HRH Duke Amedeo (1943-2021) and the Savoy-Aosta Family

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The only problem is that Pr Amedeo is not the Head of the Italian Royal Family. That is Pr Vittorio-Emmanuele.
Well, I acknowledge these forums are surely more based on factual rather than speculative, but this is a piece of news I happen to hear while watching a friar, who had spent part of his life in the same monastery alongside Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, interviewed on the state-run RAI2 tv channel, and I'm reporting it just as curious news, although with all due respect.

When alive Father Pio was renowned for being a performer of miracles and a prophet. Lots of member of the Savoia family, including the Duke of Savoia-Aosta and his first wife have been said to be devotees of Father Pio, and wanted their son Aimone, the duke of Apulia, to be christened by the Saint himself. BTW Father Pio spent the greater part of his life in a monastery located in San Giovanni Rotondo, a small mountain town in Apulia.

While christening the little Prince, Father Pio predicted Aimone will become the next King of Italy! Besides inside the crypt containing Saint Pio's mortal remains, there is a bas-relief that depicts Prince Aimone holding the Collar of the Most Holy Annunciation, that is the insigna of the King of Italy.
Apparently in a letter sent to Queen Maria José, Saint Pio wrote: " A relative of Yours, will be the next King of Italy" ( he mentioned a relative , not a descendant of hers). This is what they said in the interview, but again, take it with a grain of salt.;)

Here's the picture of the bas-relief taken from the crocereale website. Aimone is the kid standing behind the Virgin Mary:
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Could anyone please provide me with information about Princess Mafalda, daughter of Duke Amedeo of Aosta, i.e. brother to Aimone? I'm trying to research as much as I can about the family but cannot find very much about it. They seem to be a media-shy lot! Anyway, found a bit about the others but curiously nothing on Mafalda, which incidentally is, I think, a very pretty name. If anyone has a photo, that would be great!
Unfortunately Mafalda is a royal you do not see so often on glossy tabloids. I found a picture gallery for her and her second husband Francesco Lombardo di San Chirico. He must be a count, if I remember it correctly.
She divorced Prince alessandro Ruffo di Calabria, Queen Paola's nephew in 2000. Alessandro was also linked to Chantal Hochuli after she divorced Prince Ernst August of Hannover following his affair with Caroline of Monaco.

Farabolafoto - 1 - Archivio Globale
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The daughters of Amedeo of Savoy, Bianca and Mafalda, were really very nice. It´s sad they didn´t get married to a europeen prince. Bianca and Mafalda have a very good pedigree linked to several royal houses.
New Kyara van Ellinkhuizen pictures

Here are the latest pics of Prince Amedeo of Savoy's ex-mistress and her daughters. Lucrezia, the elder, she's had with her ex-husband, (according to the mag) the self-styled Prince Fabrizio Caleffi d'Alistal. Ginevra, born of her longtime affair with Prince Amedeo. The girl, who's 2 y/o, has the down syndrome.

The author keeps on claiming that Kyara comes from an old Dutch noble family, and she's a duchess. Actually Marengo told us already that the van Ellinkhuizen family is not part of the Dutch nobility. Than Kyara mentioned Amedeo having given her pendant in the shape of an anchor, which - still according to Kyara - is inscribed in her family's coat of arms...
We're prepared to overllok her blabbing to the tabloids, but why brag of her non existing noble title, when everyone can easily find out who a liar she is?:rolleyes:

She also said that Amedeo has seen Ginevra three times thus far.



I agree with Marengo for the noble status of Kyara...
She has always been only looking for celebrity and has attained part of his target with this love affair with Amedeo...
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How does Amedeo's wife put up with this. It's one thing if she has managed to forgive her husband, but to have this old mistress blabbing to the media must be really painful. Talk about rubbing it in!
For sure they are not happy of all this, they do not comment, or make a few comments when really needed. There's a daughter with heavy health problems...Amedeo should have been more careful at the very beginning of the love affair...Now it is too late and they must face the reality. Kyra will continue blabbing, they can not stop it.
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I agree with Count's views. Neither Duke Amedeo or his wife can do anything effectual to prevent Kyara van Ellinkhuizen from "enjoying the spotlight". Let the mistress talk as her 15 minutes of fame are running out. Additionally I do not think that she is taken seriously ... just a woman scorned ... nothing new, I believe ...
This is not a good situation for the duke who has a child with another woman and to make matters worse the child is sick and still very young.Ms.van Ellinkuizen is getting her monies worth being she has a child with a royal and will continue to talk as long as anyone is willing to listen sooner or later her time will be up and no one will want to hear one single word she has to say.
I really can't understand Duke Amedeo!
He should have been more careful, knowing that he had already another illegitimate son.
Kyara always says (to the press, of course) that it was a great love story and that the Duke was so in love with her!??????!
IMO she was and she is still in love with him. That is true!
At least Nerina Corsini never spoke to the press, as far as I know.
There isn't much to understand, giov: he's a tall, charming, well educated rich man and and avails himself of his qualities;) I saw him last interviewed on the ENIGMA tv show not long ago. That evening the show focused on Princess Mafalda of Savoy who died in Buchenwald concentration camp. Amedeo and his wife Silvia took part in the talk show as well as Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy.

Amedeo is really a charming man IMO, and his wife is a "saint"!;)
There isn't much to understand, giov:
Tosca, I didn'say I can't understand why Kyara fell in love with charming Prince Amedeo, but I have said I cannot understand the Duke and his behaviour!
I do agree his wife Silvia is a "saint". Princess Claude of Orleans, Amedeo's first wife, said in a interview that she admires Silvia because she stayed with him. She said: " I couldn't".
Poor Claude, when she was carrying their second child, Aimone, her husband Amedeo had an affair and another boy with Nerina Corsina.
Also Claude was a saint.
I really can't understand Duke Amedeo!...
Indeed giov, Kyara loves Amedeo' position and money! even if he is not a rich man, he has been living without working and but selling family's properties...
Nerina Corsini is a she does not need status symbols as MRS Kyara...
...Amedeo is really a charming man IMO, and his wife is a "saint"!;)
Silvia is a "Saint", I agree with you Tosca.
From the point of view of public relations, Amedeo is a very good royal (or actor, if you prefer...): he has been educated as a member of a Royal family, the contrary of other members of the Savoy's family...
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Exactly, the Corsini family is one of the few princerly families of Florence/Tuscany, this is the reason why she does not need status symbols...
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Well ... In light of new information, I have to say that Dona Silvia is an extraordinary woman indeed. Infidelity is a painful matter for any person being cheated on. Infidelity splashed all over magazines is double pain aggravated with public humiliation. As for Duke Amedeo, he certainly enjoys the old school life.
Amedeo is a very good royal (or actor, if you prefer...):)

You're right, Count! Actually I should have guessed it, since he talked as if he was sort of pitching his voice.

Exactly, the Corsini family is one of the few princerly families of Florence/Tuscany, this is the reason why she does not need status symbols...

Besides, if I'm not mistaken she was married already, when she became romantically involved with Amedeo. As far as I know the kid received the surname of his mother's husband...

Right Count! This Kyara instead, has no style, no class, she is boring too, IMO.
Plus "La vita in diretta","Domenica In", Unomattina, Novella 2000 etc, etc.
Anyways, Pietro, Nerina's and Amedeo's son, is a really handsome boy.
...but is a clone of Aimone!
Noble titles have been banned in Italy since 1946, and by serving in the Italian army, implies Amedeo swore loyalty to the Italian Republic. So he and his progenie have nothing to claim.
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