General News about Joachim, Marie and Family 3: January 2011 - July 2014

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No new pictures of Marie? I'm starting to miss her :)
it is always a joy when we get pictures of Joachim & his family
Wow little Henrik looks a lot like his older half brother Felix!
We may have an explanation as to why we haven't seen much of our Marie lately: Beredskabsstyrelsen - Prinsesse Marie tilknyttet redningsberedskabet

According to Beredskabsstyrelsen (best translated to the Civil Defence) Princess Marie is now a fully trained member of the Civil Defence. I.e. she has graduated from "boot Camp".

Princess Marie attached to the rescue emergency service (civil defence to make it simple).

24. June 2011.

On the 23. June Her Royal Highness Princess Marie recieved a diploma after finishing her introductury education in Beredskabsstyrelsen (*)
The Princess will now be attached to the Volunteer Deployment Force (DFI) (**) under Beredskabsstyrelsen central Jutland in the town of Herning.

Along with employees (***) from Beredskabsstyrelsen Princess Marie has been educated in among other things first aide, firefighting and communication and staff work.
The introductury education has lasted four weeks all together and that has taken place at Beredskabsstyrelsens Technical School in the town of Tinglev.
- "The Princess has shown exemplary dedication in all elements during the training period. Her participation is a big aknowledgment of the important work which is carried out by both volunteers and employees in the rescue emergency", says the manager of Beredskabsstyrelsen, Henning Thiesen.

Facts about the basic training:

The basic training consists of four modules/segments:

- The organisation of the rescue emergency and first aide.
- Fire (fighting).
- Rescue.
- Communication and staff work.

(*) Basic training.

(**) What beforehand was called a Civil Defence Column.

(***) That means she didn't train with conscripts but with newly employed professional members of the Civil Defence.
Training with conscripts would have been impractical as they stay in barracks during their basic training.

- Well done, Marie :flowers: - Now all adult members of the DRF are or have been a part of the Total Defence.
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is it a rule that you have to recieve a defense training if you are a member of the drf? i heard that before, but i don't know if it's true.
(***) That means she didn't train with conscripts but with newly employed professional members of the Civil Defence.
Training with conscripts would have been impractical as they stay in barracks during their basic training.


Probably another aspect as that if the princess is not taken away immediately to a secure place in case of an emergency, once she arrives people will look up to her because of her elevated position in society. Thus it is good that she knows how the rescue forces operate and how to play a part at the center of it.
It's nice to know that she went through such training, you never know when it may come in good use.
Thanks Muhler for the translation.
is it a rule that you have to recieve a defense training if you are a member of the drf? i heard that before, but i don't know if it's true.

There is no rule saying so and certainly not for princesses. There is a long and strong tradition for male members to serve in the army or navy and then remaining in the reserves.
One, Prince Aage, served in the Royal Lifeguard, then served in the reserves. Upon the death of his wife he joined the French Foreign Legion and saw action in Morocco. He stayed in the Legion until his death.
His body was among three which were brought to France and reburied there after the end of the Algerian War.

The DRF, as basically all other royal families, has a strong affilliation with the armed forces going back to the very beginning. Simply to maintain control. That was the case until the end of Absolutism in 1849.
At that time general conscription was introduced and maintained until the present day and with practically every male drafted it was natural that all male members of the DRF also served. Simply because it was considered appropriate and a normal thing to do.

Nowadays the armed force and the emergency services, including the Civil Defence is a part of the Total Defence force and every member of the Total Defence is either an employed professional or a volunteer. That now also applies to the conscripts as only around 8.000 are needed in the military nowadays. - I don't know the figures for the Civil Defence.
However, both the military, Home Guard and Civil Defence are eager to attract women and some opt for volunteer conscription.
Both Mary and our Marie are too old to opt for volunteer conscription, so they have chosen to be volunteers instead and thus being role models.
Unless conscription has been abolished or become mandatory for both sexes in fifteen years or so from now, I can easily imagine Isabella and later Josephine opting for volunteer conscription.

I believe Mary, in view of her position and many representative duties will mainly take on a role as "patron" of the Home Guard. Marie however could take on a more active role, we'll see.

You are welcome, Dazzling :)

A gallery from BT of our Marie during her basic traning: Se billederne: Prinsesse Marie i trøjen |

I didn't know you could look feminine while wearing a gasmask. :cool:

Some of these pics should perhaps be used in Marie's day-wear thread?

I see her name tag says: Prinsesse Marie.
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A couple of additional details of La courageuse Marie and her training with the Civil Defence from Billed Bladet #26, 2011.

Both our Marie and her LiW, Britt Siesbye went through the basic training.

A reporter contacted a spokesman for the Civil Defence, who told about an episode with La déterminée Marie. She rapelled down a building from four floors up and she was so concentrated that she hardly noticed a sudden downpour of rain.
The spokesperson adds: "It was pretty cool of her to do it".
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from TheFreeDictionary

rappel : A descent of a vertical surface, as a cliff or wall, by sliding down a belayed rope that is passed under one thigh and over the opposite shoulder or through a device that provides friction, typically while facing the surface and performing a series of short backward leaps to control the descent.

rappelled, rappelling, rappels : To descend from a steep height by this method.
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According to BT: Prinsesse Marie: Malene Birger er et talent - Royale -
our Marie attended the Malene Birger fashionshow in connection with CIFF tonight, Friday.

On the way into the fashion show, the fair Marie said: "I'm looking very much forward to Malene's show, she's a good friend".

Q: What is it Malene Birger can as a designer, which makes her so popular?

Marie: "I think she can do a lot of things, she's very talented".

The mood appears to have been great! When The Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" roared out of the speakers, Marie was observed rocking along. And she was very observant on what was presented on the catwalk.

After the show, Marie said: "I think it was really nice as always! I love the colors, it was very beautiful colors. And the shoes, they were really nice".

(As always. Click "se stort billede" to see the pic in HQ.)
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Nice to see princess Marie. She look's very beautiful.
Will Marie attend todays CIFF event?
Its nice seeing her attending fashion shows even if she isn't patron of them.
Her look is nice and simple.
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According to seoghoer magazin prince Joachim, Princess Marie, prince's Felix, Nicolai and Henri were holidaying at Cahors,.

Thanks for posting, dazzling! I've missed the wonderful Cahors pics we used to get in previous years..

Here are some more pics of Princess Marie at the fashion show on Friday:

** ppe gallery **
Sunday, August 7th:

Prince Joachim was the chief guest of a Sunday morning radio talk show
'Cafe Hack'. I didn't hear a recording till today, and I was duly impressed! Joachim had a fine rapport with the host and the audience. He is bright and very articulated and very witty; quick to catch a joke or a pun!

The show is usually recorded at a restaurant by the same name in Aarhus, but the show has relocated to various venues for the summer, including Møgeltønder.

In the absence of Muhler ?? :ermm:

Last weekend, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the final of singer Prince's Copenhagen concerts at the Tiøren.

Google Translate
Summary of a number of articles in Billed Bladet #32, 2011.
Written by Henrik Salling (*), Frodi Holm Knudsen and Trine Larsen.

I’ve omitted an article covering Joachim and the boys visiting the Iron Age open-air museum as that has already been covered pretty well.

Our Marie has been all over the place lately.
Friday evening she went to the fashion show by Malene Birger with Britt Siesby who went there as a friend and not in her capacity as Marie’s LiW. Here she enjoyed the work of the designer and met a number of who’s who of Copenhagen, including the spouse of Mary’s hairdresser, the very talented actor, Preben Christensen, who among countless other things perform excellent vocal impersonations of QMII. It was he, who was more or less “ordered” by Queen Ingrid to impersonate Queen Margrethe.
In the absence of Mary a number of Mary’s friends mingled with Marie, Ellen Hillingsøe, Julie Mølsgaard and Jean Ahlefeldt-Laurvig.
After the show it was off to a dinner at restaurant MASH. Don’t know the place, but it’s probably obscenely expensive. (**) With her went among others her hairdresser, Dennis Knudsen.

Saturday afternoon Marie went with all four of her boys to the Historical Classic Grand Prix in Copenhagen.
Nikolai and Felix had a great time. Will they take up racing? Joachim said about his sons: “I’ll support them if they come up with that wish. And they don’t necessarily have to wait until they turn 32, like I did”. The channel network TV3 is currently following in the heels of Joachim, filming for a motor show to be aired later this year. And Joachim said about the cameras: “One quickly got used to the cameras. It’s worse about the microphone. You have to remember to switch that off when you are on your own”. – Joachim is an enthusiastic driver and he has been known to utter words in frustration, which children and small dogs should never hear.
Bette Henrik was there too and in his usual inquisitive way he surveyed the whole spectacle. He did however wish to join his daddy in the race; Marie had to explain that it wasn’t possible right now. La belle Marie incidentally spoke Danish all day, to her husband, son and everybody else.
From time to time Joachim and Marie met in the back and he was photographed planting a passionate kiss on his wife’s lips.

Billed-Bladet - Kys til Joachim: Prinsesse Marie opmuntrede sin racerkører
That is, when he wasn’t busy enthusiastically explaining Marie about driving, tactics and engines. Marie looked at him and laughed in the overbearing way, which is so familiar to all husbands.
Joachim had a mishap and crashed another driver’s car. That led to a spectator to, beer in hand, comment on Joachim’s driving skills. The two of them had a brief exchange of opinions ending with the gentleman using his other hand to give Joachim the finger.

Her får prins Joachim fingeren efter skænderi |
The congregation of petrol heads and wives went to Tivoli to have dinner there in the evening. And yes, that’s extremely expensive as well!
Joachim being fashionably summerly casual. He did not wear a tie and the two top buttons in his shirt were unbuttoned!

Sunday Marie and her Joachim went to a Prince concert in Copenhagen. They did however not get to meet Prince as they only arrived when the concert had started.
They went with Mia Davidsen, who is the sister of their very good friend, Oscar Siesbye.
Joachim explained in a recent radio show that he is fond of Prince, especially one song (which I can’t remember), however at the concert Joachim explained to our reporter: “It’s mostly the Princess who is a Prince fan. That is, I really like him and his music, but my wife (informal word) is a genuine fan”.
Marie added: “Yes, I’m a big Prince fan, so I look very much forward to the concert.
We’ve actually never been to live concert with Prince before, so it’ll be really exciting to hear him”.
The concert lasted three hours and I understand it was a great concert.

(*) Who is pretty devoted to the fair Marie.

(**) It reminds me of something from my younger days. The boss that I worked for at the time turned 60 and he wanted to celebrate that for his employees and business representatives at the finest restaurant in town. All very nice, but most of us were craftsmen and on a day-to-day basis, we supported ourselves on our knuckles and grew hair between our teeth and we arrived from work, looking forward to a delicious dinner.
Dinner was served and I looked at the plate where there were two potatoes, a piece of meat, some green stuff and a little sauce. Was that the main course?!? Served to types who usually ate half a cow for dinner.
To make things even more interesting: The boss’ son was supposed to entertain, he was studying at the music conservatory and he and some of his mates played chamber music. No kidding! And we sat there half starved and listened politely, even though our music taste was more inclined towards Iron Maiden.
When we were finally released I rushed home to my parents and raided their refrigerator.
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After the show it was off to a dinner at restaurant MASH. Don’t know the place, but it’s probably obscenely expensive. (**) With her went among others her hairdresser, Dennis Knudsen.
I´ve been to MASH once with work and don´t worry, Muhler, it is indeed expensive, but you get half a cow for dinner :flowers: MASH is wellknown for the size of their steaks and the size is huuuuuuugeeee :flowers::flowers::flowers:
Yesterday we had yet another cloudburst here in DK. In what is now the wettest summer for 49 years.
The eastern half of Denmark suffered the most this time and the Civil Defence is out (again!) to pump away water and put up barriers. Units from the column in Herning has been sent as reinforcements to Zealand.
Our Marie is attached to the column in Herning.

Another cloudburst is expected between Thursday and Friday, so perhaps Marie will be mobilized as well?
Pumping away water isn't particularly complicated and being a secondary royal she would not require any particular considerations either.
It would be an interesting experience not to mention meaningful thing to do, if she did go. And it would mean a lot to the Civil Defence pr-wise.

We'll see.

Units of the Home Guard are also mobilized but I very much doubt Mary will go, at least not here in August and anyway it's primarily the Police Home Guard.

This is certainly a wet summer! For the first time since we moved in here, I've had to brush and spray against alges on the roof.
This week's Billed-Bladet has a pic of Henrik on a bike tour with his dad - a cute pic, although quite small this way:
** BB: BILLED-BLADET denne uge - få et smugkig her! **

Tha's right, Iceflower :)

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #39, 2011.
På cykeltur med farmand (*) - Going bicycling with daddy.
Written by Vibeke Spangsberg (Freelance?)

Joachim was weekend-dad this weekend and at the same time it was also Indian-summer here in DK. Which is great, because we didn't have any summer weather during the summer months.
So he, his Marie and Nikolai and Felix went for a ride on the lanes around Schackenborg and here they were intercepted by a reporter. Who asked whether the little one is kicking. Joachim smiled: "That's our little secret".

Everyone was riding their own bike, except bette Henrik. He was pransing in a cart for children, which had been attached to Joachim's bike in an improvised manner.
Our Marie has got a "Christiania-bike", with room to transport goods, bette Henrik and the odd white furball, but I understand "Christiania-bikes" can be a bit heavy to tread, so perhaps being pregnant, Marie opted for a normal bike?

However, waiting for the "old" to chat with a reporter was a bit booring and they are a bit slow, you know... So Nikolai put his bike in gear and darted towards Schackenborg, instantly followed by Felix. Both prudently wearing helmets. - Having children wearing helmets is fortunately no problem here in DK, as long as the helmets look cool.
And they know the short cuts, where there are no tourists...

(*) Farmand = endearing word for father = daddy. It's actually very rarely used and certainly by our children. I'd say 95% of all ethnic Danish children simply call their dad "far = father". Just as "mor = mother" is used by a similar number of children.
The eqiuvalent of dad, daddy, pop, mom, mummy, mutti etcetera is hardly used in DK
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It must be annoying for a reporter to just hang around and wait for them to appear. Its nice to know that Marie also joined the boys on the bike ride.
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