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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #51, 2011.
Marie og Joachim i sorg - Marie and Joachim grieving.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Adam Siesbye, the father of Joachim's very good freind, Oscar Siesbye died recently and a number of friends and relatives gathered at a private memorial at Adam Siesbye's apartment.
Present were naturally Joachim and Marie, but also Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen. Alexandra has known the Siesbye's since she came to Denmark.
Our Marie has been interviewed by the very serious newspaper, Jyllands Posten, which being a paper that is very much focused on commerce doesn't usually deal that much with the DRF.
I often buy Jyllands Posten myself but I didn't get this issue.

Anyway, BT has written a couple of articles with excerpts from the interview.
En frustreret mor er ikke en god mor - Royale -
Så hårdt arbejder Marie og Joachim til dagligt - Royale -

It's not always possible to take bette Henrik with them when J&M and being away from her son can be a bit hard for Marie:
"Especially when we are away for a longer period, then I'm having a guilty conscience and I miss him. It's hard not to be frustrated but (it is also) very important to find a balance. A frustrated mother is not a good mother. I love to be a mother and I love to be home, but I need other stimuli (as well). I can't just sit around thinking about my family, when I have the opportunity to help other people".

Marie has selected the organisations she wished to be patron for carefully.
"The biggest priviledge is, that you as a princess, can create attention about important issues. That I have the opportunity to make a difference!. I have for example become patron for the AIDS Foundation recently. which I look incredibly much forward to. There are so many hiv-afflicted, who live in loneliness due to prejudices, because there are afraid of the reactions of others. There are still too many who die and way too many are children. It's still an illness that is seen as a tabu. That I would like to create awareness about".

Education is also one of her interests.
"I work with Southern Danish University in having foreign students going to Denmark. I believe very much in international environments for studying. It broadens your horizon.
I've learned an incredibly lot by working and staying abroad". (*)

The life Marie and her Joachim live is not that far removed from ordinary people.
"Life as princess is certainly different from the fairy tales. My husband wasn't a frog when I kissed him the first time. (**) Today princesses work. They are more independent in their choices. They do of course have a big responsibillity in representing the DRF. We would like to help, where we can and work for our country. This is something I do with pleasure".

Marie is fine with shifting between Schackenborg and Copenhagen all the time:
"I love the city and to be in contact with many people, but I really need to be out in the nature (as well) and be a bit protected (***). That's why it's so fantastic to be here. We are after all often at Amalienborg in Copenhagen in connection with meetings and official duties. I feel I get thet best from two worlds".

The day at Schackenborg begin early in the morning. Marie prepares breakfast to the family, before taking bette Henrik to the nursery. Then she returns to the office on the second floor of the manor.
Joachim's day at the office rarely ends before 17.30.
"Schackenborg is a business, which demands a big effort and a lot of our time. Apart from that I have many meetings with protections and organisations I work with all over the country and in particular in Copenhagen. In fact we do spend a lot of time travelling (on the road) back and forth. So when we are at home, there is a lot to do in connection with running Schackenborg".

Marie admits that her knowledge of agriculture is pretty limited so instead she works with Joachim on the business side of the firm.
"Apart from my protections and official duties I also focus on Schackenborg. My husband and I work really well together. I work more on the business-side, because I haven't got much experience with agriculture. But we do exchange opinions, talk about strategies and new products. It's teamwork".

In their sparetime they go for a walk around the manor or cook.
"The meal means a lot, also to Henrik, and we love to cook together. Is the weather really bad, we watch a movie or read a book, when we have time, but we haven't got that much time. Time is a precious commodity, so it's important to prioritize".

(*) And now we have established la charmant Marie's favourite expression: incredibly.
For Mary it's fantastic and for QMII it's amusing.

(**) I cannot resist: Martin/gallery/Frog10.jpg

(***) Even though she's mistress of the manor, to the locals she's also one of them, and you don't bother, stare at, photograph or give away one of your own.
Thank you for the translation Muhler.

Marie seems quite comfortable and at ease in her role now. Balancing that with motherhood seems to be something she has resolved too. Never easy whether Princess or commoner!

I am looking forward to the new baby arriving!

The interview Marie has given also included a photo session, it took place on December 6
- the portraits that were made are really wonderful and we get an idea of the family's
Christmas decoration :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** gallery **
Marie de Dinamarca: 'La vida de una princesa no es como los cuentos de hadas, pero lo más importante es que podemos ayudar a las personas que más lo necesitan'

Marie de Dinamarca: 'La vida de una princesa no es como los cuentos de hadas, pero lo m&aa | Realeza | Noticias

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Marie de Dinamarca: 'La vida de princesa no es la de los cuentos. Tenemos una gran responsabilidad'

Marie de Dinamarca: 'La vida de princesa no es la de los cuentos. Tenemos una gran responsabilidad'

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Princess Marie is such a dedicated mother, and dedicated to Denmark as well.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Prince Henrik attended the birthday party for Princess
Josephine and Prince Vincent yesterday, January 8. Lots of pics of the three arriving and
leaving can be found in this gallery (starting with pic 8)!

For a further discussion about the event, please check out the following thread:

** Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, News Part 1: February 2011 - **
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #06, 2012.
Hyggede med familien - Had a cosy time with the family.
Written by Trine Larsen.

Our Marie turned 36 on Monday and that was a low-key birthday.

Her parents returned home during the weekend, so Marie celebrated her birthday with Joachim, bette Henrik and little Piaf.

QMII dropped by to wish happy birthday, before she continued over to M&F to also wish a happy birthday and say thanks for a nice evening.
Will she be doing some skiing this year?


In fact it will be Nikolai and Felix' mother, Alexandra, who will take the children on a holiday this winter.
But as Alexandra has a bad back, they will not go skiing.
My guess is that they will instead go to Alexandra and Martin's flat in Turkey.
Apple & Winston

We still see Apple out with Joachim,Marie & Henrik,
but we no longer see the cocker spaniel he still around? And does he travel back & forth between their two homes?
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Why the Danish royals are not "allowed" to go out until the christening of the baby? we cannot see Marie out and about only because the baby is not christening yet? Isn't she allowed to go to her parents house in Switzerland and have fun in the slopes for a while? Is that a bad thing?Why? She cannot do it only because the baby is small and it is not allowed by the Royals rules?:ermm: I know she is in "maternity leave"...but that means that she cannot have a bit of fun and go out of her house?

That's a false impression. Princess Marie and her little family can go and travel everywhere they like
without any restrictions. There are no rules about that!

Marie is on maternity leave as to official engagements, but she's free to do what she wants. She and
her family are not followed by paparazzi that much, which is good and relaxing for their private life and
their security. And that's the reason why we don't seen them that often.
Yes but my impression is that with Mary was the same thing...she didn't go out at any time during her maternity leave...
I completely understand what you mean and why you got that impression, biboquinhas,
but it's really as simple as that: they are left alone by the press and can privately enjoy
their family time - just as Mary and her family :flowers:
If that is the case (and I trust iceflower's judgement), then I have utmost respect for the Danish press. It is commendable that they voluntarily chose to leave the new families alone, so to speak, when a picture of the new-born Prince of Princess would be highly valuable. :)
Article in Billed Bladet #11, 2012.
Nyt kongeligt maleri - New royal painting.
Written by Vibeke Spangsberg.

A new painting of Joachim, our Marie and bette Henrik will be exhibited Saturday at an exhibition on the island of Møn.
The painter, Marcus Stolk, has put together two photographs. One of Jochim sitting and smiling. The other of Marie kissing bette Henrik. The background is rural.

Marcus Stolk explains: "I've chosen to portrait Princess Marie and Prince Joachim in a summer landscape without any references to their royal status. In that way I wish to emphasize their roles as caring and onviously happy parents. This is something other people and and parents can recognice, In that way I attempt to portriat the humanity we all share and the great gift it is to become parents. I also wanted to capture Marie's love for her firstborn. I washed for the painting to exude joy, tranquility and that of setteling together. That's why I have chosen to use the colors we see most in the spring - the three preferred colors in the painting are therefore blue, green and yellow".

- Well, I'm looking at the painting. And it's a lifelike rendition of two photographs, but it is not a portrait.
It can in my eyes be compared to the paintings of crying children. Very lifelike but without a soul.
If I was Joachim I would accept it and hang it somewhere if presented to me, but I wouldn't pay for it.
Are there any pictures of these paintings posted, if so, I would love to see them...
As the thread about the christening of Piaf is locked and will presumably stay locked this goes here instead.

Summary of a number of articles in Billed Bladet #11, 2012.
Written by Trine Larsen and Hanrik Salling.

The journalists have had a look at what happened at bette Henrik's christening and speculated about what is likely to happen again.

There were 150 guests at last christening so a similar number may expected this time as well.
These guests will in many cases have to spend the night somewhere. Schackenborg Kro (inn) has been cleared for that purpose.
Marie's family stayed at Schackenborg last time, while the DRF stayed at Gråsten Slot, less than an hour away.

Schackenborg Kro was in charge of the food and that is likely to happen again. A local florist, Ulla Lykke Alnor from the nearby town of Aabenraa, may be asked to handle the flower arrangements this time as well.

The likable royal confessionarius, Erik Norman Svendsen, is almost dead certain to handle the christening. That doesn't mean that the local priest, Anne Nielsen-Krogh, will be kicked out of her church.

A lot of children are expected to be present. The DRF alone will be present with seven, apart from the little Piaf herself. The last time Joachim had arranged for no less than seven nannies to look after the children.

The royal baptismal font from 1671 will be transported to Møgeltønder for the occasion.

It is speculated that the christening gown will be the same that bette Henrik wore at his christening. I.e. by the designer Henrik Hviid.

Our reporters lists the following names as likely candidates for godparents:
Caroline Fleming.
Edouard Cavallier, Marie's halfbrother.
Gregory Grandet, another halfbrother.
Marianne Engel, Marie's first LiW.
Countess Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, wife of a very good friend of Joachim. Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, who is godfather to Prince Vincent.
Simon Bast, old school chum of Joachim.
Agnete Arnø, wife of Christian Scherfig.
Prince Gustav of Berleburg.
Princess Alexandra of Berleburg.

- And I'm personally very certain that the huge success with the hotdog stand, providing a midnight snack, will be repeated. (That was one of the reason why a hotdog stand was brought to Australia, when M&F visited last year).
We still see Apple out with Joachim,Marie & Henrik,
but we no longer see the cocker spaniel he still around? And does he travel back & forth between their two homes?

Baby Henrik is in school in Mogeltonder, but what happens when they are in Copenhagen? Does he attend class in Copenhagen or have a tutor/nanny to help him keep up
In Copenhagen he attends to local kindergarten, the same as Isabella. It was practised for example when Marie was close to give birth and some time after delivery. Normally Henrik attends to nursery in Møgeltønder, close to palace when he lives with his parents.
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