Hello & looking for royal ancestry biography & research book collectors

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deceased est.

Feb 10, 2024

I’ve joined here, because I really want to find people who were genuinely appreciate and get something out of these books that belonged to a family member who has recently passed.

We have quite a few dozen books that have been collected over the past 40+ years. This person in our family enjoyed anything regarding European royalty and they used to write their own research notes and write their own biographies from the information that they found from the books.
Some are quite old and valuable, and hard to come by now I’m hoping to get in contact with anyone who lives in the Sydney area in particular Manly/northern Beaches who would like to view the books by appointment starting this Tuesday through to Friday. If they don’t go to a collector, the family will be splitting them up and keeping them but we prefer if we could sell them on to somebody who would get a lot out of them

I hope this post is okay to put here I can supply photos
Bonjour! It is nice to have numerous books on European royalty. There is a lot of royal history to learn about.

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