Dutch Summer Photo Sessions (2005-2012)

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well, i can understand them not to want this photosessions, and i wonder what the girls think and ask, "why they want photos of us?" i am sure by now amalia knows she is a real princess and grandma the queen but i am sure it is not easy to get the kids for a few moments to do something pose for photos and take off in the middle of their play too, they take a ball, play with the sand and after time to go, i am sure it is not easy and like all this photoraphers screaming the gorls names etc.... i am sure they ask to the parents a lot of questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i love to see them growing up!
They said that they woudn't reveal the destination of their holiday and there are a lot of other countries they could visit too.


To be honest, I don't think they will come here right now... when was the last time they came to visit? It was 2008, when Ariane got a cold and had to be taken to hospital in Bariloche (and there was some incident with photographers), right?
the girls do not look intimidated to me, due to their being prepared by their parents, their parents being with them, a cordon of RVD men and women between them and the press.

WA and Maxima can not be too uncomfortable, it would rub off on the children, they can sense it and they must learn cope with this situation and the agreement with the press that they would respect their privacy included this photoshoot every summer.
Cute kids in cute outfits! I'm not sure why royals dress their kids in matching outfits, but I find it a little disturbing. Is it to make shopping easier or so there's no jealosy among the kids? My sister and I are two years apart but I was always taller than her. My grandmother & mom dressed us alike when we were little and all it did was add to the confusion people had in trying to tell us apart, which has carried over into our adulthood (and is one of my greatest pet peeves).
Maxima was beautiful in blue. Alexia looks like her mum.
I was Playing around on Youtube and Found the video of the photo shoot. the Pics seem nice. but the Video looked better.
The A-Team had stolen the show of their parents.
I enjoyed the shoot because they all looked windswept !
It makes them all look human :)
Dutch Photo Session at Wassenaar: July 5, 2010

Wonderful new pics! The summer photosession!

05-07-2010 Wassenaar Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander
with Princess Amalia (6) and Princess Alexia (5) and Princess Ariane
(3) pose for the media at the Eikenhorst at the Horsten estate in

** ppe gallery ** belga gallery **

Some pics without watermarks - Amalia blows an orange vuvuzela :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
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Wonderful pix and wonderful video of a wonderful family ! Worth the wait !
Great family, they are so relaxed and happy.
Great pictures!

BTW, does anyone know how tall Amalia is? She's quite tall for a 6 1/2 year old!
Wonderful pictures! Amalia looks funny playing the vuvuzela. All the girls are cute.
I like the photosessie, they are so free maybe is Alexia a bit shay but they are themselves . The dresses are allways the same, I like the last one on the beach in pants !!! super but this is also lovely , thanks for the pictures.
What a lovely photosession. They all appear to be happy and relaxed. The little Princesses are simply cute. :flowers:
I don't know why...but I have a thing for Alexia...she's the cutiest for me...
Me too Alexia will be a perfect beauty like her mother ! That's not to say the two other ones will be plain of course !
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