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Here’s an additional gallery, according to the caption it was the National Championship in wave surfing at Borestranden on Jaeren in Rogaland:

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How the Crown Prince Couple will celebrate their 50th birthday this year, the palace announced:

"Marks the 50th anniversary with five trips in Norway

In the summer of 2023, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess will both turn 50. They want to highlight this by highlighting some of the things they value the most in Norway.
Therefore, during the spring of 2023, the Crown Prince couple will go on five trips around the country - to visit various places, people, environments and activities. The five journeys will together be a story about different parts of our society - about both old and new Norway, about who we are and about what has shaped us as a people.
In August, the Crown Prince couple invites guests from all over the country to a birthday celebration.
Overview of places, times and theme:
Industrial community: Stord (February) Crafts and tradition: Setesdal and Telemark (March) Our Sami heritage: Finnmark (April) Sea and coastal culture: Træna (May) Urban life: Oslo (June) Birthday party: Backyard party at the Castle (August)"
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Won't Crown Princes Haakon and Mette-Marit invite the other royal families to the palace for a party?
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Lovely. I am reminded of both the King and Queen's annual county visits and the recent coming of age celebrations for the hereditary Princess, in that the royal family has excelled as including a diversity of citizens from all walks of life and "bread and butter" activities from around the country, not only as window dressing next to the galas, but as featured elements of their grand celebrations.
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Won't Crown Princes Haakon and Mette-Marit invite the other royal families to the palace for a party?

My guess would be that there will also be a royal party. The Norwegian RF, just like the Danish RF, do love their royal celebrations.
My guess would be that there will also be a royal party. The Norwegian RF, just like the Danish RF, do love their royal celebrations.
Lets hope so. 10 years ago when they turned 40 there was no big Gala.
The Nordic Monarchies always know how to celebrate in proper style and I'd expect nothing less!

The Spanish RF prefer to have their royal cake out of the public gaze in private at Zarzuela.
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Lets hope so. 10 years ago when they turned 40 there was no big Gala.

It seems they dont plan to, if you belive what they said in London, but of course there could be an interview and/or official photos also.

- I feel we have worked for a long time on what kind of celebration we want, because I don't think any of us really wanted to celebrate. It is perhaps natural when you turn 50, she told Se og Hør at the aforementioned press conference in London.

The Crown Princess then emphasized that they are now very happy with the solution they have arrived at, and that they are very much looking forward to celebrating.

- I think we have landed on a very good solution. We are incredibly looking forward to the nice trips we will be making around Norway, and to be allowed to immerse ourselves a little in the things we are interested in. Our first trip will soon be to Rauland. I am really looking forward to that. I will weave a telemark carpet together with some weaving ladies, whom I know well from before, she said enthusiastically, and added that the crown prince will, among other things, ride a ski-tracker on this trip.

The celebration then ends with a joint celebration in the castle's backyard on 25 August, where guests from all over Norway are invited.

- I also think it will be nice to have a backyard celebration at the castle. A great way to celebrate, concluded the crown princess to Se og Hør.
Are planned any gala events in occasion of the 50th birthday of the Crown Princely Couple?
The article says, as we know, that it has been a tradition that the emerald parue is worn for UK coronations.

Crown Princess Margaretha wore it for the coronation of King George and Queen Mary in 1911.
CP Märtha borrowed it from her mother Princess Ingeborg for the coronation in 1937.
And she had inherited it during the war and wore it again for the coroantion of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.

Since the cornation unfortunatly does not seem to be a tiara event, I hope Mette-Marit will atleast wear the necklace, brooch and earrings, but consiering she really never wears big jewles I would be very supprised.
According to VG the Crown Princely Couple would planning a joint 50th birthday party at the Royal Palace gardens on August 25th, the date of their 22nd wedding anniversary:

The Crown Prince couple have already marked the anniversary with several trips to Norway this year, and are also planning a big joint backyard party at the Palace to celebrate their birthdays on August 25, which is the couple's wedding day

The Crown Prince has previously said that a lot goes into fish - and into meatballs.*But recently he has given up meat

It appears that haakon is following ingrid in food habits.

interesting point. I think a 100% vegetarian on a scandinavian throne is unthinkable as we are seanations and it's part of our DNA ;)
So aslong as Hakon eats fish, the nation's mood will be fine and him, too.
The Se og Hør article quotes Crown Prince Haakon's speech at a conference in 2018, in which he shared that eating more fish and vegetarian meals at home was part of his family's efforts to make their estate Skaugum more sustainable, which also included working with a foundation on recycling, etc. It also quotes Crown Prince Haakon saying he was vegetarian in the December 2022 Greenland documentary.

Se og Hør also quotes Princess Märtha Louise's interview with Tara magazine in 2019, in which she stated she was vegetarian. Her fiancé Durek Verrett is also vegetarian.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit is also attempting to reduce her meat consumption.

Is Ingrid-Alexandra vegetarian?

I don't think so, but the published menu for the Palace dinner in honor of her 18th birthday did not include any red meat, only fish and shellfish.

In one of her 18th birthday interviews the princess stated she was trying to eat less meat for the sake of the climate.

Interviewer: What climate choices do you make in your everyday life?

Ingrid: I eat little meat, I’m trying to do that.

Interviewer: You’re doing that because of the climate?

Ingrid: Yes, it’s mostly because of the climate. I do a little, but of course not enough. But the most important thing is that everyone does a little bit, I think.

Interviewer: Can it be difficult to live in a climate-friendly way sometimes?

Ingrid: Yes, definitely.

Interviewer: Does the Princess sometimes want to shop online, for instance?

Ingrid: Yes, that happens.
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In July, the crown princely family was criticized by commentators for demanding special treatment after the family attended a festival and their bodyguards, citing "security" reasons, ordered that Princess Ingrid Alexandra (age 19) and Prince Sverre Magnus (age 17) be admitted into an area reserved for guests aged 20 and over (the age limit is apparently intended as a safeguard against alcohol being served to underage guests).

The Palace stood by their actions, saying it was up to the royal security officers to make judgments about necessary measures.

In my opinion the incident illustrates the high standards of behavior expected of the royal family in Norway. In many other monarchies, this sort of special treatment would probably be viewed as routine.
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