Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 4: December 2011 - April 2013

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White is definitely her colour and the cut is great. Love it when she wears bold make-up, only the lips are a little too red, from what I can see.
Mette-Marit looks fabulous! The simplicity of the dress is perfect for her! White is definitely her color.
She looks lovely in this dress. I especially like the little train, takes it from simple to special.
She really looks nice in white. I love the cut and style of the dress on her
I love the shape of the dress but on most of the pictures MM looks really pale. So IMO white isn't her color. And the red lips don't look good either. She's such a natural beauty and doesn't have to wear a lot of color in her face but maybe a stronger color on her dress.
The top part is kinda boring but the embroidery on it makes up for it. So pretty!
love the out fit on her , not keen on the red lipstick , but apart from that she looks fab
I think the color and the gown work well on Mette-Marit, but the cut of the sleeve should have been longer for a winter gala IMO.
She has more similar dresses I´d like see her wearing other style.
Loved the gown on MM. The colour suits her colouring and I didn't even mind the red lipstick.
I liked her dress and really suits her. The hair style is also nice.
Don't like her wearing lipstick but she was perfect !!!!
Thanks for the photos fairy tale, that is a beautiful dress especially with that blond hair!
Live the dress and evening make-up, just perfect.
But hate the way she wears a tiara, makes it look so insignificant like it is just an accessory :ohmy:
Really like this dress - white is a great colour for Mette-Marit. I would have prefered her to wear the diamond and amethyst tiara to provide a contrast
Here are some more pics that offer a better view on the mentioned embroidery and on the
special cutout:

** Upper part ** Close up ** Back view **

The dress is a lovely piece but its simply ruined for me with the short/t-shirt sleeves. I would've loved this dress to be cap sleeves or of the shoulders with a slightly lower neckline.
Yes, the back is definitely more interesting than the front; thank you for posting, Iceflower. I still think the dress would have looked nicer with long sleeves or straps and a scoop/sweetheart neckline to give the top a more evening look. And a more elaborate hairstyle to showcase that small tiara.
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thanks for the extra photos Iceflower. Luv the back of the dress and the embroidery is even more elaborate than I thought. Gorgeous!
Yes, cap sleeves would hve looked better. Loved the close up and you can see the silver sequins, silver and white ice princess.
All she needs to do is pull her shoulders back and stand up straight! (takes one to know one)
What a beautiful and elegant white gown, MM looked great!!!
Mathilde looks wonderful in the white dress. She pulls off white well with her blond hair.

And a more elaborate hairstyle to showcase that small tiara.
or get her a better tiara. The one she always wears looks so pathetic compared to the other royal ladies.
MM looks wonderful in the white dress. Although her tiara looks less impressive comparing to the other ladies, it is a lovely jewel, quite delicate, but still beautiful!
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