Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 4: December 2011 - April 2013

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She looks stunning! The dress is perfect.
I think that the make-up and hairstyle also favours her a lot. :flowers:
She looks stunning! The dress is perfect.
I think that the make-up and hairstyle also favours her a lot. :flowers:

I totally agree, Annie. She looks marvelous. In fact, she's been looking better for about 12-24 months now. Do we know if she has a new stylist? :flowers:
The dress is perfect. Perfect color and cut for her and she's standing up straight. Hairstyle and earrings a real win too. Just don't think she should ever use red lipstick, more pastel, peach or pink.
Joining the above opinions, I have to say that Crown Princess Mette-Marit looked gorgeous. Soft pastel colours and simple dress are a perfect choice. The hairstyle organically completes the whole look.
MM looks lovely that blue pale almost white is gorgeous on her .. the earrings are out of this world

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The dress is beautiful and the colour perfct for her, but I don´t like ker hairdo.
Nice dress but I don't like hairstyle and make-up (bad lipstick color). Simple dress would look better with some more extravagant hair-do, something like from Victoria's pre-wedding concert (very 40's waves).

Agree, agree! I guess you summed up my feelings exactly. The dress is beautiful (the color especially). The earrings are great and go well with the hairstyle, but as you said, such a simple dress needs a wow hairdo, otherwise it's a bit too boring. Hate the make up.
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This look is just princess perfection to me. MM looks incredible!
This gown is so simple and elegant and this mint green shade so hot right now - perfection!! :wub:
Mm looks amazing from head to toe! Good color on her.
Really like the "ice" colors on MM's in Eveningware lately- I thought the design and tailoring of the gown was really well done, and the earrings were perfection.
My thoughts exactly, Patra. Lovely from head to toe!
I Like The Earing Diamond & Pearls One , Thanks For Sharing All
She was stunning! Just perfection, I love her whole look including the makeup.
She looks very lovely! It would have been better without the cardigan but she still looks nice.
I love Mette-Marit to bits but the entire look is a mess.
The cardigan is out of place, the dress is ill fitting and makes her look pregnant (not saying she is) and those black tights really must go.

Still, everyone appeared to be having great time and looked happy, and that's what matters most, I suppose. :)
This should be posted on "what NOT to wear", IMO. The cardi & tights have no consistentcy with the dress, disappointed to say the least.
The black cardigan definitely looks out of place with a dress that appears to be very formal. Her hair also looks far too casual here. Not certain what type of look she was wanting to achieve.
I love the dress but why the balck cardigan and opaques I am really disappointed I thought that as she has lost wt and more confident that the tights would go into the the bin but no here we are again spoiling a perfectly lovely dress. IMO
The dress is lovely but ruined with the cardigan and the really dark tights.
Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit hosted a banquet at Skaugum.
- The outfit

There are no better pictures at the moment, but from what I can see, Mette-Marit looks lovely.
The black tights don't look out of place for once, and her hairstyle is just beautiful.

Picture originally posted by fairy tale in current events thread.
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Although it's all black I really like her look (from what we can see so far). The dress seems to flatter her and I love her hairstyle.
She maybe wanted her shoes to match with Haakon's. ;)
I t is a really lovely dress and her hair totally gorgeous .. and the tights look great with this outfit IMO
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