Family Resemblances

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There is a photograph of Mary, in her new portrait book, sitting on the steps at Grasten and you surely see Isabella in replica!

Nope, sorry :lol: Isabella has a lot of Mary's (and QMII's) mannerisms but physically is an exact copy of Frederik.
From my perspective, Josephine is a dead ringer for Mary as a child, Christian gets his looks from the Donaldson side of the family, and Isabella definitely looks like Fred's side of the family, specifically Fred himself and Margrethe.

For me, Vincent is the most difficult to peg, but some time ago it popped in my mind that he resembles Henrik's family. The comments about Vincent resembling his mother's side of the family are interesting.

Where it gets interesting with Christian is that he physically resembles Mary's family (IMO), but I see Fred in him with certain stances and gestures. It sounds like that is what Muhler is saying about Josephine.
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