General News about Joachim, Marie and Family 1: December 2007 - August 2009

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:flowers: It is lovely to watch the progress like that in the photos \i hope they give Marie copies:baby:
I was just going to post that sgl and then I saw you beat me to it!:ohmy:

I thought that her mother was staying in Denmark for the birth?

Sorry, Alex001! I'm usually not the quickest poster.

I was also under the impression that her mother was going to stay for awhile. The article doesn't give a reason, but I wonder if maybe she had a work commitment in Geneva? I know that Marie has younger brothers. Maybe one of them needed her for something?
That's right, Marie's younger brothers are not her mother's children.

Maybe she had to do some things for the hotel - pre high season responsibilities?

How unsettling for Marie. Still, I'm sure she can get a quick flight to Copenhagen given the situation and royal connections.
Perhaps the visit was meant to be short, to help prepare the nursery or something, and she always intended to go home and come back once labor was immn=inent.
Oh! Not understanding Danish, the articles written in that language are a mystery to me. I didn't know that all along she had meant to make two trips. So things seem to be going as planned. Good.
Billed Bladet has an article titled, "Prince Joachim in embarrassing case about cardboard checks".

Billed-Bladet - Prins Joachim i pinlig sag om pap-check

In March of this year, Prince Joachim attended an event where he presented the check to the 11 year old winner of a science research contest. He did not supply the money, he was just there to present the prize. The group who is supposed to pay the money hasn't done so yet, and the young girl is upset.
Prince Joachim attented a racing Competition at Knutstorp in Sweden.

PPE Agency
Were any pictures taken of the town welcoming the royals with their baby?
Hope we'll see those pics on the billed bladet's website soon!!
I'm surprised that there were no pictures of the royals with their son so the townsfolk of Mogeltonder could either applaud them, or show some kind of demonstration of happiness...

When was the picture in billed bladet taken --- as Joaquim and Marie were strolling in town or their own grounds?

Also very quiet about the French grandparents, after so much to-do as they arrived. Marie's mother was not mentioned again, only her father as he joined them when they returned to Amalienborg with the little fellow. Then nothing about either.

Oh, well, maybe it's too many Danish questions for the French speaking family and Marie.
Here we have the pics of the proud parents and their
little prince - not to forget the family dog ;) - on a walk.

Joachim og Marie luftede Lilleprinsen i barnevogn

The article contains a picture gallery, click here to get there directly.

If you click through the gallery you'll also find pics of Marie's
mother, who was with them.
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How nice to see Marie's mother again. No dates on the pictures, but they had to be taken before the weekend, as there were still in Copenhagen.

There was something about the family heading back to Schackenborg last weekend. Joachim went to a race in Sweden. I would imagine that her mother would have stayed with Marie rather than leave her alone with the baby while he was away.

They'll be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in a few days. Wonder if her mother will stay on for that. Perhaps other relatives will join them in Schackenborg for a party and then get a chance to see the baby before the christening.

Everybody looks happy, rested. Lovely pictures. Thank you, Iceflower.
Nice to see these photos!!! I belive this was the same pram that Mary used with Isabella when she was a little baby. Don't you think??? Does anyone can find some pictures? I belive it was when they made a cruise in the Danneborg that we could see this pram. Can someone help?
I think this is the make of pram that Marie and Joachim are using - obviously a Danish pram.

Barnevogne - Odder Barnevognsfabrik A/S

(I am guessing based on the photos posted with them out and about pushing the pram, I think based on the selection it is the Victoria Classic - but maybe the company had a special order made)
Any pictures from Mogeltonder yet? Perhaps first anniversary / birth announcement combination pictures. I cannot imagine the little town not showing its pride and happiness in the event with some sort of festivities....
It's nice to see the pictures of Princess Marie and Prince Joachim going for a walk with their baby boy. I am glad Marie's mother joined them for a walk.:flowers:
Any pictures from Schackenborg yet?

You mean official ones??? No, Prince Joachim's page here has not been updated to include his 3rd child yet.
I would assume that this page would be updated when pictures are released, or sooner even.
You mean official ones??? No, Prince Joachim's page here has not been updated to include his 3rd child yet.
I would assume that this page would be updated when pictures are released, or sooner even.

the new lille prins will probably be included when his name is announced in the christening just like it happened with christian and isabella.
I would have thought that there would be some sort of welcoming of the royals with the new baby. The couple seem so down to earth and expressive during interviews and Mogeltonder is so small and cozy, that it would seem natural to do something like that. Very different from the large city of Copenhagen.

The stork and the royal standard were brought out indicating the royal birth, they could have been followed by a welcoming of sorts. Even a quick wave as they drove into the grounds of Schackenborg.

Maybe for the first year wedding anniversary... perhaps some of the French relatives will be there for that celebration - maybe not!

All in due course.

Commenting on Prince Joachim's many official websites, as well as the Royal Danish Family Tree - many of these websites need to be updated to mention his second marriage as well as the birth of a third son.
The pram is gorgeous! Marie looks really svelte, considering that she just had a baby. I am glad to see that her mother is staying with them. Joachim looks absolutely thrilled with his new son. They are the most charming family.
Somewhere I've read that the baptism is going to be in July 26th, is it true? I can't remember the source.
I haven't heard a specific date, but I think I read mid-July somewhere.

Official announcement - christening will be July 26. It is posted elsewhere in TRF.
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lol, those were my observations at first when i first saw the pictures: the pram is lovely! i wonder where they got it.

They got the pram from a factory called Odder Barnevogn/Pram..The factory is placede in a small city callede Odder...the small city is close to Denmarks 2. biggest city named Aarhus :flowers:
It´s in Aarhus Marselisborg castel is and wher the royal family is having their christmas and easter holiday together.
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