Dutch Summer Photo Sessions (2005-2012)

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^A lovely photosession indeed! I've said it before and i'll say it again: these girls are the cutest girls ever! And the blue is a colour that looks so good on Maxima.
The location is really beautiful. I love the seagrass in the background and the sandy beach. This is one gorgeous family!
The girls are so cute! What a great idea for a photosession! The colour blue looks good on Princess Maxima!:flowers: It looks very windy on the bench but they looks like they had a nice time!
They are so different and so similar to each other !!!

The Trio is so cute.

I know I sound like everyone else! The girls are so cute, what a great setting. I dont know what it is about W-A, but he is a very elegant man. I think he already seems like a king. Maxima looks great in blue!!:D
This has been a treat. I cant get over how long and blonde Amalia's hair is.
I will add some more info later, but among other things they said that they still thought about the accident in Apeldoorn a lot, that their daughters have not seen any images of it but they do know that it happened.

What a lovely setting, a windy beach, dunes, clouds and the north sea, can't get more Dutch than that. And since I grew up only 10 minutes from where they took the photo shoot I certainly appreciate it!
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I thought of that,must be very familiar:flowers:
Nice day at the beach. They look like a nice family. They really gave them a lot of photo time.
Lovely photos. The girls are just beautiful. Maxima and Willem-Alexander seem such warm, loving parents.
Well I just keep repeating myself when it comes to these girls. They are beautiful! I love their casual clothing, perfect for a day on the beach. The whole family seems so down to earth.
Lovely photoshoot. Everything is perfect :) Can't say much more.

But I have to say this; The princesses are all very cute and pretty, no doubt, but little Alexia is going to set hearts on fire. I bet all the young princes around the Royal houses will be dinging for her hand.
Great Photosession this year ! Ariane is really a mix of Willem-Alexander and Maxima !
Made me smile when WA said they prepare the children for the photoshoot by telling them that when they behave as friendly as possible it will be done as quickly possible.

And when WA says that the reporters could better ask him what the negative qualities of Maxima are because the list of positives is so big and Maxima makes a gesture of someone playing violin.
The "A-Team" could be a great mannequin-team. They are so beautiful, sweet and lovely.
Interesting that the prince and princess Máxima are more careful in questions about the future of queensday than the other princes and princesses. While COnstantijn and Laurentien said that the day should be celebrated as usual next year, Máxima replied that we should wait for the report that is written and see what the outcome is. With 3 young children I can't blame her for being more careful!

I must say that after seeing the clips I am not sure if this is the right way to do these photo shoots. Much to my surprise the princesses are not intimidated by such an amount of screaming press people, but it seems obvious that WA and Máxima are uncomfortable in exposing their children in such a way (quite rightly so). Some of these press people are screaming as if they are dealing with dogs: 'Amalia, Amalia, take your hair out of your face..... ok then'.
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They looked wonderful!!! I can't blame them for not wanting to show the girls more often. Such a beautiful scenery but a lot of wind.
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