King Carlo Emanuele III (1701-1773) and Wives

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Jan 9, 2013
Charles Emmanuel III (27 April 1701 – 20 February 1773) was Duke of Savoy, King of Sardinia and ruler of the Savoyard states from 3 September 1730 until his death in 1773. He was the paternal grandfather of the last three mainline Kings of Sardinia.

King of Sardinia
Duke of Savoy

Reign: 3 September 1730 – 20 February 1773
Predecessor: Victor Amadeus II
Successor: Victor Amadeus III
Born: 27 April 1701, Turin, Savoy
Died: 20 February 1773 (aged 71), Turin, Savoy
Burial: Basilica of Superga
Anne Christine of Palatine Sulzbach
​(m. 1722; died 1723)​
Princess Polyxena of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburg
​(m. 1724; died 1735)​
Princess Elisabeth Thérèse of Lorraine
​(m. 1737; died 1741)​
Prince Vittorio Amedeo
Victor Amadeus III
Princess Eleonora Maria
Princess Maria Luisa
Princess Maria Felicita
Prince Emanuele Filiberto
Carlo, Duke of Aosta
Princess Maria Vittoria
Prince Benedetto, Duke of Chablais
House: Savoy
Father: Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
Mother: Anne Marie d'Orléans
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Anne Christine of Sulzbach, Princess of Piedmont (Anne Christine Louise; 5 February 1704 – 12 March 1723), also called Christine of the Palatinate, was a princess of the Bavarian Circle of the Holy Roman Empire and first wife of Charles Emmanuel of Savoy, Prince of Piedmont, heir to the throne of the kingdom of Sardinia. She died during childbirth at the age of 19.,_Princess_of_Piedmont

Princess Polyxena of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburg (Polyxena Christina Johanna; 21 September 1706 – 13 January 1735) was the second wife of Charles Emmanuel, Prince of Piedmont whom she married in 1724. The mother of the future Victor Amadeus III, she was Queen of Sardinia from 1730 until her death in 1735.

Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine (15 October 1711 – 3 July 1741) was Queen of Sardinia as the wife of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia. She was born a Princess of Lorraine as the daughter of Leopold, Duke of Lorraine and Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans. She became the coadjutor bishop of Remiremont Abbey in 1734, before her marriage to Charles Emmanuel III. She died from puerperal fever, after childbirth.
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