Aosta) suffered a heart attack last week and her condition is not very good.
She shares her life half the year in Brazil and half the year in Italy with her husband Prince Casimiro of Bourbon 2 Siciles.
She is in Brazil now and unlikely ever to go back to Europe.
She is a wonderful Princess very respected in the Royal Families of Savoy and Bourbon-Two Sicilies.We hope she recovers soon.
Prince Amedeo must be very happy to see his male descendance is certain with two little Princes.
Princessa Bianca, daughter of Duke Amadeo, has recently participated in event dedicated to Francois Pinault in Venice. She was photographied together with count Linley (info from “Point de vue”, nr 3281).
She was also present during the gala of Venetian Heritage in Casino of Venice (info from “Point de vue”, nr 3282).
What an imbroglio the Duke of Aosta´s life is. I remember vividly when he married Princess CLaude de France and also their three lovely children, Bianca, Aymone and Mafalda. At the time, he was the Conte de Paris`favourite son in law. If he were alive to see what happened afterwards, including with the marriage of his daughter Claude I think he would be flabbergasted.. Indeed Claude was a saint, but at least she took action.
Princess Claude d'Orleans left her family in order to live abroad and Prince Amedeo had to educate by himself his two daughters and his son.So...
Two Monarchs will he there , The King of Sweden and the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and one Queen Consort Queen Sophie of Spain
Nobody from the Royal Courts of Norway, Denmark, Britain Netherlands and from Monaco.
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