HRH Duke Amedeo (1943-2021) and the Savoy-Aosta Family

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Italian magazine „Grand Hotel” (issue nr 42 from 17.10, p. 61) dedicated a small article to prince Amadeo e more precisely to his his love for special plants called succulents.
The prince together with his wife bought a few years ago the house on the island on Pantelleria.
Thanks to the special clima which is reigning in his part of Italy they are able to cultivate these special plants like p.ex. bouganvillea.
The prince Amadeo described his passion for his kind of plants in his book entitled „My mediterranean dream” („Il mio sogno mediterraneo”), edited by Edizioni Polistampa.
As far as I remember the prince Amadeo was always doing wishes for Christmas on paper (presented at his website). It's first time for youtube;he was reading the text (especially at the end of speech his eyes were moving in a bit strange way). And the topics as usual:crisis, youth,terrorism, army, ethics and the things which should be preserved: tradition , principles.
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Amedeo d'Aosta attends the State Funeral for the Victims of the Earthquake, L'Aquila, Italy - 10 Apr 2009
I saw him on the TV, and according to the Savoia-Aosta website Princess Silvia was there too. Which is appreciable, but why do Amedeo and Emanuele Filiberto act as if they still were the rulers of this country?:rolleyes:
:previous: Amedeo and Emanuele Filiberto look like they are competing, now more than ever! Anyhow, if I am not wrong, they were not given a seat in the VIP area.
Princess Silvia works for the Italian Red Cross of Arezzo, that's why she was there.
Anyhow, if I am not wrong, they were not given a seat in the VIP area.

And that would have been the limit! As private persons the can go wherever they please, but I found it in doubtful taste to go visit the people affected by the quake and let the razzis take their pictures.
In a interview EF told he went to the tent camp to bring there staple commodities on behalf of the Order of San Maurizio and San Lazzaro.
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Prince Amedeo and Princess Silvia attended a Mass in homage to the late Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria, née Princess of Savoy, on the 10th anniversary of her death; the Mass was conducted in Rome's Pantheon, on 28 February 2010
Real Casa di Savoia - Roma 28 febbraio 2010
What stroke me is the height of Princess Anne; considering that Prince Amedeo was very tall, about 2 meters tall, his wife Princess Anne must have been very tall as well, at least 1.80m.

Thanks for posting these two videos.
I have read also on Netty Royalty's news as follows :
Kyara van Ellinkhuizen, who expects a child with the Duke of Aosta, told the press that the baby will be a girl. She will call her Ginevra. Pre-birth examinations have shown that the girl has Down Syndrome.

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The baby was born over four years ago in March 2006 (see post #40 on page 2 of this thread).
Many thanks Tosca. What a sweet little girl.:flowers:
I like these simple pictures of the children. They are alwasy cute.
I like the picture of little Umberto reading a book...cute ;)
Maurizio Valenzi (1909-2009) was an Italian antifascist and politician, three times Senator from 1953 to 1968 and Mayor of Naples from 1975 to 1983.
Maurizio Valenzi (1909-2009) was an Italian antifascist and politician, three times Senator from 1953 to 1968 and Mayor of Naples from 1975 to 1983.

Thank you for information. MAfan. :flowers:
:previous: Dalmatians, the residents of Dalmatia, a region in the Balkans.
I wish the House of Savoy would update their pictures on the website more frequently.
Cory who are the dalmati?:flowers:

Dalmatia, a region of former Yugoslavia, nowadays is split into three parts among Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia, but it used to be an Italian region since the existence of the Republic of Venice. Italy lost it after WWII.

Here you'll find an article about the sad history of the Dalmatian Italians.

Ottavio Missoni, the grandfather of Margherita Maccapani, aka Margherita Missoni, is a Dalmatian Italia, who had to leave his native land, when the Yugoslavs took over Dalmatia.
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