Crown Princess Mary is Pregnant

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thats great news! Another cute royal baby on the way... I hope they will get a girl this time. There´s not enough princesses in the family´:)
something must be in the water in those royal palaces! Three babies for three crown princesses! If the speculation about Lalla Salma proves true, then we really will have a baby boom!
Congratulations to Prince Frederick and Princess Mary!!!
I've been waiting for this wonderful announcement for weeks now, it great!!
Wonderful news!!! Congratulations to CP Frederick & Mary. More royal babies! I love it.
I had a feeling we were going to be hearing an announcement from them soon! I'm so excited! I love royal baby booms!
I have a feeling it will be a boy but a little girl would be so nice.
Congratulations to them both. Here's to a trouble free, happy and healthy pregnancy! :flowers:
Yea!!!!! LadyK so happy! woohoo! :flowers:
Another baby belly to rub!
Congratulations to the Crown Princely couple. I had the feeling that Mary was pregnant. We wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.
I told you soo :-D I was sooo sure when she had to leave at the reburial.
I hope its a little princess this time.
Grats to the happy couple
Fantastic news, Congratulations to the royal couple.!!

I prefer a gril too!
Congratulations to Mary and Frederick. May is going to be a happy month for many royals!;)
CONGRATULATIONS to CP Frederik and CPss Mary!!! Wonderful news! :flowers:
Wishing HRH the Crown Princess a healthy and safe pregnancy. :)
Great news? Congratulations!
I had the feeling they will announce it soon :rolleyes:
Yes some of you have already guess ealier this pregnancy! Congratulations to them also!
Congratulations to them. I sensed that she might be pregnant! Hope its a girl.
Princess Mary has been pregnant since August, she is now 3 months pregnant. Soon her belly is going to start notice
Congratulations to the prince and the princess
Wonderful News!!! Congratulation :wub: :wub: :flowers: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Wow! Congratulations to the Princes, their families, their country and to the big bro Christian!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

What a baby boom! Three royal kids to be born in almost the same time! I wander which baby will be first, Letizia's or Mary's...:wub::lol:
Congrats to the Family! Great news! It is amazing how once all these babies seem to come at once.
Congratulations! I hope it will be a girl too!
Congratulation to the Princes and Christian :flowers:

(I hope for girl). :wub:

I know it. ( I think that Lalla Salma is pregnant, too.)

Another baby-boom.
How great! But I'm not surprised of this news. Congrats to them all :flowers:
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Congratulations to Danish Royal Family and Princess Mary's parents!

I wish everything goes well with the Princess pregnancy and delivery, may she have an healthy and happy one.

wow, another royal baby boom!
the next......mathilde, mette marit or sophie?
indeed, another baby boom!

i was also expecting the announcement from the moment of the reburial. the liquid excuse wasn't enough for me...

may will be an exciting month for us... :)
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