Crown Princess Mary as Patron of The Danish Refugee Council (DRC): 2005 - 2022

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:previous: I confess your logic eludes me.

May I suggest you start a blog, instead of posting comments which you do not wish to be commented on anyway? And which as a consequence will be ignored.
You take up space for those of us who don't mind having a debate or a meaningful dialogue.
I don't mind anyone here at all. I advocate the same right for all to stay or go.
I don't mind being ignored either. - Perhaps it's a royal thing; nothing political! :)

I'm sure Mary would agree!
Mary visiting Myanmar will "increase awareness :) " only amongst those who watch Mary's comings and goings. Other than that, nothing has changed.

That's simply not correct.

Not with that good coverage Mary's days in Myanmar received in our media. All three days our nationwide news had coverage from Myanmar. Not a 30-second clip in the section 'What had happened in the world today', but 3-4 minutes long serious informative clips on both our main channels with interviews from both our Crown Princess and Minister. That's for sure not only people who follow Mary who has seen this. I can take my husband as an example - he doesn't follow the royals, but he watches our news every day. And in addition to the news on TV, our main newspapers had regular articles and pictures during the trip as well. On B.T. some of the articles even became no. 1 on the 'most read articles' list.

I remember during the annual tv-collection in 2011, 140 million were collected in total. The 40 million was collected after Mary had participated in the program in a live-interview directly from Africa. And Mary was on the screen 20 minutes before the 3.5 hour show ended, so in the last 20 minutes after Mary had spoken directly from Africa was the 40 million out of the 140 collected. I remember the media and journalists spoke very positively about the effect Mary's live performance had. Maybe it's a coincidence? Yes maybe. It could of course be a possibility that the Danes just woke up after 3 hours show and decided that now they would donate money. Or it could be that Mary gave it something extra when we Danes could experience our Crown Princess standing there with her feet on African land and talked directly to us behind the screen about her experiences the last days.

As our country's Crown Princess and future Queen, not to forget she enjoys a huge popularity and respect in the population, she can og does create great awarness. Had our Minister Helveg traveled without Mary I very much doubt the trip had even been shown in our TV news. When B.T. three days ago put an article and picture on their Facebook page of Mary in Myanmar I could read comments such as: I have respect for Mary and her work and I even don't like the Royal House. Mary can simply create great awareness to a overlooked topic that need to be informed out, and not only among who there watch her goings.
As a bonus she has great knowledge of the subject, has the last years worked much to promote women's rights and also the Mary Foundation donations go to these subjects.


Here's one more gallery
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That is some statement! I fear you'll have to eat those words, because later on there will be a national fundraising here in DK. If you genuinely believe public awareness is irrelevant then why have such a fundraising event? And then no one will bother to donate, right? Well, previous fundraising events have been a great success.

Only amongs those who watch Mary, you say. - Yes, and those who watch the news here in DK on both main channels - which is practically the entire population above the age of eight or so. And those who read papers. All the major papers ran articles from the visit - so even those who just skimmed the headlines were informed as well. Then there are a number of magazines that also followed Mary's visit, BB, Hello, Hola, Huffington and so on.

The admirable organisation Doctors Without Borders which you mention, is very much dependent on donations. If I am not aware of what they do, why should I donate?

Redtulip, I ask you again: If you wish to help someone in a faraway place that is not on the news and creating awareness of the situation is pointless, what other serious options are there?

You cannot complain that people disagree with you, that's only to be expected and may I remind you: You started this debate.

Thanks Muhler

Sorry I am a little late with this information. At the time of the visit it was also covered on Channel Nine 6pm news service in Australia this is the main news service of the day, so making more people aware of the situation. Thanks to Mary and others who make these visits, they can only help those that need it most.
Summary of a number of articles in Billed Bladet #3, 2014.
Written by our Asia correspondent Ulrik Ulriksen.

The first day started in the capital city of Myanmar, Yangon. Here Mary with the delegation went to a youth center, to discuss sexual deseases and contraception with a number of young volunteers who in turn advise other young people, because the topic of sex is very much a taboo in Myanmar, so information is scarce and misinformation and myths common.
Having taken off their shoes as is polite when going inside in that part of the word, the delegation was welcomed and then Mary sat down on the floor, to be in eye level with the young and she started out hard: "Are there many myths about the use of condoms and is it believed in many places that a the man can become sterile from using a condom"? After a brief, somewhat shocked, silence the young confirmed the myth.

Mary pressed on: "In an active sexual relationship is it then the responsibillity of the girl to be responsible for using contraception/prevention"? That led to some nervous giggling before the young began to talk about that subject.
The meeting lasted a little more than an hour.

Then it was off to a Danish supported clinic, which offer family planning, nurse infants and offer tests for HIV as well as treatment. (HIV is on the rise in Myanmar, and combined with a lack of basic knowledge and a cultural aversion against even discussing the subject, it is a cause for concern for the government).
The clinic is run by Marie Stope's International and it was here Mary and a mother communicated with their fingers how many children they each have.

The first day ended with a low-key reception at the hotel where the Danish delegation was housed. At the same time a much more loud gangnam party took place... Well, they quietened down, or were quietened down before bedtime.

The second day started early with a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda, a very impressive Buddhist temple. This isn't just about about foreign aide, the democratic Myanmar government is very much interested in attracting tourists. Amidst worshippers Mary strolled around the temple for half an hour. From the pictures I can tell that there was a lot of security around. Oddly enough most of the police officer (with the exception of the PET officers) seems to be unarmed. Perhaps a religious curtesy? Just as you usually don't carry weapons openly in a church.
Mary was requested to pour water of a statue of Buddha, not knowing anything abouth Buddism, I don't know what it symbolises. And apparantly as a very special curtesy Mary was requested to strike a huge bell three times. By doing that you send up a prayer for good health for you and your loved ones,

In the afternoon Mary, with her LiW, Tanjo Doky and M&F's chief of court, Christian Schønau, strolled along the beach. Watching among other things a group of Buddhist monks playing soccer.

Then it was up north in the country and to a much more serious world. The Buddhist and Muslim refugee camps. As is the case elsewhere in South east Asia these years there is a good deal of animosity between Muslims and Buddhist and that of course leads to refugees.
These refugees end up in camps guarded by the military and the refugees are not allowed to leave the camps as they are officially considered illegal immigrants and not refugees by the Maynmar government. On top of that the majority of the Muslim refugees belong to a people of some 800.000, so there are also ethnic issues mixed in this whole affair.
The refugee camps, housing some 140.000 people, are aided by Danish Refugee Council and Mary got the opportunity to meet some of the residents.
Among them fifteen year old Mohamed Ousman, who told Mary his story and requested a hug, which he got. Afterwards he said: "She's a very sweet lady".
But the most heartbreaking episode was when Abdul Hafes started to cry when he told how his mother had burned to death in their home and how his father had been shot.
It wasn't all glum however, Mary taught a crowd of children with the help of her fingers, how to count to ten in English. They picked that one up pretty quickly and then they very politely asked her for new schoolbooks and school uniforms. - An interesting thing, perhaps cultural? Because an extra grant for 15 million DKK has been approved by the Danish government to help the refugees. That was of course formalised behind the scenes by the Minister for Development, Ramus Helveg.

Mary also visited a Buddhist refugee camp. Located in one of the poorest places in Myanmar, the aide here is much more down to earth. It's in the form of financial aide to start small very basic businesses, so that people can look after themselves. One woman had recieved help to open a little store from where she sold food.
She also visited a socalled Child Friendly Space within the camp. A place where mothers and indeed children too can come and have a breather from the daily trouble in a fairly peaceful environment. Here she met with a number of mothers and their small children, who didn't seem to mind the strange lady. Peek-a-boo appears to be an international success when it comes to dealing with children. :lol:
An elderly gentleman remarked about the children: "They are Buddha's most beautiful children".

That ended the three day visit to Myanmar.

Mary told our reporter after leaving the camp with the Muslim refugees: "It was terrible. I've actually visited several camps in both Africa, Jordan and now here in Myanmar. Here it's conflicts and natural disasters which have caused them to be refugees in their own country - internally displaced, who are 100 % dependant of relief aide. It has been dreadful here a couple of months ago, when there were no latrines. Since then a lot has happened. But there are limited opportunites for moving about freely (i.e. can't leave the camps) and limited access to healthcare. And very limited opportunities to create their own economy for the many refugees (which is also a loss of face). For them the future is very uncertain.
When you stand face to face with these refugees, it's important to make them feel that their cry for help is heard and that they are seen and acknowleged internationally.
The children make a special impression on me. They are innocent and they are our future and hope. And it's difficult for me to see that they don't get a chance to develope due to the unhappy circumstances. And the children here are just so open. They smile and are happy when something interesting is happening, even though they have a difficult time. I met two older boys who were very moved and who felt a need to tell me about their situation. It was very touching to hear the boy who cried. He was alone in the world and had lost his mother and father and siblings. He was afraid but he was a proud Rohingya (the minority mentioned above) and he would like simply to have a future".

The Minister for Development was more pessimistic. he described the situation for the refugees as hopeless and said that the government basically didn't do anything. - A government that has plenty of problems as it is.

All this is to culminate in a national fundrasing event shown live on DR1 1. February. About that Mary had this to say: "The Denmark Fundraiser is a beautiful initiative, where our whole nation collect money to a country, a nation or a group of people who are in very dire straits. Denmark and the Danes are always very generous and when I travel around the world I hear how grateful people are for Denmark's economical contribution but also for the way the money are spend to make a differenence with carefully selected projects. What Denmark is doing out in the world is well thought through, professionel and efficient".

:previous: Thanks for the info Marfre. :)
I'm very glad to learn that Mary's effort is veiwed interest in Australia as well.
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I hope the Danes will donate a lot, and I hope the monies raised will end up benefiting those who need the help, instead of being absorbed in administration costs.
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You are doing a great job, Muhler!

To put it midly BB's coverage of Mary's days in Myanmar is quite massive, not less than 10 pages!

From what I understand there will during the show be shown longer clip with Mary from her days in Myanmar. Like last year, where there was clips with both Mary and Frederik. It will be interesting whether the Crown Princely Couple will visit the actual live TV-show on February 1th. They haven't done that the last 2-3 years, but I remember they did it the previous years.
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A fun little detail from the trip...

0:10 into this video we see Mary as the first one sits down on the floor to make things a bit less formal. In one of the Danish magazines coverage of the Myanmar trip you can read why Mary and the others all laugh big at the episode. While Mary sits cross-legged down on the floor she turns around to the men behind her (including our Minister of Development Rasmus Helveg) and says: "Come, let's see how supple you are" :p
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A fun little detail from the trip...

0:10 into this video we see Mary as the first one sits down on the floor to make things a bit less formal. In one of the Danish magazines coverage of the Myanmar trip you can read why Mary and the others all laugh big at the episode. While Mary sits cross-legged down on the floor she turns around to the men behind her (including our Minister of Development Rasmus Helveg) and says: "Come, let's see how supple you are" :p

Thanks Roskilde.

You can see on the video that when Mary says that, it breaks the ice and puts everyone at ease. Mary would knows that it makes for a much better discussion when others in the room feel comfortable. It looks as though the Minister may not be so supple.
The national fundraiser 2014, is on tonight. And I udnerstand there will be some royal presence, whether that is on the show, live, or on a video I don't know.

Anyway, it will be shown on DR1, which means you should be able to watch it outside DK and it also means that video will be available at some point.

This is the webpage with hard facts and background info: - Danmarks Indsamling

Other relief organisations have also set up their own pages on connection with the fundraiser. Look for "Danmarks indsamling".

The headline for the fundraiser this year is: Når mor mangler = When mother is missing/when mother is not there.

We wont be home tonight, so I'll leave it to other Danish members to take over from here.
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:previous: Indeed it did. Some 87 million DKK and a record so far. Last year 70-someting million were raised.

DR1 has uploaded the entire show here: Danmarks Indsamling 2014 - Når mor mangler - 01. feb. 2014 | DR1 | DR
Mary is shown in a video lasting a couple of minutes at 03:29:15.
(Thanks MaggieDenmark, for posting you heads-up here, otherwise I would never have been able to find it without watching the entire show. :flowers:).

Mary says among other things: When mother is missing the chances of the child surviving deminishes. Certainly the chances making it to a decent life is deminished.
She also said that even small donations help.

The Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary Foundation donated 150.000 DKK.

1£ = 9 DKK.
1€ =7.5 DKK.
1 $ = 5.5 DKK.

We watched the entire show and the clip with Mary was a fine and quite touching clip. DR had several touching (also some quite beautiful) clips along the way. We for example got to experience a woman bringing a life into the world. The two hosts had visited countries as well - Louise Wolff in Cambodia and Nikolaj Koppel and his daughter in Nepal. They appeared in small clips as well telling about their experiences. During the show there was also shown several small clips with Mary talking about her experiences in Myanmar before the longer clip was shown further into the show. In the small clips Mary told among other things that both she and Frederik is proud to be patrons of the show and that it's a beautiful thing the entire Denmark gather together to help others in need. has now published the longest clips from the show on their website:
VIDEO: H.K.H. Kronprinsesse besøger Myanmar - Kongehuset

Full translation of what Mary says in the clip:

"I think it's a very appropriate and very very important theme that has been chosen this year. And I'm incredibly happy that it is precisely this theme. When mother is missing disappear or at least decrease the child's chance of survival and its ability to create a better life.
It's hard to look at people who are suffering under the circumstances and these fates which they have been assigned in life.

One should not underestimate how much a little bit of financial support can mean. A good example is a woman who has been given the opportunity to start up a small green shop and she earns probably 3-4 kroner per day with it, but it's just enough to supplement the emergency relief she gets.

There is much discussion about; does this help means anything? But I can only say that everything I have experienced, to see someone get the right help, the right supportive hand, they will embrace it and create something good for them and their families."

Both Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation and Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's Fundation donated money to the show.

The clip viewed directly from the show:
Danmarks Indsamling 2014 - Når mor mangler - 01. feb. 2014 | DR1 | DR

Article from BB about the Crown Prince Couple's donation:
Kronprinsesse Mary donerede også til Danmarks Indsamling | Billed Bladet
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:previous: Thanks Iceflower,

And Billedbladet article and video:
VIDEO: Kronprinsesse Mary besøgte teltlejr i Kastrup | Billed Bladet

The UN Convention celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014 and on that occasion Mary together with the Danish Refugee Council today sat focus on children's rights and life as a refugee child in Myanmar.
In a classroom the children had created a small refugee camp in primitive tent cloths which covered most parts of the classroom and the pupils had done a great job of reaching a real camp result which Mary was very impressed by. It resembled in many ways the miserable conditions she seen in real life in the harsh refugee camps in Jordan and Myanmar.

At the end of the video, we hear 11-year-old Liva and 12-year-old Anton (the two that showed Mary around today) talk about their day with Mary.

Liva says that Mary thought it was good they had been working with the project and that they (the children) with the project had get an eye opener for how life as a refugee is.

Anton says: "Yes, she seems VERY interested! And it was really cool that she came."

Here a some large and nice pictures from today:
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such a positive attitude.
it looks like she, as well as Frederik, are a big hit with kids
Thanks Roskilde :flowers:

Interesting to listen to Mary in the video. She didn't speak down to the children or use empty praise. She asked questions about their opinion and engaged in a kind of conversation in what they have learned and feel about the plight of refugees.
An article from

Mary og Amager-elever markerer børns rettigheder -



I will like to share this cute little note seen on Billedbladet's Facebook:

A woman writes yesterday:
I wrote some weeks ago if Billedbladet could give me the address to the Crown Prince Couple when I wanted to tell Mary how well I think she has done her whole journey. This morning I received a letter from the court and inside a warm little hand-written letter from Mary (and Josephine who had helped mother) Huge.


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I will like to share this cute little note seen on Billedbladet's Facebook:

A woman writes yesterday:
I wrote some weeks ago if Billedbladet could give me the address to the Crown Prince Couple when I wanted to tell Mary how well I think she has done her whole journey. This morning I received a letter from the court and inside a warm little hand-written letter from Mary (and Josephine who had helped mother) Huge.

that is just too cute! thank you for sharing these little stories. it gives us a little insights.:flowers:
Nice to see Josephine helps out mom in the office ;)
:previous: You're welcome.

Yes it's a quite nice and personal touch.
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i am surprised to hear in the news today that, in the current refugee crisis from assylum seekers from syria, denmark has issued a statement saying that refugees will not be admitted in denmark. it is most surprising not only because of denmark's fame as a very open, human rights interested country but as mary is patron for the Danish Refugee Council... :whistling:
:previous: This has got nothing to do with Mary or Danish Refugee Council. It's government politics.
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