General News about Frederik, Mary and Family 7: October 2010 - March 2011

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Yeah, it's a good documentary.

I agree with the one who said the editing is a bit weird. It's like the producers don't belive people can stay focused on one subject within a documentary for more than a few minuttes at a time. We can!

What I liked I particular was the often very honest and straigthforward explanations by the court officials, regarding their jobs and the functions of the DRF and the protocol.

Like in the in the first episode, where Joachim writes the official letter to QMII informing her that a new Prince in line of succession has been born. And the officials mentioning en passant, that the document will be shown to foreign powers who may otherwise lay claim to the Danish throne.
These are the sort of little details I find so interesting.
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I watched this via the Internet last night and really enjoyed it. Am looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

I agree with Muhler I particularly liked the explanations of protocol which I found very interesting. Margrethe came across as a very warm person in the episode.
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