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Mar 18, 2017
Miami Florida
United States
Greetings Friends!

My name is John but my handle is AllGone because when my nephew was a baby he tried to say Uncle John but it came out as "All Gone" so that's my code name. He's 27 now but we still kid him with calling me All Gone! Anyway it's lovely to find this blog. Look forward to reading lots of great stuff. I live in Pembroke Pines Florida but no ones heard of that so I just say Miami!

Thank you for accepting me. Best regards !

All Gone (John)
Hi John, it's great to have you here. That's a lovely story about your nephew. Enjoy your time on TRF! :flowers:
Welcome to TRF and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. I loved the story about how your alias came about. Leave it to the little ones to put a totally different slant on things. We never had a telephone when the kids were small. It was the hello phone. :D
Hello and welcome AllGone to the Forums :flowers:
Hello and welcome AllGone to the Forums
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You're all so cordial. Thank you f
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