Danish Royal Family, Current Events 1: April 2003 - March 2008

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Mary looks so elegant! This outfit is really precious. I like Mary with not dark cloths and with her hair up like this.
Wow, Mary looks so regal. A true princess. Love especially her hairdo. What a great appearance so shortly after giving birth. They make a perfect couple: she has the glamour princess touch and he bears the "normal guy next door" look. And, not to forget, Christian is a priceless toddler. So cute and he looks so much like grandpa :lol:

Don't like Alex' and Martin's look though. Doesn't go together very well. Alex' hair looks like she washed it but forgot to dry it and I don't like the hairclips - it's a girlie hairdo but not suitable for such an event (didn't make her look younger if this was her intention). Outfit is very nice but why did she chose these shoes? They don't suit at all IMO.
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Mary looks great, although IMO Fred always looks a little rumpled. I like Marie's dress but I don't like the black hose & shoes with it. Alex's dress & shoes are good, the hair could have used a couple of extra minutes of her time though.
My opinion:
Marie looks awful, that pink coat with back socks, horrible, not elegantl, she needs a fashion adviser very quickly!!!!!! Marie will be the one to open a new Forum later :
Marie Cavallier: before and after her weeding! We will see the contrast!
Mary looks great has always, but her hair....no, it doesn't suit her at all, Christian to casual for the event! It looks like he doesn't have another shirt! Always those Marroquim shirts, please Mary stop dressing him like this! I know children should be dress in confortable clothes but sometimes some ocassions are special and Mary should have that in mind!!!
My opinion:
.....and Mary should have that in mind!!!
And what if it is Frederik who is in love with this type of shirts and wants his son to be dressed for comfort a :rolleyes: ;)

I always wonder just a tiny bit why we are all so ready to tell the mother what to to ......
My opinion:
Marie looks awful, that pink coat with back socks, horrible, not elegantl, she needs a fashion adviser very quickly!!!!!! Marie will be the one to open a new Forum later :
Marie Cavallier: before and after her weeding! We will see the contrast!

Sometimes I wonder how these things come onto people's minds like wearing black stockings and shoes to such a light coloured coat???
The most natural thing would be to wear nude stockings and shoes either in nude colour or the colour of the coat. A nice handbag and there we have a perfect look. She shouldn't need a fashion adviser to tell her that - Joachim or whoever saw her BEFORE the event should have. Doesn't Joachim have eyes??? A long way to go, Marie. Will be hard for her to catch up with Mary.
Mary looks wonderfull, love the outfit, the hair and the flower. Marie looks nice, simple. Carina, on the other hand, looks uhmm terrible, didn't like it at all. Well, well, well, I think there's an upcoming engagement for the danish royal family, it's just great ;)

Christian is adorable, btw. :D
And what if it is Frederik who is in love with this type of shirts and wants his son to be dressed for comfort a :rolleyes: ;)

I always wonder just a tiny bit why we are all so ready to tell the mother what to to ......

That's exactly what I think too! Who knows, it just might be Fred who likes for Christian to wear those type of shirts...
I think Mary looked fantastic! Loved her whole look. She looked regal. Marie, well, the coat dress was cute and so were the classic-style pumps, but the black stockings need to go. She could have worn the pink coat-dress with the black pumps and nude stockings, and worn a black necklace or something. Or, just wear nude stockings with a nuetral toned shoe. Besides, it's summer, not winter. Light colors please. Or at least dark colors but in light fabrics. Alexandra...she looked fine, until you got to the hair and shoes. The shoes are still pasable (but not the greatest choice), but the hair. She's not six years old to be wearing her hair like that. Just my opinions!:flowers:
Hello everyone!:flowers:

Just a quite update for everyone interested in discussing fashion from the Fleming christening or just their (DRF women) fashion choices in general.

In the sub-forum, Royal House of Fashion, a new topic has been created, Marie Cavallier Fashion and Style. That's the best place to discuss Marie's fashion choices. Please click here to join the discussion.

If you wish to discuss Mary's fashion choices, the good and the absolutely terrible, please click here to discuss her daytime choices.
Also click Here to discuss her accessories.
Finally, please click here for discussions about her evening fashions.

If you would like to discuss Countess Alexandra's fashion choices, please click [URL="http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/f63/alexandra-countess-frederiksborg-fashion-style-5704.html"]here[/URL]

Danish Mod.

In the meantime, BT has an article about the christening with the giant headline: Marie is now a part of the family!

According to the author, he (or she not sure which) believes "...Marie is a part the family..." in the truest sense. The recent outing to the Fleming christening confirms to the journalist that a wedding between Prince Joachim and Marie is inevitable.​

Whilst at Valdemar Castle, Marie walked confidently behind the Crown Prince couple and their son, Christian. It seems that Marie is at ease with the rest of the younger Danish royals, which also included their cousin, Gustav and his stunning lady love, Carina.​

The article, I believe, goes on to discuss how Joachim wore a deep pink colored tie to match Maries "... stunning..." coat. (no mention of the awful sheer black panty hose...:whistling:.)

The rest of the article gushes about their relationship (yeah, :rolleyes: enough already just report the news, Bodil Cath. *the author*) as well as discussing the christening itself. The author finally discusses that Mary was one of the godmothers (we know that already) and mentions the childs name, the parents, and other information that really isn't that important.:D

If you would like to read the article, please click here.

*If I made any translation mistakes and want to yell at me because of it, or if you would like to summarize the article yourself, using your own words, please do so. I, along with many others, would greatly appreciate it!*:flowers:
Mary looks lovely...very elegant!!! I love the dress and hair!!! litle Christian looks adorable!!
frederik look's up set about somethink.
Wow, everyone looks wonderfull, really! Mary stands out though (as usual ;)) But I really like Alexandra's outfit too. Marie looks lovely; I'm starting to like her.

And btw, I love the baby's name....Josephine Margaretha Victoria. Sounds like it should be the name from a baby girl from the Swedish royal family :)
Mary looks like a beautiful princess. Thanks for pictures.
*I made this post in the topic, Mary and Frederik Current Events, but since members rarely venture into that particular sub-forum I thought I would re-post the latest article from this week's Billed Bladet (translated of course.)*

In the latest edition of Billed Bladet, there is an article about the Fleming christening that happened this past weekend. What makes this story ever more hilarious is the cheap obvious photoshop of Mary and Marie standing next to each other, with enourmous smiles on their faces, on the cover of the magazine (do the editors really believe their audience are that stupid?:rolleyes:)

The journalist notes that Mary and Marie got along well and that everything is essentially sunshine and daisies. He/she goes on to note that Marie and Joachim arrived in his glamourous new black Maserati just in time to change their clothes for the christening (if you remember the couple arrived in casual clothes. Marie in her trademark jeans, peasent top with a short jacket. Joachim in tan Dockers and colored collar shirt.) Mary, Frederik, and Christian, on the other hand arrived some time prior (around lunchtime, I believe.) " Kronprinsparret arrived as early as ultimate p the morning lrdag together with their two brn ..."

Everyone was apparently all smiling "...both large and warmly, when they arrived in slotskirken." In the end, everything with the two couples is all warm and fuzzy.

Oh goodie.:cool:
When someone has such little respect for themselves, I guess you can't expect them to hold any for the historical and cultural significance the 'backdrop", in question, possess.
I think the Queen and her staff should find another Royal Security right now.
its just out of respect. is there any reason behind why such act took place?
I avoided posting that article when I first read it, Australian, for obvious reasons.

Why this person felt the need to do this is beyond me. It's absolutely disgusting and very disrespectful; not only towards the DRF, but essentially the people of Denmark.

That's absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. She has absolutely no respect for her Queen, her country, or herself. How could she get in there? The Queen was probably not at Christiansborg at the time, since security would most likely have been up more.

I know that they need to use the thrones, but if it were me I wouldn't get near those things until they were very meticulously sanitized. That is so revolting! You don't know what kinds of things are on there now!
I avoided posting that article when I first read it, Australian, for obvious reasons.

I only posted it as it was current news with the family, I hope i didn't (and didn't mean to) offend anyone by posting it.:ohmy:

Anyway, it could have been a hoax, as quoted in the article 'Security staff cautioned yesterday that the seven photographs could have been the result of a computerised hoax — with the model’s image superimposed on the royal thrones — rather than a break-in at Christiansborg Palace in central Copenhagen'
No, not at all, Australian:flowers:

I just wasn't sure if the original Danish article (and original photo that accompanied it) would be appropriate to post (which it isn't, but whatever...)
Im guessing we all remember the Flemming christening which Frederik, Mary, Joachim & Marie atteneded. Well, here is the Mdeia wrap with a few great articles 'Mary and Marie partied together' from Billed Bladet 'With daddy to christening' from Billed Bladet again and finally 'Now Marie is part of the family' from B.T.
Flemming christening media wrap Read it here (DRW)
Stats Visit from Brasillia 12 and 13 of September

According to the royal court ther is going to be a State Visit from Brasillias President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his wife Marisa Letícia Lula da Silva...The coupel has been invitet from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik as a return State Visit.

It was aboute time ther was a State Visit her in Denmark agin with CP Mary so she can partisipate with the dinners :flowers:
Might be O/T here,but a number of terrorists have been arrested in Copenhagen.The danish secret service will have a press conference at noon today.
Concert at the Fredensborg Slotskirke; October 23rd, 2007

From the royal agenda, HM Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and guests will attend a concert in Fredensborg Slotskirke tonight at 8pm.

Kongehuset - Aktuelt - Nyheder

Happy posting! :flowers:

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Isn't Mary wearing the brooch from Queen Margrethe which she wore at Christian's christening for the first time?
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