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Nov 25, 2020
Wondering if someone can assist me in contacting Godehard Graf Hoensbroech who I believe resides in Koeln? His ancestral home is Schloss Tuernich which is currently in the possession of his son Severin.

My story:
My father is Josef Thomassen. His parents were Wilhemina Hohn and Josef Thomassen. Both were residents of Koeln-Ehrenfeld, Germany.

Sometime in the 1960’s, my father can recall meeting two teenage boys in town and went to visit them. They resided at Schloss Tuernich, in the main house. (I am wondering if one of those boys might be Godehard?) He met their father who immediately recognised my father, Josef, as the son of “Mena” (the pet name for Wilhemina). The father also told him that “Mena” was his cousin. This took my father by surprise as he knew nothing of this side of the family.

When my father asked his family about this they did not wish to speak about it. There was gossip about someone having had a title.
Curiously the names Hohn and Hoensbroech are similar.

My family line:

Josef Thomassen & Donna Clee
G: 1945 Wurzen Saxony D

Josef Thomassen & Wilhemina Hohn
G: 1921 Koeln Ehrenfeld, D
T: 1981 Koeln Ehrenfeld, D

Heinrich Hohn & Anna Maria Meuter
G: 1888 Keoln Ehrenfeld, D
T: 1943 Keoln Ehrenfeld, D

Leonhard Hohn & Sophia (Unbekannt)

If this father and my “Mena” are cousins, then we should be linked by Heinrich, Leonhard and Sophia Hohn. I do not have a lot of detail for this family line and have attempted direct contact a few times with no success.
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