Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 5: May 2011 - June 2012

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Victoria looks gorgeous! This shade of green looks amazing on her and she is just glowing!
Victoria does look gorgeous and so relaxed. Really nice to see her again, I have missed her. :flowers:
Princess Victoria Looks Nice indeed , She Looks Relaxed & good , Nice To see her , Thanx all For Posting
I think Victoria looks like a perfect breath of fresh Spring air. How wonderful to see that the predominantly black winter maternity wardrobe has been ditched in favour of glorious colour.

She looks great in green and I have to admit, I even like the suede finish platform shoes! Better still, the ubiquitous "ponytail" seems to have had a significant revamp! How lucky are we? All our major whinges buried in one fell swoop!!! :lol:

Victoria is the only woman who got the stocking colour right and natural!
What a WOW return!!!! Breathtaking and simply wonderful. What a colour and what a look! The Queen of the day!
Bye Bine
She looks amazing the colour of the shoes is just beautiful and the whole looks just perfection IMO
While I like the colour & style of dress, I find the length odd (its something that QEII usually wears) and I could do without the ugly green platforms.
The green dress is a great choice for spring. It fits well also. The shoes weren't the best choice as the overall is too green for me.
She looks Amazing indeed. The color of the dress and the shoes is great. I loved the simple dress :D
The dress is lovely, a colour that really flatters Victoria. I agree that the shoes are not great - this outfit would have been perfect for the much-maligned nude heels.

She looks healthy and happy though.
i like dress, great fresh color, perfect for spring and suits Victoria. Not a fan of shoes, to matchy-matchy.
FOUR weeks after giving birth? Come on people, lets give CP Victoria a deserved break! I think she looks physically & fashionably fantastic.
Incredible. Beautiful dress, she looks lovely!
The links won't open for me, but I've seen the pictures at current events thread and I agree; the whole look is just beautiful.
I love the soft colours she chose, the jewellery (especially the gorgeous earrings), the flowers in her hair - everything.
Victoria is just glowing; maternity clearly suits her. :)
I agree LadyFinn.

The outfit is just lovely and has become one of my favourite CP Victoria looks.

Also I realy like the flower hair ornimen. I don't know why because I'm usualy not keen on flower hair orniments like the one Victoria is wearing but, here it just seems right. :flowers:
It's the perfect look for a young mother. I love this dress and hair ornaments on Victoria!
There is something very nostalgic about this peachy/pink day dress- almost victorian, slightly 1920's, yet still modern. Nice soft look for CP Victoria, IMO
I love the flowers! She looks wonderful!
Love the green dress. It fits her well and the color is fantastic on her. Clean and simple. Not sure about the shoes though. And her body looks great for only 4 weeks after birth. Having a former personal trainer for a husband definitely have it's perks!
Victoria at the new photos with Estelle.
I just love this, I think everything with Victoria is perfect and suits with Estelle so well. Her hair looks wonderful and the flower fits with the dress. The colour of the dress fits to the feeling of the photos. Beautiful!
If this were not Victoria, Daniel and Estelle, I would have thought they were posed models because the photographer seems to have caught the emotion of the moment as well as the picture. It is a picture perfect, chocolate box moment!

I love the delicate colour of Victoria's old fashioned dress/blouse? It looks perfect against her skin and hair and even gives Estelle a soft glow. The flowers in her hair and her beautiful earrings soften the dense colour of her hair and help make the whole "look" a soft, romantic, maternal moment.

If this is motherhood after a month, Victoria is acing the class!

(Is Daniel her secret weapon?)
I have no words really. I love the whole look. Victoria looks absolutely beautiful, and the facial expressions on her face are absolutely heart-warming and tender.
Victoria does look very ethereal and dressed in that romantic way does heighten the look. The way she's holding Estelle to her with her eyes closed is just heart-tugging.
Victoria does look very ethereal and dressed in that romantic way does heighten the look. The way she's holding Estelle to her with her eyes closed is just heart-tugging.

That's my favorite picture :D :wub:.
I love the pictures! Victoria looks amazing & so happy.
The dress looks lovely, the colour and those "stars" are lovely and match the whole scenary!
I totally loved her in the photos with baby... all the outfits chosen were just gorgeous I was really thrilled.
Well, Victoria looks just great. Got her figure back and everything. Envy time!
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