Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 4: December 2011 - April 2013

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I very rarely like such stockings with any dress/skirt, but here there are extremely out of place. This outfit is one big mismatched fail sadly, but I do like the shoes and the belt separately a lot. The dress has a lovely color.
Goog heavens what is going on here she looks absolutely terrible IMO the tights the jacket with summer dress ... horrible.
I think the dress is a lovely color but ruined by the jacket and belt. I think if she wore the belt over the dress and wore the jacket open and a different jacket. The shoes would be lovely without the tights as the straps are lost against the tights.
at the opening of the Oslo International Church Music Festival
full view - side view
I like everything except the dark stockings, they ruin the look.
The jacket looks heavy for the summer dress, but I still like it.
And I love the colour of the dress, the shoes and the belt, they´re gorgeous :flowers:
Good grief! I don't know what she was thinking when she put this outfit together but it certainly isn't pretty! I cannot think of one redeeming thing to say about it...
The woman next to her looks much better put together. The blue dress looks like a nightgown and the strappy shoes look all wrong with those thick stockings.
Good grief! I don't know what she was thinking when she put this outfit together but it certainly isn't pretty! I cannot think of one redeeming thing to say about it...

Maybe the belt? On another outfit, though!! And looking at the picture again, she's wearing the belt too high-waisted on a jacket with pockets, creating a very bulky look.
I could have done without the close up of the shoes.. yuck! I wonder what the turtle on her bracelet stands for??
This looks like a beadwork bracelet; perhaps the turtle is a symbolism for some belief.
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Call me strange if you want but I love that look and especially the contrast between this wonderful blue and black !
I like everything about the blue& black ensemble except those horrible stockings!
I don't mind the black & blue color combo, but that belt ruins the whole look imo.
MM can rock gala wear, the rest is very often strange ... this one too. The belt ... what was she thinking? Black tights for these shoes ... what was she thinking. As so often, it could have been a nice look based on the dress, I really like the color combined with black.
Very odd look. First of all, she chose the worst possible tights - it's always these 'details' that can ruin a look completely. ;) Secondly, the jacket with this ugly belt looks awful, the shoes are outdated IMO, even the dress is a bit loose. Want more? Fail!
The light makes her look like barbie.
Wow, Mette-Marit looks fantastic. Great dress, great make-up.
Unfortunately, I am unable to see her.. :( I hope other sites come up.
MM is very pretty in the close up, I like the make up a bit stronger because of the pale blue dress. Love the hairstyle on MM.
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Beautiful makeup and earrings and the ice blue suits her. Very goddess-like!
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She looks gorgeous! I love that light color.
Yippee!! I Finally got to see the pics and I totally agree with everyone's opinion of MM and her dress. She looks sensational. LOVE the color and style.. Very Grecian and elegant.
She looks fabulous! Love the makeup and the red lipstick gives a pop of color to her look.
She looks amazing. Great dress & the makeup was just the right amount to compliment it.
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