Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events Part 4: May 2013 - November 2014

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Thanks Polyesco :flowers:

The BB article mentions that Frederik made a small royal surprise at the stage in connection with the presentation of the Gazelle Prize today. The winner of the big Gazelle Award as the year's fastest-growing company was Kiloo whose mobile game "Subway Surfers" is a megahit.

- Everyone who has tried to play "Subway Surfers" raise their hands in the air, said the host on stage. And while several hands in the audience raised in the air Frederik stood beside the host on the stage and smiled broadly as he lightning quick also raised his hand in the air and marked that he too is a "Subway Surfers" player. BB writes it led many to the polished business event to cheer of surprise with business-like veiling. Against this background it was quite liberating to experience Frederik's at the same time elegant and boyish style while he stood there and bristled with his finger on the stage :p

"Subway Surfers" game is primarily aimed to the young audiences, so it's very likely that Frederik plays it in the company of Christian, Bella, Vincent and Phine.

Others who are familiar with this game? I play it (as Frederik apparently) almost daily with my two the oldest ones.

Comment seen on Facebook:
I was in a very crowded Falconer today and watched this. May I add that Frederik was received with a long/wide applause. He is fantastic. Although his role today at the Gazelle price 2014 was limited a large part of the Danish business community know that he and the royal family is doing their utmost to the promote Danish products.


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HRH The crown prince is in charge of the opening of the "Sports for All" at Roskilde grassroots schools.

article and gallery
Se billederne: Kongeligt kuglestød af kaliber - - - Lokal - Roskilde

love this picture

article and pics from his OCT 29 event ‘Gazelle Award’,

this picture is wonderful

More of Frederik at the Sports for all event today .

Video: OL-kuglestøder udfordrer kronprinsen - - - Lokal - Roskilde

another video
VIDEO: Kronprins Frederik i spændende duel med Joachim | Billed Bladet

no idea what he said but it looks like he got a great welcome

another pic from his OCt 29 event Gazelle Award

another gallery. Oct 31, Sports for all
Se billederne: Kronprinsen gav prøver på opvarmning og kuglestød |

got to love his positive and down to earth attitude.
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Thanks for all those links and pictures of Frederik today :flowers:

The pictures of Frederik as a shot putter is priceless :lol:
Some of the articles tell us that Frederik's throwing was somewhat shorter than Joachim B. Olsen's (former Olympic shot putter) but long enough, though, that one of the photographers from the press almost had to jump aside.

Here is a nice HQ gallery from
Se billederne: Kronprinsen gav prøver på opvarmning og kuglestød |

And one more:
Roskilde Avis: Kronprinsen med roskilde-børn


I actually went looking for Frederik today. My daughter goes to school at Absalon Skole which is one of the schools that are part of the new sports project (I don't remember which schools the two others are) and she was there along with 300-400 other schoolchildren today. So with the youngest one in the pram, I went looking for daughter and Frederik... But in vain... We couldn't find them. Neither Frederik, the 400 schoolchildren or the press. I do not have a clue of ​​where on earth we have been when I see all these pictures from the event with people all over the place!!! A pity. We then went to the bakery and bought home a cake instead.

But daughter had a fun active day and she thinks Frederik was very cool (vildt sej, in Danish), and judging from all these pictures of Frederik and his smile from ear to ear he had an excellent time too.
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Apart from Mary and Frederik being genuinely popular among children and young, it is an undeniable fact that Frederik has a way with children.
We have seen that so many times, children walk up to him without hesitation.

You know, children and dogs have a way of reading people.
:previous:Oh my goodness! I'm amazed at the wearing of ties to go hunting. It must be a tradition. In the US, anyone wearing a tie would be laughed right out of the hunting party. :lol:

What is the function of the men in the green uniforms? I assume they are some sort of park supervisor. Is this hunt on private or public land?
:previous: That is very much tradition.
Among the old-school of hunters, hunting is a sport for gentlemen, so you dress like a gentlemen. While modern-school hunters dress fully in camuflage gear.

Short and simplified:
Old-school hunters adhere very much to the old traditions of hunting. I.e. the use of a hunting horn, the game parade, where you honor the game and blow a tune in respect of the animals. To that a certain dress code is very much preferred.
To them a hunt is an ancient ritual.

Modern-school hunters believe in becoming one with the nature, to become immersed with the surroundings and watching and enjoying the nature. To them a hunt is an nature-experience.

The men dressed in (hunters) green are either skovfogeder or skovridere http://dagbladet-holstebro-struer.d...insen-til-kongejagt-i-klosterheden-0#slide-17 and they are the equivalents to senior gamewardens/parkrangers/forresters. After all some 25 % of Denmark is now forest or woodland. From an alltime low in the 1600's when only 4 % of DK was woodland.

Klosterheden is a large piece of woodland in central Jutland and the home for at least of couple of wolves.
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Thank you for the explanation. I used to live in a wooded area, and we had a lot of hunters. As much as I loved seeing the deer come into the yard, they do need to be controlled.

I have seen pictures of other royal hunts where the day's kill was laid out for viewing. Some people were shocked that the toddler Prince Christian was there. When hunting is done right and respectfully, I have no problems with it.

And Christian didn't see anything that children since the dawn of mankind haven't seen on a daily basis. We are just removed from nature nowadays.

Deers here in DK breed like they were paid for it! And if they weren't culled, nature would cull the population - in a much more brutal way.
When we first moved in outhere we had reddeer in the backyard too, completely freaking out our old dog, but now the hedge has grown up - and we are no longer waken up at dawn by a furious dog. :lol:
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Reminds me of when our oldest was 4 years old and grandfather had received hens from the neighbor. With a hatchet he did whatever one need to do if you should be able to eat them. But when you cut the head of a chicken or a hen it can still run around for several seconds because its nerve cells in the spine is pre-programmed to control its movements.

Our daughter helped her farfar (grandfather) all the way to see how we get the food we eat. She did got some big eyes when they ran around there without heads :lol: But all we adults in the family have seen that too as little ones, and now our children, and we are all ended up relatively normal :p In Denmark, at least in many families, it's a naturalness that children see where the food we put in our mouths comes from.

When she was 7 years old she was for the first time with grandfather on a hunting in the forest. Because she had talked too much - and too high - and thus scared all the animals away the result that evening was meat from the freezer!

IIRC Christian was allowed to attend his first hunting with daddy when they were in Greenland back in August.
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A BT video of the beginning of the hunt.

As you can see there are traditions, like the hunting horns sounding before the start of the hunt. Frederik being the host greeting employees and fellow hunters. And before the hunt starts, Frederik, againg being the host, give a little welcoming speech and emphasize that safety has priority. After that he hands over to skovfogeden = the head-forester, who is the one responsible for the hunt, the location of the hunters, safety and Schweiss-dogs (*) finding animals who may only have been wounded.
The game at such state-hunts belongs to the state, so the hunters can buy any shot animals afterwards. Otehrwise they are sold to stores and the proceeds goes to the forest.

We are having a backroom discussion as to whether it's Rudolph the Reindeer Frederik has depicted on his novelty-tie. Perhaps someone with a more keen eye can determine for us?

(*) In DK hunters who wound animals and drivers who hit animals are required by law to contact the authorities and mark the spot where the animal was last seen. The authorities will then contact a number of hunters who have schweiss dogs, they will track down the wounded animals and dispatch with them. That service is free.
Schweiss dogs are named after the hunting expression for traces of blood from animals that have been shot. Danish schweiss dogs are very good indeed and similar organisations are now emerging in UK among other places, based on the Danish model.
Those of us who live in the countryside will from time to time encounter a sick animal or hit one by the car, so personally I very much appreciate that service.
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^^^My parents lived in a gated community in Northern California that had a large herd of deer and flocks of wild turkeys within the fenced area. Every now and then a cougar would come in and help balance the population but viruses could also do their part in thinning the herd when necessary. The security staff could call in animal control to take care of any animal that was injured in a traffic accident. The speed limit was 25mph but since deer are often active in the morning and at twilight there were collisions now and then.

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