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Oct 6, 2019
Lower Saxony

My Name is Lars and I come from Germany. I am Stephanie Fan since I am 2 years old. I remember very well when I saw her first 1986 on TV with Harpe Kerkeling. I pushed my nose on the TV and my mom told me that I was very happy to see Stephanie on TV. She got one of her gold records on my Birthday in 1986. I thougt that was cool and I remember seeing this and was so happy :cool:

During the years I never stopped follow what was going on in her Family. She is a wonderful mom and has great kids.

This year I started and finished my work on Stephanies Convertibe. It its a 1983 Trans Am Targa in a color that I call "Besoin Blue" what is avalible only for this car and in honor of Stephanie. The idea came when I got the VHS Tape "Once Upon A Time" in what she drives a Ford convertible car. I wanted to go that way, but with a much more sporty car version. I hope one day I get the 1/25 scale car signed by her. But since this is her color that she will mayby love I have to be careful that she not grabs the Model and the base and keeps it :D:lol: If you all want to see more of this car, I have no idea how 2 upload pics here. But I will if you want to see it.

So what else do I have. I do not have a lot of things. I have 2 Buttons from 1987, a double CD from Besoin what is limtied to a bit more then 200 copys. Her second Album on CD, and some old LPs. I have to admit that there are not many people I am in contact with and I see that beeing a regular male Fan is some sort of rare. Everybody else is like "OMG its Stephanie" but why sould I be that way. I am always the quite guy in the background who has respect for her and the family. She signed a photo for me last year, what was nice.

But so far what else can I say about me. I am 186cm tall, sporty person. I am proudly belong to the House of Groeneveld, which is basicly like a bit of the Grimaldis, but I did not look more into this. I have to, I would be very interested what else is arround the corner of my family tree. We have once a year a huge Family Meeting but not the last years because of the Corona Situation. But well, times get better.

So hope to hear from other fans and wish everybody a nice week

A nice week Lars and welcome to the Royal Forums! Enjoy it!!!
Bonjour, Lars! There is a lot of royal history to learn.
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