Danish Royal Family, Current Events 1: April 2003 - March 2008

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Isn't Mary wearing the brooch from Queen Margrethe which she wore at Christian's christening for the first time?

Here is the picture from the christening, looks rounder than the one Mary has on tonight but then we can only tell if we get a close up or a better view ;) Its a lovely brooch.
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it is a lovely brooch(amazing eyes userdane!), i think i've seen this dress before and really like it- very "breakfast at tiffanys" classic and sexy at the same time.
i noticed the fork tines are turned down at the place setting, very interesting i've never seen it before, of course i've never been to a royal dinner either.
Mary looks very nice, and so does Queen Margrethe. What is the concert for?
Somehow, the brooch doesn't appear to be the same. The brooch Mary wore for Christian's christening seems to be more "open" and seems to have a pearl drop. Whereas the one she is wearing in these new photos seems to be more solid-looking and lacking the pearl drop. Hopefully I am making sense!
i think that the brooch looks different too...the center stone is different i think.....it would be better if we get a pic where there's a close up of the brooch!
Mary looked absolutely gorgeous! No, I don't think the brooch is the same, either. This brooch seems to be much larger IMO. And it seems to be all diamsonds. Beautiful nonetheless. Hopefully we'll get a larger image. As for the Queen, she looked beautiful also. Red looks good on her!
I am so happy that someone else feels the same! Mary just gets prettier and more elegant looking with each one of her outings, IMO. Her style, her grace, her posture is just so regal.
The brooch Princess Mary is wearing at this event comes from the ruby parure. She is also wearing the bracelet from the parure. I wonder if she's wearing the chandelier earrings too. Her hair is hiding the earrings in most of the pictures.

The big jewels can be modified easily, maybe it is the same brooch
The big jewels can be modified easily, maybe it is the same brooch
The christening brooch has a huge oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds and also has pearls and was worn by Queen Ingrid, QMII and now Princess Mary.

The ruby brooch made up of rubies and diamonds is part of the ruby parure inherited by Crown Prince Frederik from his grandmother Queen Ingrid. Queen Ingrid received it when she became Crown Princess of Denmark from Queen Alexandrine.

These two brooches have a long Danish history and are different in design from one another.

Here's a good view of the sapphire brooch:
royal-jewelry.dk - Nyheder

Check post 24 to see the ruby brooch:

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I think everyone looks very nice! Love the red that the Queen is wearing. But I wish I could see a better pic of her outfit, is she wearing a fancy pant outfit? I like the neckline on Mary's dress and the brooch is a very nice touch. I'm just a little disappointed in the lack of pictures. I thought there would be more. But maybe more will come.
I would love to see a more close up from Mary's dress?From what I have seen it is a very beautiful blask dress, suits the ocassion very well!Why Joaquim doesn't attend this events??
Mary looks great! :) I love the dress, and the pairing of the ruby parure brooch and bracelet
Can it get any better? Mary is and remains one of the best and most regal dressers, not only among her peers. Outfits, hair, jewellery ... Mary puts in some effort and it shows.
Thanks paty for posting the pictures. Mary's look today, not sure exactly what she was trying to go for. The pearl necklace is somehow lost with the outfit. Fred's outfit somehow matches Mary's outfit. Why was Prince Henrik not in sight?
Paty, thanks for posting and enlarging the pictures!

She looks very pretty, but I think the hat color is too strong for the rest of the outfit.
For more information about the purpose of this event as well as to view the latest photo and to see a better clip of the event please click here.

For further detailed discussions about the outfit Mary wore to the inauguration of the Alsion Center please click here.
Fred once again doesn't know where to put his hands, maybe because of that flowers are given to the ladys so they don't have that problem ih ih
November 2
HRH The Prince Consort and The Crown Prince take part in a dinner to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Danske Flyvere (i.e. ‘The Association of Danish Airmen’) at Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen, at 18.35.

Intresting enough couldnt get hands on one picture from this event though it did take place. Danish royal watchers have a very brief article
Intresting. The last carriage is nice, ideal for winter:) Do you have an ida of the starting price?

I read on the CPMMB that the prices ranged somewhere from 80,000 DKK to 100,000 DKK, but I don't remember 100% what the price range was
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