Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 2: February 2016 -

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Queen Anna-Maria and Prince Nikolaos at the Pallas Theatre today, attending the premiere of the documentary "150 years Grande Bretagne: History within history".

The Queen is using a cane
Queen Anna Maria has had problems with one of her knees since 2022. She has been alternating the use of the cane ever since. Last week, she and Prince Nikolaos were at the funeral of a friend, Father Patrikios Kaleodis, she also used the cane.

Queen Anna Maria and Tatiana Blatnik went together, to receive the Olympic flame, in Athens.
Queen Anna Maria was invited, obviously, because King Constantine was a member of the Greek Olympic Committee, highly appreciated as shown by the fact that at all the events celebrated for the death of the King, including in Windsor, the highest representatives of the Greek Olympic Committee were present.

In the statement about Nikolaos' separation, it says that the Family will continue to help or be close to Tatiana, and I think this shows that this will happen.
Tatiana has always seemed to have a very close relationship with her in laws so it is lovely to see the two women out together.
:previous:I agree, Tatiana has always shown her love and respect for her in-laws, and that doesn't have to change.(y)
The Royal Family celebrating the Resurrection, in Greece.
The Crown Prince Pavlos published these photos. We can see in the photo : : Matthew Kumar, Princess Theodora, Princess Marie Chantal, Prince Aristides, Prince Pavlos, Queen Anne Marie, Prince Filippos and Princess Nina, and Prince Nikolaos. Outside the temple as established in tradition and after receiving the Holy light

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Prince Nikolaos, Princess Maria-Olympia and Prince Achileas-Andreas with girlfriend attended the opening night premiere of "Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman In Charge" during the 2024 Tribeca Festival in New York City yesterday, June 5:

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The Prince Nikolaos of Greece at the opening of his new collection titled, NOSTOS. In @ethancohengallery New York.
Prince Pavlos was there, supporting his brother

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