Crown Princess Mathilde's Daytime Fashion, Part 5: June 2012 - April 2013

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I think she looks very lovely in that white oufit.
I too really love the white on her the cut hiides her short waist an gives her that long lean look she often has problems achieving IMO
You hit it! This great cut with the dropped waist is for her! And fabulous flattering neckline, channeling Jackie Kennedy:flowers:
I don't mind her outfit as much as I mind the hat. Looks like its going to fall of her head any minute.
Not liking this look. The hat is simply hideous! I like the top of the outfit but not the skirt.
This outfit is better to me. I like that shade of green on the cardigan. The dress looks interesting.
Overall Crown Princess Mathilde looked chic. It is nice that Crown Princess Mathilde opted for summery white and green colours. The ensembles appeared to be well-fitted. I agree with the above opinions on the hat. A simple wide brimmed hat would have been a much better choice.
The years before Princess Mathilde changed wore 3 different outfits .. This year one outfit she looked wonderful 3 times.
I really liked her outfit for the service and parade except for the hat. Gorgeous jacket.
Is the dress and green cardigan the same one she wore in Vietnam. The green suits her so much:flowers:
The first outfit is nice but I don't like that hat and the gloves.
The second outfit is beautiful, green looks really good on her. The dress is great and the cardigan really goes with it.
Really like both outfits, especially the dark blue/black dress.
Nice, casual and above all, comfortable look - perfect for such informal outings.
Both outfits are beautiful! The first one looks perfect for a photocall with the family, elegant but comfortable.
Princess Mathilde at today's inauguration of the official Belgian Olympic Committee headquarters.
- The outfit

I really like the whole look; the dress is lovely, the shoes - just gorgeous.
The dress per se is fine, but Crown Princess Mathilde should have chosen a better support.

Mathilde with a recycled outfit in white at a photosession in London today, July 26, and later with a nice dark dress on her way to a musical:

** Outfit 1 Full view ** Outfit 2 Full view **

I love the casual look, very lovely. She looks great in that dark dress. The outfit today is nice. Not a fan of the color though.
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The dress is fine but the shoes are too white for outfit.
I think her dress is by M Missoni see here
Love the white casual look. The black dress seems ok from what I could see but don't like it with the tan shoes.
I also like the coat.
It the same she wore at her fathers funeral on 30/09/2008
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Very regal and appropriate. Elegant but not too somber, with the detailing.
I love the coat. She looks very elegant.
It's the first time I have really paid attention to the coat that Mathilde wore to the funeral of Alix, Comtesse de Lannoy yesterday and I must say it's very elegant!

But the dress underneath it is surprisingly short, especially for a Catholic Funeral Mass, imo. favorite Crown Princess scores...she looks beautiful in that dress!

Thanks for posting stephanievl :)
Fabulous dress and total look. Thumps up for Mathilde.
I do not like the print of the material, otherwise, she looks lovely
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