Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 24: January 2015 - June 2015

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I love Mary's coat! I wouldn't mind spending a lot of money on a coat if it was well insulated and kept me warm during the winter! I'm not a fan of the cold!
I'm not a fan of Mary's trousers or shoes, but I'll give them a pass since they're appropriate. Her top is nice, and looks good on her.
:previous: Yes, being the kind of event this is I guess there are not many appropriate options, so she looks alright. The blouse is cute and love her with a ponytail, though.
The event looks to be quite informal, so I think Mary's attire is appropriate. She looks comfortable, and casual.

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Its an appropriate outfit for such a visit but those pants are a terrible fit. The blouse is lovely and hair looks great in a ponytail.
Burn the pants, and throw a few of Fred's on the bonfire while you're at it.
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Very appropriate for the venue! I love the fresh face look. She is a beaut!
love both blouses on this trip so far.
Appropriate outfits for the events.
Mary looks great in casual clothes.
I like both of Mary's outfits. I'm not sure the day 1 outfit was appropriate to meet the Prime Minister especially as the Danish minister at least had a tie on. She was perhaps a little under-dressed for this meeting but also wouldn't have wanted to have appear overdressed.
Mary's second day outfit is nice, I liked her printed shirt and the pants. It seemed light and ideal for the event and hot weather.
I love her glowing skin.
Not a fan of Mary's day 1 outfit, I really dislike the pants. Her day 2 outfit is lovely. It's nice and casual and really fit the event.
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This outfit is very lovely! I love the blouse, the skirt, and the colors. She looks wonderful.
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She looks lovely. I like this first picture. Who is the woman she is with?

( Just saw on another thread this is Dr. Hamlin )
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Well what do you know? The anal fistula doctor from Oprah, and Crown Princess Mary! Love Mary's outfit.
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Mary's outfit was lovely on the last day. The skirt fabric and the waist detailing is lovely and matched with the white top was great. Th necklace did add a nice finished look to the overall.
I am afraid I very much dislike the blue skirt styling. Only mary who has really no hips, could wear such a skirt with those se gores in it
Last afternoon, CP Mary spoke at the professional reception on the promotion of women's rights in businesses CSR enterprises at Christiansborg, Copenhagen:

Not so fond of the bright shoes, but otherwise a elegant and sophisticated black/white outfit to such a meeting. Love the collar of her white blouse.
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I agree, the shoes are just NO.

The rest of the outfit is nice for the occasion. I don't like Mary's reddish hair tone, I think she would look great with shorter hair.
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