Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Daytime Fashion Part 10: July 2021 -

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A really nice and professional look on the Crown Princess!
Mette-Marit attended the International Women's Day at Domus Bibliotheca at University of Oslo today, March 8 - not a fan of the pants, but the combination works for her and looks good that way:

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MM looks lovely and healthy ☀️, but this outfit does nothing to her. It looks dowdy.
Mette.Marit on the family's Easter photo shared today, not fully visible, but looks like a nice white blouse with dark pants:

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit at a reception for recipients of the King's Medal of Merit today, April 9:

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A really nice look and colour on the Crown Princess.
A nice, professional look for Mette-Marit who visited the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo today, April 10:

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A nice combination for Mette-Marit who handed out the National Association for Public Health's Research Awards 2024 in Oslo today, April 15:

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Beautiful brimmed hat (which we normally don't see on her ...)

Two brimmed hat consecutively 🧐 ...... could we expect something more substantial on her head later today as well......(Let me dream.... )
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Love the dress, shoes and bag. Not a fan of the hat and hair.
On it's own it's quite nice but with Mary walking next to her, it is rather bland and uninteresting/uninspiring.
Pink does look good on her, but my complaint with her is she wears her pants too high. The waistline of her trousers is nearly touching her bust. It makes her look frumpy, and she's not. I'm not suggesting she should wear hip-huggers, but a little more space on her torso would make her look sleeker.
Not impressed. Could be anyone in at work at an office. It looks like she didn't pay much attention to her outfit when tucking in the blouse.
Great look for the outdoors. Perfect for a bit of trail hiking despite the white sneakers.
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