King Carlo Emanuele IV (1751-1819) and Queen Marie Clotilde of France

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Imperial Majesty
Jan 9, 2013
Charles Emmanuel IV (Carlo Emanuele Ferdinando Maria; 24 May 1751 – 6 October 1819) was King of Sardinia and ruler of the Savoyard states from 16 October 1796 until 1802, when he abdicated in favour of his brother Victor Emmanuel I.

King of Sardinia
Duke of Savoy

Reign: 16 October 1796 – 4 June 1802
Predecessor: Victor Amadeus III
Successor: Victor Emmanuel I
Born: 24 May 1751
Royal Palace of Turin, Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia
Died: 6 October 1819 (aged 68)
Palazzo Colonna, Rome, States of the Church
Burial: Church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
Wife: Marie Clotilde of France
​(m. 1775; died 1802)​
Italian: Carlo Emanuele Ferdinando Maria di Savoia
House: Savoy
Father: Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia
Mother: Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Marie Clotilde of France (Marie Adélaïde Clotilde Xavière; 23 September 1759 – 7 March 1802), known as Clotilde in Italy, was Queen of Sardinia by marriage to Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia. She was the younger sister of Louis XVI of France. She was politically active and acted as the de facto first minister of her spouse during his reign. She is venerated in the Catholic Church, having been declared Venerable by Pope Pius VII.
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