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Crushed Soul

Apr 4, 2018
United States
Hi, I'm Lindsay, I'm from The USA. I've been a royal watcher for awhile now. I'm infested with the Royals From The Middle Ages. I kinda consider myself a historian. If I don't check the forum often it's because I made this in 2018 and forgot about it. :wub:
Welcome back! Glad you've decided to give it another go here. Like you, the royal stories from the Dark and the Middle Ages fascinates me. It's like stepping into another world totally. Although they're historical dramas that have been fictionalized, I'm totally hooked on shows like Netflix's The Last Kingdom, Reign, Medici the Magnificent and the Borgias.

I do suspect though if the real personages that are portrayed in these dramas were to see them, they'd cringe at the portrayal of how life was as much as we cringe today when episodes of "The Crown" air and we see just how fictionalized they are. :D
Bonjour! I like to learn about Royalty in the Middle Ages. Some of the royal children did not always have a lot of middle names.

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