Duchess of Sussex Jewels 1: November 2017 -

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Quite lovely and of course the sentimental value!

I am a fan of coloured stones but I really appreciate the thought that Harry put into the design of that ring. Africa and his mother. Just beautiful!
I love the fact that Prince Harry designed it himself......much love and thought and prayer and joy went into the making of it, I'm sure.
Although we have yet to see any good close-up pics of the engagement ring, it looks to be a lovely, neat setting and the story of the stones is very endearing.
There are some good close pics you can enlarge over on Twitter. Links have been posted in the thread(s) even!

There are some good close pics you can enlarge over on Twitter. Links have been posted in the thread(s) even!


The couple I have seen from the links here have been a little out of focus .
I like Meghan's ring, it is lovely. The yellow gold is nice, it will match her wedding ring.
Is that an asscher cut? The photos I've seen are too blurry to tell.
I’m so happy he went with a diamond ring, it’ll go with everything she wears. It’s a classic design, the stones have sentimental value, not too big for every day wearing and the yellow gold will match her Welsh gold wedding band.
All in all, Harry gets and A for this one:clap:.
Do we know about her earrings she had on during the interview?

"Meghan's elegant earrings are the $995 Les Plaisirs de Birks Yellow Gold and Opal earrings."
From the 'Mad About Meghan' blog
And so meaningful since Botswana is key to them along with the 2 diamonds from Diana's collection.

Lovely ring. The center stone is two and a half carats, which is quite a nice size.
Don't have to strain the eye to see it!

Sentimental,personal,elegant and classic all spring to mind .
I can foresee many tabloid headlines in the future re Meghan's jewelry: "Markle's Sparklers"! :lol:
Love this ring. Looks like a cushion cut to me. Great job Harry...on the ring and the girl!!! Im hoping for some Diana jewels to pop up here and there. It was said Harry recieved some of her jewels! How fun this must be for Meghan. Can u imagine!
It's not unlike Sophie's ring; a whopper with two smaller ones on each side.

I love how Harry described the two on the side as 'small' - i don't think that's quite the right adjective!
Ha they look small compared to that very good sized center stone!

Now that is one very classy ring and I love the yellow gold setting. It really suits Meghan to a T for sliver or platinum would be a very cold looking on her hand. Silver and platinum color wise are cold colors while gold is warm and soft feeling. Given a choice of rings if it was me, this would be perfect fit.
Very nice ring. Classic. Not particularly original in its design...(I don't think it took Prince Harry very long to design it) but the ideas behind are very thoughtful.
Yes, they are. I really like her taste in jewelry.
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