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Jul 22, 2021
United States
My name is Barney Layton Cornett & I'm new here... I'm a history buff & I'm looking to learn more about the Cornett family surname... I've been told there's a connection between the Cornett family surname & King Cnut the Great... I'm not sure I believe that, but I do know that in 1990, there were only roughly 45,000 to 50,000 people worldwide that carried the Cornett family surname up to that point of which I was completely surprised... As I've said, I absolutely love history & would love to learn more about the history of the Cornett family surname... At the age of 60 years old, I've never met or talked to another person outside of my immediate family with the Cornett family surname & the last of those Died over 16 years ago & with them all information they had they took to the grave... I know that my Grandfather fought in WWI & he's buried in the National Cemetary in Arlington & considering how few of us there were in 1990, I'm pretty sure that there's a lot to learn about the Cornett family surname...

Barney L. Cornett
Thank-You very much for your reply...
Bonjour, BarneyLC! There is a lot of royal history to learn about.
Welcome Barney LC to the Royal Forums!! Enjoy it!!!
Hiyas neighbor! I'm over on North Mountain outside of Martinsburg, WV. It's good to be in West "by God" Virginia eh?

I hope you find what you're looking for. There's probably all kinds of history on Cnut in the various threads that cover the history of the times that he ruled.
Welcome Barney LC to the Royal Forums!
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