HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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yeeeeeesss, they're both major hotties, but they never ever need to repeat those fashion errors ever again. i'd be willing to help gaggle in her efforts to give these poor guys some help in picking out a wardrobe. hehehe.
Yes, I was thinking the same thing. A poor choice of outfits for both of them, and if I ever see that horrible moustache thing on Felix again, I will be very angry. It doesn't, and never will, look good on him. Other than that, nice photos. :p Thanks!
it was, well at least at j-c's funeral and he looked gorgeous, sad, but still gorgeous. hehe.
What is Guillaume doing?

So, Guillaume might be graduated this sspring. Does any know his plans for after he graduates?
really? i thought that guillaume looked fine in what he wore. felix on the other hand....not too sure about the gloves there. but then again, they're guys so i guess they'll get off lightly in any of the fashion mistakes they make.
look at some of the older threads with postings from around the first part of dec. you'll find the pics with him in the hiddeous ugg boots.*shudders.
oooh. he was in ugg boots? lol.
i can't seem to find the pictures of him in them, could you please post some pictures of them or direct me to the link?

ugggh. ugg boots looked cute on catharina amalia, but on guillaume? ich.
i can't remember exactly where, although i do believe the pic's in one of the latest news threads or in the guillaume news #'s 3 or 4 threads or in the felix 2 or 3 threads. hope this helps.

btw i found the pic and i posted it above. and yes i must agree with nathalian, they both dress like they're in the 50's, which is a pitty for such major cuties.*shakes head sadly.


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Guillaume may not be a guy who spends two hours shopping for one outfit or who wants a stylist to spend two hours shopping for him. Do you want him to dress like U.S. actor, say Ashton Kutcher? I think not. At 23, Guillaume may still be finding the look that is right him.

I just hope to never see Guillaume copy this look from his father. Henri wore this outfit in 2003 to an Elton John concert.


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Let´s hope that he find a great style....hehehe....What´s up with the ugg boots?????? I hope he never wear them again...
i completely agree with gaggle. perhaps guillaume buys clothes that well suit his build and height. he doesn't have felix's "model" build, if you will and not everything would look good on him. both guys usually looks nice, i just don't know what happened to them last year. *is sad.
Its really odd how different, yet the same these two guys are. At first, their faces look alot alike. Theny, you soon learn that Felix is much more taller and muscular than Guillaume. And you would think that Guillaume would be taller because he is older.
Yeah...in the beggining, they were the same....now, Guillaume is shorter and fatty ... and Felix is taller and....hummm....muscular...and their faces look diferent too.....back in the pictures when they were young, I coudn´t tell the difference.....but, right now, I know exacly who is who...
i wouldn't be too quick to call guillaume fatty. as far as we know he could've "beefed" up, so to speak. i say this b/c we haven't exactly seen pics of him in swimwear, for example. the same for felix- he seems to have gotten leaner instead of more muscular, as was his state, that we all loved, btw, in the summer 2003 pics, as evidenced by his recent pics. besides, i like guillaume the way he is and as was mentioned before, he does look more mature with his weight. now if he could do something with his "casual" clothes, then he'd be a ok...hehe.
There are not many pictures of Guillaume in "casual clothes."
When does Guillaume graduate from college?

I found this picture from this summer games. I think this looks suits him.

From article in VG, does his ex have a new boyfriend?


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Guillaume isn't fat; he has lost some weight in the past months. Felix has gotten slightly skinnier recently. Guillaume graduates next year. Pia has a new boyfriend all the time. Those "boyfriends" always deny they are dating, though.
ouch, i wonder why pia's b/f always deny they're dating...hhahahahahaha. i don't think guillaume's lost any weight. either way, i think he's still cute.
I think he's really cute in this picture:)


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Are they butterflies on his tie, or am I seeing things? He looks nice there, but maybe a little tired.
pasiphae, i agree with you, how cute he does look and he does seem a little tired. and good question danielle. those things on his tie look like bugs of some sort which is fine since he is into the outdoors and scouting. when was it taken?
Men shouldn't have bugs or butterflys on their ties unless it is earth day or something. Guillaume is looking tired but I remember what it was like being a college student, it is exhausting in itself and adding being a Crown Prince to it!

He can pull through it though.
That is a great picture of him, odd tie or not. I had forgotten how much I liked him until I saw that photo. Then it all came back. :D
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