General News about Frederik, Mary and Family 7: October 2010 - March 2011

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It is a kiosk near Amalienborg, so a lot of tourists are there, too :lol:
yes, I guess that too, but full of turists around there , they probalby don't recognize them!!!!! great photos, thank you!!!!!!!
Thank you Iceflower. Sometimes I log in to find where you have been and where you have posted to get a chance at all you survey. You are a marvelous worker I see. Again I see another example of what is candid for one of the families we get to witness. Finally I see this Princess along with their children riding bikes merrily. Mary is so pretty. Glad you got us closer. What would this forum be without you Ice? You're appreciated. Thanks.
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iceflower said:
Really? ;) :) Well, I'll tried to find some more nevertheless :)

The pics were taken on Saturday, February 12:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **

It's good to see Mary out and about. She's been working out too it looks like. I wouldn't have been able to leave my babies at home though...I'd want them by my side 24hrs.

Loved seeing the sign in English!
Thanks for the photos.
Lovely to see Mary out and about, and extra nice to be with Frederik and the children. It is great that they can go for a walk this without being bothered too much.
Thanks Iceflower, I am very happy to see more! And Mary does look fab. So cool to see these 4 members of the family again. It looks like fun!

The red mittons in pic1 look like the ones from the canadian olympics. -- opps I should have read the other posts before replying.
Is this another interview with Frederik? Will it be posted online, I wonder?

It is. An exclusive interview with Ekstra Bladet, which I will will not buy, but EB has a brief excerpt from the interview here:
Ekstra Bladet - Kronprinsen: Brn har godt af systematik

In which Frederik says about bringing up children: "Christian is being used to a degree of systematic (I.e. a particular way things are done) and that is what he being brought up for/getting used to in life in general; there sre some things about learning, which is influenced by systematic and that's why it's good they have a fixed shedule and fixed times".

Frederik find tennis training to be beneficial for Christian: "That it happened to be tennis is incidentally a bit coincidental and not as much something Christian wanted, as it is due to me always having played it myself. It's the sport I like most and itøs the sport I return to and find setteling".

About himself being more sporadic when it comes to physical training and his body changing now he is past 40: "As you get older you think you get more fat and a bit more chubby, when you look at yourself in the mirror".

Billed-Bladet - Kronprins Frederik kæmper med motivationen
In this excerpt from Billed Bladet, he elaborates: "I can feel that it takes a good deal more to motivate me. It's decisive that there is a purpose with the whole thing.
In particular in regards to weighttraining, which you should practise regularly at my age, is something I find difficult forcing myself to do. I've always thought it was dreadfully boring and it's difficult for me to drag myself into a fittness center and pull weights. In the same way that I've always thought it was sacriledge to run a threadmill. Here in Denmark you can run outside for 360 days a year. But I'll admit now that I've become a bit more sensitive to the cold".

- Welcome to the club of middle aged men, Frederik. You will for the rest of your life fight lathergy and your weight. ;)
Sounds to me that it was more healthy for him, if they still lived at Fredensborg, where he could just step outside and run in the park.
It's logical and understandable that Mary leaves twins for a short time because although she loves them and so on she herself needs fresh air and walking outside the palace (and outside palace little garden too). Otherwise she must sit inside palace until 14th April and it would be definetely too much for a person...
But looking these photos I must admit that in Copenhagen there isn't definetely so much privacy than in Fredensborg. And yes Muhler must agree with Your opinion about healthy live and Fredensborg - in Copenhagen where they have only quite little garden and where they have no big park it would be quite complicated to go run:)
It wouldn´t be that complicated to run for CP Frederik. He has done it before, when he lived in CPH before Mary. He says that himselg in the interview which I have read :)
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well, frederik doen't seem chubyy lately. on the contrary: he appears to be very fit. maybe he exercises a lto to fight mid-life blues...
Halfdane said:
Aww, Princess Isabella is wearing Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic mittens! :wub::p

I love it!! I can honestly say I have at least one article of clothing that royalty does LOL!!!
I wore mine to warm up the car! It was below -30 the other night so my car was very grumpy when I tried to start her (and I forgot to plug it in:( )

I wonder if they all have a pair? They were exceptionally popular. You couldn't find them a year ago at this time! :)

Anyway it's nice to see them out and about. I can't wait to see how the twins have grown since we saw them leave the hospital!!
Aww, Princess Isabella is wearing Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic mittens! :wub::p
She is!?!

*goes back through picture links to look*

Oh my gosh, she is!!

I can't believe I didn't notice that myself considering what an Olympics fan I am. Great catch Halfdane!! :flowers:
Thank you iceflower and Marika. Mary looks as great as she always does. Even though Frederik and Mary have newborn twins, they also take time for the older siblings, as it wouldn't surprise me that there might be a little jealousy at times from the older sibs.:flowers: It happens to the best of families. I'm sure Mary was glad for the opportunity to get out in some different surroundings also.
Frederik went to a Champions Leaque soccer match in Copenhagen Tuesday evening: Frede og de kendte til bold i Parken |

Apparantly alone, according to the captions.
There are two or three pics of Frederik in this gallery.

The match was between Chelsea and FC Copenhagen. Chelsea won... and the less said about that defeat the better...:p

Another article from TV2, with a five pics gallery in the box. Fodbold = soccer.

BT is speculating about who will go the the christening of the twins: Ingen engelske kongelige til tvillingedåb - Royale -

And in continuation of previous articles about the British RF, and their low key representation at DRF events, the tabloid don't expect any British representative from the BRF.

- That however is hardly a surprise as this cristening is pretty low key and basically a public family occasion. I personally doubt we'll see any royals who are not also personal friends of M&F, and/or godparents.
My guess is on the Swedish and Norwegian CP couples, the Greeks and perhaps the Dutch CP couple as well.
Christian's baptism was another matter as he is the next king after Frederik and is nowadays expected to survive childhood.

The article quotes a historian, Lars Hovbakke Sørensen, who says: "The BRF has always stood out a bit in the sense that the English Queen don't take part in events outside Britain. In recent time Queen Elizabeth hasn't taken part in a Danish wedding, baptism or any other event in the DRF.
And they haven't chosen to make the baptism an official event, just as say Christian's baptism, and as such the guestlist will be dominated more by people who are not particulary high-ranking. There will for example probably not be ministers from the Danish government present either".

And from Billed Bladet we have this little story: Billed-Bladet - Frederik skal have ny motorcykel

Frederik is having a costum made motorcycle build for him.

The bike is being build in the village of Løsning outside the town of Horsens by Uffe Lauge Jensen.

Frederik has contributed with ideas and suggestions to the design, which is a pretty common thing to do for costum build bikes.
The bike will be unveiled at an exhibition in Copenhagen this weekend, at the Copenhagen Lifestyle if you wish to go there.

It's not the only bike Frederik has. He also has Ducati 916 and a Ducati 888.

- I can't recall having seen Frederik riding a bike before.

Bikes are great! :cool: We would have fewer organ donors without them...
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There ain't much DRF stuff in Billed Bladet this week, but there is one article in particular which may interest you.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #08, 2011.
Her er Marys supernanny - Here is Mary's supernanny.
Written by the Ulrik Ulriksen.

M&F have employed a British nanny, Bernadette Lion, who is specially trained as a maternity-nurse.

Bernadette Lion was hired through the agency Eden Nannies & Maternity and she is an experienced nurse who has been recommended to M&F by Helle & Otto Reedtz-Thott who employed Bernadette a couple of years ago, when they had their third child.

BB contacted Eden Nannies, who said: "We can confirm that she is not a nanny but a maternity nurse and that she is well educated, as are the about 1.000 nannies we have in our cataloque. - Our product is of the highest standard and we therefore expect that those employees who represent us have a high level (of competence). Nannies and maternity nurses must be educated and have at least three years of work-experience".

Bernadette Lion will primarily focus on the twins, but she will also keep an eye on Christian and Bella.

The article does not mention when Bernadette Lion started but she was around when Shirley was committed to hospital with a cold recently.

Shriley was put in an incubator in order to help her stabilise her body temperature and also to protect her from infections. She was discharged again after a brief stay at the hospital.

Judging from the pictures in the article I'd say Bernadette is around 30.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #08, 2011.
Frederik bruger sporten i opdragelsen - Frederik utillize sport in the upbringing.
Written by Peter Juul.

This article deal with the recent interview with Frederik in Ekstra Bladet.
There really isn't much new in the article only a couple of details.

Christian is playing tennis, for about 40 minuttes at a time. The article talks about the particular problems M&F have in regards to having their children joing a sports club. - Security. (*)
Frederik says: "...and it's wonderous to watch when the little ones are practising. It's after all short sessions of 40 minuttes and they have to learn backhand and forhand (I hope it's called) strokes, 50 strokes of each".
Frederik admits freely that it is difficult for a five year old boy to stay focused for more than a few minuttes, but M&F have decided that Christian shall continue training, that is a part of their upbringing.
Frederik explains: "To me it's about there being some things that are recurring again and again. Christian is being used to a degree of systematic (**) and that is also what he must be getting used to in life in general. That's why it's good/beneficial with a fixed shedule and fixed times".

Frederik also commends the Australian approach to sport for schoolchildren, where the children attend sport with their school mates. In the Danish system children attend sport independent from the school. I.e. in individual clubs and after school. (Callistenics and swimming still being part of the school of course).
Frederik believes that the Danish system could benefit from the Australian, where children attend sport within the allocated time they spend in school. (***)
Frederik: "When you build up a nation, it's not only about strong men and sporty girls. It's very much about the width (i.e. the population as a whole).
It's however not the intention of M&F to turn their children into elite-athletes.

(*) I'm not that sure how much significanse security has in this repect. If you can secure a school or a kindergarten, you can secure a sportsclub as well.
It may take two additional PET officers or uniformed police officers but hardly much more than that.

(**) An expression I suspect stems from a book about bringing up children and as far as I can interprete the meaning, it's about children benefitting from a particular systematic way in their upbringing, a certain order in their lives, that things are done according to a schedule and method, which will become increasingly demanding).

(***) He has a point in the sense that a number of children, for all sorts of reasons, do not attend some kind of sport after school. I.e. the only excerzise they get is pressing the remote and a couple of hours or so a week in school.
And eventhough this can't be compared to twins in regards to cuteness, it may nevertheless draw some interest...:)

Billed-Bladet - Video: Frederiks motorcykel har flotte brillianter

An article and a video of Frederik's new bike. :cool:

A 1.8 litre engine. topspeed: 240 Km/h. Frederik's monogram near the spedometer, with four gems symbolizing his four children. A print of the tatoo of a shark from his time in the Frogman Corps. - There was no mentioning of Mary in connection with the bike.... But perhaps there is a subtle reference to her somewhere.

It looks pretty cool, eh?
Born to be wild..., sorry, got carried away.:p

Some pics of Frederik's bike from BT:
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I hope they get a section each after they're named. It must be hard to be 'co-classified' for their whole lives.
I hope they get a section each after they're named. It must be hard to be 'co-classified' for their whole lives.
They will get their own sections after the christening. No doubt about that :flowers:
Here is a pic and a short article about M&F's maternity nurse, Bernadette Lion: Billed-Bladet - Her er Marys super nanny
This picture is from a couple of years ago, when she was employed by Helle and Otto Reedtz-Thott.

So she is British after all, there was much speculation where she was from.
How many nannies do they have in total now, 3? C & I each have one and the twins share a nanny?
So she is British after all, there was much speculation where she was from.
How many nannies do they have in total now, 3? C & I each have one and the twins share a nanny?

I make it three as well. Two ordinary nannies and Bernadette who is a specialist.

It's not the first time they have hired a specialist nurse. They hired a very experienced and qualified nurse from Rigshospitalet (can't remember her name) for Christian. I remember her clearly, because she and Christian genuinely loved each other. - Remember the pics from the inauguration of the elephant house in Copenhagen a few years back?

But as far as I can see from the link Ashlen kindly posted :flowers:, Bernadette costs 950-1320 £ a week (+ expenses I guess). That's equivalent to having a similar qualified Danish nurse around for 37 hours a week
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