Crown Princess Mary is Pregnant

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Congratulations to their royal hignesses and CP Mary's family! Very happy news to hear!
o my goodness how exciting it well and truly is another royal baby boom!!! I look forward to sitting up all night on the forum wiating 4 the news of the births.:flowers:
Congratulations to the Princes.. i can't believe it.. another royal baby boom, it seems like they plan these things.. :lol:

We're smart at the forums, aren't we? :lol:
I think alot of us suspected this, it must be a relief for Mary just finally come out and say it. No more hiding.
Congrats & many wishes for a safe & healthy pregnancy & delivery.
And of course for a healthy and happy baby)
Let's hope for a girl, so wished for by Prince Hendrik who has three grandchildren all boys !
EmpressRouge said:
I wonder how Letizia feels about finally beating Mary to the punch. Letizia's engagement, wedding, first pregnancy announcement, and birth of her first child always occurred right AFTER Mary's, it seems. Finally she's managed to announce something before Mary. I wonder who's child is born first. Congrats to both of them, though.

Maybe Letiza is not that petty? :ermm:
Congrats to the DRF on this happy occasion! Congrats to us on another royal to drool over!:)
Such lovely news in a world full of so much sadness.
The family must be as delighted as everyone at the RF's sounds!
I'm so glad that Mary is pregnant wow there's a royal baby booming again!.
Are the Princesses in contact to each other?. :lol:
Mette Marit careful please. ;)

I do wish for Mary to have a beautiful baby girl. :wub:
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Congratulations Frederik, Mary and Christian. I hope it will be a girl but think it will be a boy. :ROFLMAO: :w00t2:
This is great news, lets hope for a mini Mary this time :)
Congratulations on the wonderful news!! Another royal baby boom huh? Everyone's having their kids so close in proximity. Prince Christian won't even be 2 yet and will have a new sibling. On one hand it's great that the kids will grow up together, but on the other hand it'll be even more challenging for the parents to take care of a baby and a toddler. Then again they do have nannies. Anyway, again congratulations!
Wow...that's fantastic. Congrats to the royal family.
gah, why do our princesses (Maxima, Mary, Letizia) keep having babies at the same time?! What was it about the summer huh? :flowers: :lol:

i am so excited about this new phase of the Royal Baby Boom. they're all keeping us in suspense!

Congrats to the Crown Princely Couple and to Big Bro Prince Christian! I hope she'll have a healthy and fabolous pregnancy. ;)
Congratulations Mary, Frederik & Christian!!! :flowers: :flowers:
Best wishes for a happy, health pregnancy & birth!!
I'm hoping for a mini-Mary this time!!
I am so excited! I think everyone is hoping for a baby princess, me included. Congrats to all the family. It is wonderful news, if not slightly pre-empted.
I heard it on the 4.30 news yesterday evening, and they shouldn't announce such things while you are driving! I almost drove off the road :wacko: But how fun, the baby boom continues!!
Yay! Congratulations to Mary, Frederik and big brother to be, Christian! Here's to a little Danish princess :)
Congratulations for f&m&c!! i hope they have a little princess this time!
I kinda had the feeling they would announce soon they're having another baby! :) Congratulations!!! :flowers:

But seriously, I could maybe understand the baby boom taking place at the same time if the women lived in the same household (you know the thing with cycles right?) but even though they are all in their thirties the timing is really amazing! :ohmy:

I have a feeling Mary is expecting a girl but I might need to check up on that later... :rolleyes:
Another congratulation:
found at:

"Dutch royals visiting Australia said the Danish couple's news made them part of a royal baby boom in Europe, AAP reported.

The Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander, said he and his wife, Princess Maxima, were expecting their second child in April 2007.

Spain's Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia were also expecting their second child next May, Willem-Alexander said.

"We congratulate her tremendously, and her husband as well," Willem-Alexander said of the couple's news."

And another article with a bit more quotes:
Mary joins Europe's 'royal baby boom'

Australia's Princess Mary is part of a royal baby boom in Europe, the heir to the Dutch throne says.
Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander, and his wife Princess Maxima are in Sydney, finishing their six-day Australian tour.
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Reading the news put a smile on my face...just what I needed during a difficult day yesterday!

What wonderful news!!! Congrats to the CP family!

I had my suspisions when she seem fuller in the tummy during the recent gala dinner...

It's going to be a wonderful new year...
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