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Aug 30, 2021
United States
Hello everyone -

I have been lurking in the forum for a bit and finally decided to join! I am new to any Royal Family outside the BRF tbh. I stumbled across a YouTube video of Mary and Frederik's wedding and I got hooked. I have now gone down the rabbit hole when it comes to them and have been absorbing 20 years of information in a couple of months! I am still wading through the sea of posts, videos, articles, etc. that I can find. Plus, the DRF has opened the door to other Royal families (ie Norway, Sweden, etc.). Therefore, I am currently at the student level when it comes to all this. I have already formed some opinions about things just from what I have read and seen given that I am looking at all this with fresh eyes.

I hope to join in discussions and maybe ask the dumb question occasionally as I continue to immerse myself in all this. So I will apologize in advance for my naivete in many things royal. One thing I can do is offer my translation services. I am fluent in Spanish and will gladly translate any Spanish articles/blogs etc. So, do not hesitate to ask.

Okay...I wrote more than I thought I would...sorry about that! Fair warning, I sometimes go the route of long-windedness. :lol:

Thanks for allowing me to join!
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Hello and welcome Izzie and Happy Posting :flowers:
Hello, welcome, and have fun falling down the Spanish royal rabbit hole. :cool: Just a small prediction, but this place is excellent for getting and staying interested in all the royals. Interconnected indeed.
Welcome, Izzie. I’m sure you’ll have a great time on the Forum. There’s always something new to learn about royals here.
Bonjour, Izzie! There is certainly a lot of royal history. :king2::king2::king2:
Thank you all for the warm welcome!!
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