Crown Princess Maxima's Best Outfits: May 2005 - December 2005

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I think that this is a wonderful coat of Maxima's (I was looking for Maxima's Coats thread...apparently there isn't one! so i'll just pop it in here), I love the patern of it and the beading and the deep green fur trim on the left edging.

Not really a big fan of the shoes though :eek:
I really like the dress she wore on the wedding of Martha-Louise of Norway. She was very very "royal" and elegant.
azile1710 said:
Here are some of my favourite evening outfits for her:


personally I like all these outfits, she looks fantastic.
I am not that big of a fan of that dress.
that koninginedag outfit was the red beret was just the absolute highlight of her sartorial life. i just couldnt believe it when i first saw i didnt think it was possible for her to look even more fantastic than she already has so many times in the past. but that outift really took the cake.
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