Documentary about Mette-Marit aired on TV2

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sylla said:
I said that I understand the staff's resentment, or rather that their resentment was not unreasonable, not that I agree with their actions.
But you also made it sound like Mette-Marit didn't deserve any sympathy for the fact that the staff was mean to her. You said "she brought this discontent on herself." Sure she partied, but if she knew she would eventually become Crown Princess do you really think she would have partied as much? I think that it's too bad that the staff could not have taken the high road, and tried to help out a young women who was going from being an unknown single mother to one of the most famous women in the nation. I think it's easy to understand why people are sympathetic to a women who had all her skeletons aired in front of the world, and now we find out that at the same time she had to deal with mean staff.
What makes us think that Mette Marit was "promiscous" because she had a son out of wedlock? From what I understand, Norway has high percentage of "out of wedlock" births (please note that I am not sitting in judgement of Norwegians just making a statement). If that is the case, wouldn't she be the norm instead of an outcast so to speak. And while I don't condone the drug use, I think Mette Marit actions as a younger women..partying and spotty work ethic is more in tune with her age. Not to say that all young people act in such a manner...but she was definitely not the exception.

In addition, from my experience I have found people who work for and/with people with money to be more snobby than those who actually have it.

As for her boyfriend making a makes you think twice about who you date doesn't it? I mean, who knows what any of us will be doing in a few years time. I would hate for something I did five years ago to come back to haunt me.

Please note that I am making a general statement..this is not directed to Sylla.
sylla said:
Well, I don't consider the initial objections and concerns of the Norwegian people unreasonable.

As for the staff, their initial resentment was not unreasonable either. Consider:

Staff: showing up for work everyday, earning an honest living, probably with a good education

M-M: parties, drugs, promiscuous, very spotty work record, little education

Who do you think should be elevated to and is deserving of a life of priviledge and wealth and should represent Norway in international gatherings?

I also don't think the "poor Mette-Marit" label does apply either since she brought this discontent on herself. How did she expect people would react? I do agree, however, it is done and should not be relived over and over. That is why I don't understand why she agreed to the upcoming book.

Haakon took a big gamble and lucky for him for most part it has paid off. Aside from the tantrum at the airport and showing up in jeans on the red carpet, no major gaffes. Alas, her work schedule always seems pitiful, describing her as lazy is not that far off. Never mind three children, afterall she has a nanny, and I bet she does not do her own housework/cooking either.
Sylla, I wholly to agree with you in some parts- I really like MM but we all are responsible for our actions, past and present. You have to own up to your actions-that is just being a responsible adult.In regards to her "past"- She has come a long way but some people will remember her past, regardless; that is something that she's just going to have to live with. she has developed the thick skin to deal w/ it it seems. In regards to her schedule- well, she is the crown princess and can choose what she wants to devote her time to- like fighting/raising awareness about AIDS in developing countries. Her intents are true and THAT is something admirable...
Kwanfan, I could bet that M-M laid awake many nights regretting her actions once it became clear she was going to be crownprincess. Does she deserve sympathy because the staff was so mean to her? I really don't know. I think it was unprofessional and childish for the staff to act this way, but it appears the chief handled it well.

M-M admitted to promiscuouity, in an indirect way of course, during her "confession" just before the wedding. Not knowing Norwegion myself, I have to take the word of a translation I have read.

I don't think anyone should be surprised at her few and far between duties, since she has had a poor work ethic prior to becoming a member of the RF.

To me she is the most interesting of the cps to follow, probably because the odds of her succeeding were not in her favor. She still has a ways to go to become an accomplished, confident crownprincess. I think she tries very hard, but I can imagine it can't be easy to be confident and proud when this baggage called her past won't go away.
Did the king and queen respond favorably to MM before the engagement? I am sure she was not their first choice for their son. She has come a long way and the past should be left in teh past. why rehash it all again?
The link below is an article about this anonymous ex-boyfriend of Mette-Marit's who supposedly has damaging or compromising video and photos of her. He has never spoken to the press but this article says he was reported to police by MM for threats in 1995 after their break-up. He also has several criminal convictions for drug related crimes and assault.

source: Aftenposten; August 24, 2001
As explained above he is no longer anonymous, he has been on the cover of dagbladet saying he has a private video/pictures but does not want to hurt her, or something along those lines, cant find it right now but it should be posted here somewhere. She does not say she lived promiscuisly, in the "confession press conference" she says she was in an environment where it was tested and they went across borders/lines (which is very open for interpetations). In the docu the reporter and author formerly working for Se og Hør said her Ex boyfirends was a chapter of its own, so we can assume there were more than a couple.
The Crown Prince visits at Marienlyst school and Bjerke school to speak about global aid work and local engagement, Oslo

Pic from NRK and VG

about the documentary he said they had a completely differnt focus now, that is in the past, and insinuations that are not correct are not very constructive.

more pictures from SIDE2

Tonight, 20.45, Mette-Marit along with the Queen is present for the opening of The Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities - Villa Grande, Oslo, picture and information of that to be posted in the family thread
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I think that she is a great lady, she does her job good, she is a loving mother and wife. They are so in love , they have wonderful family together. The only sad thing is that whatever she will do some people will always bring her past out.It is a human thing to make mistakes, but most importent to learn from them.Anyway i think she will survive anything , because her husband is next to her, he is her rock, her true love, they are married for 5 years and they still look so in love, like they just met.They are family now with three great kids so good luck to them!!!and a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO HAAKON AND METTE-MARIT and many, many more years to come.
I guess the point I was trying to make is that the ex-boyfriend has a violent past including alleged threats toward MM. I would hope that anything he might have on her would be illegal to publish since MM would not give her permission to have whatever video or photos he has of her circulated. I would think that the NRF would pursue any legal options to prevent a man with an allegedly violent past with drug convictions from harming the CPss in such a public way but after reading some of the comments from the recent documentary it's safe to say that some of the courtiers would like nothing better than to embarrass MM.

I personally think this constant holding her hostage to her past is the reason that, imo, MM has not flourished in her role as CPss. She's constantly holding back and I saw that in her speech in Toronto during the recent HIV/AIDS conference. Even though she did a great job giving the speech, imo, she lacks the confidence I think a CPss, after 5 years of marriage, should have by now.
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hmmmmmm, shame there isn't "off with their head" anymore- isn't threats toward a crown princess treason? what a jerk- as most ex boyfriends tend to be. she's a wonderful mother, loves her husband, tries to do good and will never get a break from some people no matter what she does. i wish people would leave their happy family alone. she seems painfully shy to me and the lack of confidence could tie into that.
I guess, we just have to erase her past and forget! I don't think that is right. In all fairness, however, no one should be mistreated, not even MM. It is not professional for the staff to disrespect her, but we cannot just forget her is part of who she is. this is only my opinion, of course.
Roxsteve said:
I guess, we just have to erase her past and forget! I don't think that is right. In all fairness, however, no one should be mistreated, not even MM. It is not professional for the staff to disrespect her, but we cannot just forget her is part of who she is. this is only my opinion, of course.

You are right but life is life and some of the spice of life is just gossip. It is a perfectly human thing to do, we all do it to some extent. Our presence here proves it: we read and talk about royals. Normal that some would talk about their boss' new chick (at the time).
MM made some mistakes when she was young and she had to live with it for the rest of her life.After becoming the crown princess I find that she is doing a good job.She has grown into a mature and caring person using her position to help others.So give her a chance and back off
Theres a reason it is called the past because that is what it is in the past. We all have pasts good or bad why is it important to bring hers up. She can't change it she has moved on and grown up. :bang:
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