non-reigning houses of the "Brythonic Pendragon House Of David"

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Sep 16, 2022
Saint John
House Of Rennes (not including cadet branches and spelling variations stemming from Bourbonne Dynasty reference ancestor:Hilderic De Bourbonne)
House Of Vere(not including all branches french and english) *can be tied to Huegenots as well.

other houses where the male line died out:
House Of Flanders(King John's descendants live through his daughter's line)
House Of Fulk(Anjou&crusader kings of Jerusalem)
House Of Baldwin
House Of Welf(Conradines)
House Of Valois

Later House Of Bourbon( expression, "Let them eat cake" killed them in uprisings)

House Of Flanders(King John's descendants live through his daughter's line) House Of Valois [/QUOTE said:
King John had sons and a daughter as well as the House Of Valois didn't die out. Later research shows King Clovis still has direct descendants that are living.

I'm descended from the traditonal and mystical history of the merovingians from both my parents. My father descended from the main line and my mother from the ducal line with other blood. Traditionally and mystically I am the direct descendant of this. Yes the Jewish Talmud pointed out that Jesus's real father was Tiberius Julius Caesor or Tiberius Julius Abdi Panthara. Joseph accepted fatherhood of Ben Yeshua or known as Jesus. The only thing i can really say is it wouldn't surprise me to find Tiberius Julius Caesor in my family tree. I can trace to ancestors twice from both my parents so this means i can trace to Jose who is greater than James. James was known as the lessor. Appearantly my direct ancestor is Faramund or Pharamond he was the grandson of Boaz Ansfortas who was the direct descendant of Jose at that time and this bloodline is royal messianic and of the holy sepulcher. I can trace to caesors and roman commanders from both my parents in direct connection of the Praetorian Guard of Gaul at that time. Now after years upon years of research i've discovered that the House Of Penteur or Panther(Pentheivre) was named after the head covering Tiberius Julius Abdi wore when he served as an archer in the roman military. I am the direct descendant of Lord Conan Of House Penteur who built Castle Richmond originally.


Sir Mark Alan Green

Yes I am a cousin of the House Of Windsor. My great grand father was Thomas Mills Amos Keeper Of The Royal Meuse and his wife Mary Robertson. This is the blood connection that activated my bloodline. I'm descended from Louis Boulier minister of Sleepy Hollow and John Short of Royal settlement of James Town 1606 through my mother which means i share another common ancestor with the House Of Windsor that fought in the Battle Of Agincourt through the Koninck line. Lord Van Schote (spelling is off).

I'm also descended from the founding fathers of the magna carta from both my parents as well. My great great grandmother was Barbara Sutton her parents were from Ireland. She was the first telephone operator in New Brunswick, Canada. The suttons are relatives of House Lexington.

Saer De Quincy Of Winchester is i can trace directly from both my parents, Fitz Gilbert De Clare once from my mother's side as well as William Halet once from my mother's side of the family. Ivar the boneless on my mother's side and Ragnar Lothbrok on my father's side through De Warren family lineage through Ivits'k another son of Ragnar. This would span in to the old scottish peerage. Right now I can comfortably say I'm the direct descendant of Eric The Red, William The Conqueror's father and i'm descended from William's illegitimate son through the Sutton lineage. The Sutton lineage has diverse blood connections. This is only a few.

I've done a lot of research and data collection spanning in to the structure of the early french monarchy spanning the last nearly 30 years since i was 13. As far as the invention of the descent of Troy being put in place of the actual heritage. The Magdelyn administration would of had a hand in coming up with this in an effort to protect the grail. One reasoning is "The Family" which is 2 different blood lines 1 line descended from Mary & Joseph the other descended from Mary & Emperor Tiberius Julius Abdi Panthara or Panther(key point is Emperor Tiberius Julius's head dress when he was an archer ) were united under Mary "The Queen Mother". Reason Emperor Tiberius Julius was such a tyrant "The Family" didn't want a repeat. Through the sutton lineage on my mother's side and the Fulk Narra The Red lineage on my father's side I can trace to the Flanders, Baldwin, Anjou, Courtney Families who are the direct descendants of the constantine(Joseph) side of the family. As far as this Quintis Taurus it would explain how a "king" would heir in to a republic. As far as Argotta or Rosamonde marrying Quintis the reasoning to secure her position as future queen. Yet again tradition has Clodio would be accepting fatherhood of Merovee like Joseph did. Argotta"rosemaunde" would be like Mary Queen of Avalon. Later the leading descendants of Joseph would be married out and absorbed through marriages of the Baldwin, Anjou, Flanders, Courtney families.

The long battle to defeat the descendants of Pepin the original mayor's of the palace came to an end when my ancestor Nevenoe Tad Ar Vero married out the Constance Les Gros line and than later when Lucy De La Zouche direct descendant of Henry I Of France married Alan De La Zouche. Rollo marrying Gisela Of Charles The Bold and producing kids that would explain why Eudo married Hawise Of Normandy this would be the pre-lude to the final marrying out of the mayors of the palace lineage.
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