Engagement of Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle: November 27, 2017

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LOL did he say he proposed the first time he met her?

They're so cute. Did anyone get a glimpse of her ring? She showed it briefly but too fast for me to see much although I think it was a diamond.
Looks like a diamond? Waiting for a close up!

Wait... was that quick? Seemed quick! I guess an interview later...?
That was short. Cute how they supported each other. Ring seems to be diamonds indeed (which I prefer as it works way better with all kinds of clothing).

She might need to get rid of her custom to wipe away her hair (just as Catherine tends to do).
I'm guessing we will see the dress tonight at the interview.

Lovely couple, and Meghan looks fantastic. Right up to my favouritr engagement looks list!
What to say? They look beautiful together, beautiful. It was maybe the most natural posing I 've ever seen from a royal engagement photocall.
Too much love in the air, I can't handle it:ROFLMAO:
Love her coat.

Ring: Oval/round diamond?
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That WAS fast! Though I heard they weren't planning on saying anything till an interview scheduled later today.

Strewth, blink and you miss it!! Can't believe that was over so quickly
They are just BEAMING! You can tell they are just tickled!

He seemed more nervous than she did at first----a charming typical groom!

The white coat I think was chosen to echo the white flowers that are usually in that setting. Well done, Ms. Markle.
Looks like the dress (the hem we can see) is dark in color...still trying to make the ring out! lol

Harry designed the ring. One stone from Botswana and two stones from Diana’s collection. Reporting by Emily Andrews on Twitter.
Well, this engagement felt a little rushed to me and pushed to a large extent by the midia/press . I sincerely hope it works out for the couple in the long run.
This was just the photo call - interview will be taking place later! :) Meghan looked lovely in white and they seemed so genuinely happy and sweet towards each other.��
So cool!! So glad he personalized it by designing and using his mother's stones.

Any pictures of the ring?
I love the guest of Sky News explain that she can't be called Princess Meghan and how the title thing works.
They looked lovely together, very natural, smiling and happy, beaming at each other. Just lovely. And even though I prefer coloured stones myself I think the ring appeared to be a beautiful piece of jewellery.
I knew this would happen to me. The day I decide to not pay attention is the day they announce it! ?
Just saw a close up of the ring on Twitter...very nice, classic style.

Harry seemed so nervous and I thought it was very sweet when Meghan started rubbing his hand as if to reassure him!

It was all rather quick though, 2 minutes in fact!
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