Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events 2: October 2007 - September 2010

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Soooo, Frederik had an event today, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the fire at Koldinghus, which has a interesting historical significance.

One doesn't celebrate catastrophes, but in Kolding there are good reasons for celebrating the 200th anniversary of the fire which turned the castle into a ruin, a ruin which was later perceived as picturesque and romantic by poets and painters. In the years between 1976 and 1993, Koldinghus was subject to one of the most visionary restorations ever seen, led by the architects Inger and Johannes Exner.
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Wow. Frederik looks good in that vest. I would love to get this book, but alas, I don't live in Denmark :(
i think the fashion police should get him and turn him to get a better fashion sense
I like this couple a lot. They are a beautiful family, glamorous, beautiful, etc. But, it seems to me, no this is MY observation but they don't work that much. I understand they have a family, but so do some other of the Crown couples. Do they just not have enough to do? I know that every 'kingdom' has different needs, but I used to see them doing more work. Ever since Mary got pregnant with Princess Bella she seems to have cut down considerably, some of the other Crown Princesses have more than one child and still manage a fair amount of work. Anyways, just MY observations.

Hi there...Crownprince Frederik and I could? been related...look at my pics!


Ulf Sawert. Sweden
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For information on the Polar Ice trip that Frederik took with Victoria and Haakon, go to where you will also see a short video of polar bears and the three royals on the ice.
Official Visit to Mongolia by Crown Prince Frederik; August 20th-22nd, 2008

Official Visit to Mongolia by HRH Crown Prince Frederik, August 20-22, 2008

Who: HRH Crown Prince Frederik will meet the President of Mongolia as well as the Prime Minister of Mongolia. Among the cultural events are Nadaam Festival and visit to Herdsman Family. HRH The Crown Prince will be accompanied by a business delegation organised by the Danish Board of District Heating.​

When: Wednesday 20 August 11.55 to Friday 22 August 11.45
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:previous: Now I know the advice he gave the Danish Olympic mens squad. :whistling: How to hold a bouquet proudly . . . . and not blush. :blush:
i just checked pictures of frederik's visit and it's funny to see he has been doing the same things as willem-alexander and maxima did when they visited mongolia last year!

riding horses: the dutch couple and frederik
archery: the dutch couple and frederik

And if the Prince William went there - mu guess is he to would be doing the same things :flowers:.

Mongolia is showing mongolian culture and this is what mongolian culture is and originate from.
Today's papers reveal that Frederik participated in yesterday's MTB bicycling marathon in the Gribskov woods around Hillerød in North Zeeland which took place during rain and windy weather.

He entered under the name of Frederik Hansen - fulfilled the 103 km stretch but not in any impressive time - he admitted that he had started training for the event way too late. (Frederiksborg Amts Avis - article in Danish and a picture of a very muddy CP)
Frederik placed 237/464 ,not impressive but not bad for someone who started training late.
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Today Crown Prince Frederik attended the "Launch Event" of The Danish Sport Federation in Tivoli, in advance of the IOC Session and Congress in Copenhagen in the following year 2009.

No photos yet, but here is the Prince Frederik´s Speech.
D.K.H. Kronprinsparret - Launch Event i Tivoli
I love this thing that he did to participate "incognito", with other name!!! I a sure he loves to be in between everybody and nobody knows who he is!!! anyway when he can have for training with his schedule!???
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