Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events 1: November 2002 - October 2007

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My aim is to be a a Danish rallying point to awaken the peoples sense of nationality, says Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. I want to be a good ambassador for my country. But I will not shut myself away in a castle. I will be myself. I will be a human being.

The handsome prince has already been highly successful in carving out a space for himself and winning over his countrymen, as evidenced by the fact that he has been voted Dane of the Year on a number of occasions. Frederik an officer in the military services, a trained diplomat, a sportsman and one of Europes most eligible bachelors - has succeeded in becoming the all-round royal who appeals to all sections of society.

Frederik Andre Henrik Christian was born at Copenhagens Rigshospitalet on May 26, 1968, as the oldest son of Princess Margrethe of Denmark and Henri de Laborde de Monpezat. The young prince was thrust into the limelight early on when at the age of three his grandfather, King Frederik IX died. While still a babe he became the new crown prince as his mother acceded to the throne.

After finishing private school, Frederik attended high school in the plush northern Copenhagen suburb of Hellerup where he majored in foreign languages. Together with his younger brother, Joachim, the prince also spent one year 1982-3 at the Ecole des Roches in Verneuil-sur-Avre in Normandy, France, studying in their fathers native country.

When he turned 18, Frederik was given a seat in the Council of State and from that time he was able to assume the duties of Head of State whenever the Queen was abroad. The same year, the prince started what would be his first of two stints in the military, serving in the infantry regiment of the Royal Life Guards and then joining the Royal Hussars in 1988 as a First Lieutenant.

In 1989 Frederik became the first Danish royal to study for an academic degree, taking up a course in Political Science and Constitutional Law at the University of Aarhus. As part of the course he spent a year at Harvard University in Boston, USA where, apart from studying, he worked among the citys homeless.

Frederik returned to military service, this time the Navy, after graduation. He was chosen out of three hundred applicants to serve in the elite Royal Frogmen Corps, where he earned the nickname Pingo. After returning to civilian life in the late 1990s, Frederik took a up a diplomatic posting as first secretary at the Danish Embassy in Paris.

Apart from his official duties, Frederik is known to be crazy about cars and he is also an avid actor and sportsman. The prince has run the marathons in Copenhagen, New York and Paris and he is a keen football player. But perhaps he is best known around central Copenhagen for going out - it is not unusual to see him around town, enjoying a drink on a terrace or dancing at a nightclub.

As one of Europes most eligible bachelors, Frederiks name often pops up in the press in connection with a new girlfriend. He has been romantically linked to model Katja Storkholm Nielsen and singer Maria Montell. However, it looks as though that part of his life is about to change as Danes and Australians wait with baited breath for a formal announcement of his engagement to former Sydney real estate agent Mary Donaldson. The romance began in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics and has captivated royal watchers on both sides of the globe.

These photos of Frederik are from Britsih Hello magazine. It is old ones.



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Great pictures Lorissa. Thanks for posting them. I especially love the one of Fred with Alex and Joachim. Alex looks great with those pearls and that shade of green. :heart: :)
Does anyone think that Fred and Mary will eventually announce an engagement? What is the problem? We have already established the fact that Mary has so far been the less scandulous, or how should we say, "good enough" girlfriend of Fred, so what's the problem? How long can this be dragged out? I know that it is seems to be unlikely this year, but after almost two years, how much longer can this particular couple just continue to date one another :question:
A very excellent question Jaqueline!

IMHO Fred is wrestling with some or all of the questions/concerns about Mary, which those of us on the message boards devoted to him are. And, I would imagine that the palace (read the Queen) has voiced some of them as well.

I have posted some of my concerns below, in no particular order:

Mary has no problem finding the means to follow Fred around the world, but she can't find the time or means to go home for her grandmothers funeral or birth of her sisters baby? What does that say about her relationship with her family?

If a person can not sustain a loving close relationship with parents and siblings, how can they be expected to sustain a long term relationship with others (Fred) AND/OR how can they be expected to teach that to their children?

Mary flittered from job to job like a butterfly in a garden prior to meeting Fred. In fact, by all published reports, Fred appears to be the only 'job' Mary has held down for longer than a year.
:( :D ;)

Marys' life, prior to Fred, lacked direction and purpose, she hinted as much, when she told the director of the 'princess course', "I feel that life is passing me by".

Let's face it folks, so far Mary has had an easy row to hoe, but once she becomes engaged/married to Fred (assuming it happens) the real hard work begins for her and, from her spotty work history, I don't know that she has it in her.

Royals work harder than we give them credit for and it's not all pretty jewels and fancy clothes. I'm not confident Mary is clued into that yet or will stick it out when she does wake up to it and I would be willing to bet the Queen has considered it also. IMHO ;) :D

When I see pictures of Mary smiling at the press who follow her and Fred and read some of the glowing articles written about her, I wonder how she processes it all. Does she see it for what it is (selling papers) or is her ego stoked by the attention or does she equate it with love and affection she feels lacking elsewhere, as Diana was prone to do?

I read somewhere that Diana was given a complete gyn exam prior to the offical engagement announcement, to insure she could bear children. I often felt royal familes would do better to insist on a psychological exam instead....weed out some of the folks folks who are in it for the wrong reasons or who will crack under the pressure. :unsure: :p :D

A few other things have troubled me and perhaps some of you old timers can clear them up:
1) I heard Fred was dating someone else when he met Mary. and 2) Fred had visited Mary only 5 times (during the course of a year) prior to asking her to move to Denmark with him AND she quit her job the next day.

If either of the above are true, it doesn't reflect well on Ms. Donaldson either.

I'll shut up now and let someone else talk. :x :D

Hey Kathy and Josefine,

How are you two? Thanks so much Josefine for posting the old picture of Mary. I think that photo was taken from Starlet's Australian website when Mary was doing the $1,955 dollar "Princess course". I am not saying this to sound mean, but Mary looks so much better in this photo and a healthy size 12. I really hate it when girls loose too much weight and become a unhealthy size. She looks like a skeleton now. Her features seem to have changed overnight. Has anyone else noticed that or is there just a problem with my eyes. In her recent photos her nose seems to and facial features has changed, just something different. Maybe all that time she was hidden from the public was because Fred gave her some money for plastic surgery so she had to hide until it healed? Anything is possible. I can't place a word for it why or how she is different, but just "something about Mary". :eek: :unsure: :)

Kathy, you have made some very good points about Mary. Thank you so much. I agree with you about her career path. It has never led to anything. She just went from job to job, like one year there and another here and there....anywhere.. :unsure: I don't think she really realises the responsibilties of being the next Crown Princess/Queen. She comes across to me as someone who has "fantasies" or "dreams" that are unrealistic, but she is determined and really, really wants to be fred's wife. I mean that it is easy to say, yes - I want to become a Queen, but as you pointed out Kathy, it is not as glamorous as what it is made out to be and involves lots of hard work as well as a strict routine for the next sixty years. Mary already could not cope with a job for longer than a year. When she does get bored what is she going to do? Step down and let Alexandra take over for the next sixty years? I think age has nothing to do with maturity. Mary is nearly 31, but doesn't behave that way.

I am a little disappointed with her as she did not do things the proper way. You wait to get the ring first before moving over to the other side of the world to be with a guy. She lived at all the Royal Palaces here and there, without being engaged. Alex was engaged when she moved to Denmark. Maxima moved there with ajob so if the relationship didn't work out then she could move home quitely without anyone making a scene. But in Fred's situation, either way he will be painted to look like the bad guy. He will end up being miserable.

Unlike us Royals should follow some sort of protocol when in this situation of living together before a engagement. I have observed my friends situations and usually when you have moved in with a guy, sometimes he doesn't marry you and comfortable living together as he already has all the priviledges of a husband so why should he bother with the expenses of a wedding. But we are different from Royals so I think Fred has to make up his mind very soon. :x :cry: :blink: :eek:

Kathy, about her grandmother. I think that she should have at laest gone back home to Tasmania to pay her last respects and say goodbye. Afterall she is named after her. It is so funny that she has so much time and willing to make an effort to come home for her freind's wedding as well as the Melbourne cup, prior to this trip Brazil as well as France and England. If she had financial difficulty and could not afford the trip to Tasmania, then she should have cut back on the shopping sprees or got a job the moment she arrived and save up or ask Fred to borrow some money.

Have a nice weekend and take care. :D
Kathy, I love your Avatar and very cute too. Mary should try to make a more stronger connection to her family and try her best to get along with them as family will become more important when you finally have children of your own. If she is to be CP/Q, now is the time to start doing things properly. Firstly by moving back home to Australia and make him chase her, get a job and her own life and not wait at his beck and call day and night. Start living for yourself instead of focusing too much on him. Men do not appreciate it when you give up everything for them. They will love and respect you more when you are independent and not always available. Thats just life. :x :) :unsure: :(
Thanks Lorissa, love your avatar also.

Mary should try to make a more stronger connection to her family and try her best to get along with them as family will become more important when you finally have children of your own. If she is to be CP/Q, now is the time to start doing things properly.

I totally agree, however, she should make the effort with her family for her own personal growth and long term happiness, not to please Fred or give the Danish people the impression she is family oriented, which she doesn't appear to be. That (IMO) would be phony and Fred, the Danes and Mary herself deserve better. :p

If she is to be CP/Q, now is the time to start doing things properly. Firstly by moving back home to Australia and make him chase her, get a job and her own life and not wait at his beck and call day and night. Start living for yourself instead of focusing too much on him.      

Again, I agree with you, but I think if she went home to Australia now it would look as if the relationship was over and perhaps give Fred the wrong impression and the freedom to date other girls without tripping over Mary left and right (which would make some on this board happy, but not poor Mary :D ).

What she could do, to assert her indepence, is go completely off Freds payroll!!! :unsure: Start paying for ALL of her own expenses (apartment, car, clothes, etc.), take care of her own apartment cleaning and get all of the 'palace people' out of her life. She should make some trips without Fred, maybe she could go home to visit the folks and friends. Make some friends outside of Freds circle and spend quality time with them.

This would give him the message that he hasn't won her yet and that she has other options. :) :)

:x :heart: :D
Hey Kathy,

How are you? I agree with your points strongly. I just hope that he comes to some agreement soon and make up his mind. Men can be so....oh, better not get into it as I am very biased with my comments. Its just I have seen a lot of friends who have folllowed the Mary formula and it never works out. The guy just treats you as though your stupid and that he has got you already and bored. :( :x :unsure:
I like Mary and I do think she needs to have her own life and become more independent. I hope noone thinks that I am judging Mary about her work practices. I know for one, I could never be a CP/Q as I would get bored with this job even though it does sound exciting right now. Long term I would leave. It is a very difficult position to be in so its not to be taken lightly. The positive thing is that Mary really wants the job and its good as someone has to do it. :D :heart: :D

I am so relieved that noone minded me joking about Mary's facial changes. I meant it more as a joke. Everyone who knows me well knows that I have got a big mouth and just make comments more as a teasing or just word of the day. But with Mary, I think that she had a baby look in the above photos, but has grown up now and into a swan.

Kathy, I hope that you are having a great weekend. Have fun and take care. :D

:heart: Lorissa
Hi Kathy, you have made great points as usual. I always love your insight on things.

I agree that Mary perhaps was and still is romanticizing being CP/Queen and that is a very dangerous thing. She really needs to understand that she is going to have to do actual work-a thankless, selfless job. She has to do better professionally, and she really must learn to apply herself otherwise, she is going to be in for some seriously hard times as they say.
Hi Lorissa, Jackie O and Kathy,

I agree with much of the points you made.
I am a believer that behavior not words tell the story of a person. What someone says does not hold as much weight, imo, as what someone does.
Behavior and Actions say everything.

*Mary did not attend her grandmother's funeral.
Why couldn't she go? Yet she has been able to go to France, Brasil and back to Australia with Fred. To me, it speaks of one's priorities. She clearly has her eggs in one particular basket and other sections of her life, (ie: family) take a backseat. But one thing that many women who backseat their friends and family, when a hot young man comes along, is that when the hot young man sends you packing--who do you go to? One should never backseat your family for anything.

* Moving across the world for Fred
Mary left everything in Australia, her job, friends and family to go to London "to be with her father" (in Dec 01?) who was heading back to Oz at the beginning of 2002 after his stint as professor at Oxford. Why would she move to be with her father as he was packing up to move back to Australia?
She supposedly told co-workers that is what she was moving for. Perhaps I am moving across the world to live with a man I have seen 7 times or so, doesn't sound too good to your friends.

*Living with and living off of Fred
I think this has been covered before. And it explains itself, imo.

*Job History
Mary clearly hasn't found her calling (or maybe she believes she has ;) )
Her moving from one job to another --one industry to another, does not show a career girl to me. She seems uncertain of herself. Her participation in the Starmaker's course may have been her attempt at self-improvment, but I think there are other ways of improving oneself than going to what is essentially (from how the course is marketed on Starmakers a modeling school.

Right now, it seems they are having fun for now. I don't know what their future will hold. I think that decision is up to Fred (and his mom :lol: )--I am willing to bet Mary has made her decision (I think she did when she left her life in Australia). ;)

I don't think Fred has made any type of decision, imo--hence no announcement. I think he will have a tough time trying to get out of this relationship-- if he in fact has doubts. This girl has thrown over her life to be with him. She has played her cards extremely well.
Hello Kelly!

Excellent points as usual! :D But, let me play devils advocate with this statement, please:

I don't think Fred has made any type of decision, imo--hence no announcement. I think he will have a tough time trying to get out of this relationship-- if he in fact has doubts. This girl has thrown over her life to be with him. She has played her cards extremely well.

First, I agree that Fred has not made any decision yet. Although, I think the television program airing in Denamrk next week about Mary, with all of her friends and past associates speaking about her, will play a small part in his eventual decision. If it's the 'unabridged' version of Marys' life that she apparently (judging from all of her pleas to friends for silence) feels it is, it could give everyone a new slant on Marvelous Mary. :devil: :p

As far as having a tough time extracating himself from the relationship.......... I think he would have had a harder time doing that when she was living in his house without a job!

Now that she is a 'working girl' and has her own money and apartment, she can well afford to take care of herself and no one should feel sorry for her.

Let me pose a question of my own here: Does anyone think maybe asking Mary to move out and get a job was Freds way of beginning the break up process? This way it doesn't look so bad for him. Just a thought that has wandered thru my red head from time to time. :D

"This girl has thrown over her life to be with him." Let us all remember that SHE made the decision to leave her homeland and friends, SHE made the decision to quit her job (such as it was) and SHE should take full responsibility [not Fred] and I'd have a hard time feeling sorry for her if Fred kicks her to the Danish love curb. IMHO :D :p

Would someone on the boards, who lives in Denmark, be willing to tell us what the Danes think of Mary? Not what the papers are trying to shove down your throats, but what they say in the pubs or at the water cooler, please?

I don't think Mary had much of life to throw away anyways. I mean, yeah she had pals, but she had no real career and didn't look like she was headed towards finding one anytime soon.

I don't think they are in love with one another and I don't think he will settle for "Miss Good Enough". He has always said he will marry the woman he is in love with, and I just don't see that between them.

I will admit I have questions about a woman who would move halfway around the world for less than an engagement ring. I mean, my father would kill me and my sisters if we even thought about doing something so stupid.

It seems like she desperaretly wants to be Crown Princess and Queen, and because she wants it so bad, I don't want it for her.

I mean, I seriously doubt she would have packed up and moved for Frederik de Laborde de Monpezat. But she dropped everything for HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. I cannot respect that.

His other girlfriends (other than Maria Montell, but we won't go there) liked Frederik de Laborde de Monpezat, and cared about him as a person, not him as a meal ticket.

I don't think he's going to have hard time getting out of this one. He justs gradually stops seeing them. That's what he did with Bettina. I don't think he'd do any different for Mary.

Kelly D
I agree with you, but he seems to have a track record of stop seeing one girl when he has another girl on the line to pick up the slack. :blink: I don't see the real heart felt love between them like in other couples! You can usually see it in the glaces they give each other. And I've yet to really see that with them.

Mary moving out was probably the Queen saying enough already summer vacation is over. The report of going out prince hunting ... makes me wonder how the Queen took that report! :doh: If you could be a fly for a day, what a conversation she would of had with Fred after that one came out!
Someone once said on some MB that Frederik doesn't like to be alone. He doesn't like to be without a girlfriend, which would explain his overlapping of women.

I don't understand why he would have a problem being alone for a short time. I mean, you have to deal with emotionally extricating yourself from one relationship before jumping headlong into another. But it doesn't seem like Frederik agrees with me. ;)

Kelly D
I saw that phrase "serial monogamist" about him once, and it does seem to be true.
Hey Kelly B, Jacqueline, Kathy, Suzanne, Amyv and Kelly 9480. :)

How are you all? I agree totally with what all of you have said. Well said as usual. I think that it would be so sad if Fred was to stay with Mary just because he is lonely or need a companion. He should open his eyes wide and look around him as there are so many gorgeous and wonderful ladies around the world that he could spend his life with, including most of the Angels on this forum. :)

Marriage is not only a "marriage" but it all has to do with finding a sincere bride and Queen. You don't want to ruin the reputation of a great nation like Denmark by marrying a lady who is not going to be up to scratch and presentable. She has to be kind, sweet, genuine, be able to do make Denmark proud. So far that role has not been so easy as you have Princess Alexandra and QM as well as five hundred years of wonderful Danish Queens to compare to. I just hope that Fred really thinks seriously before making a lethal decision that could either break or make the monarchy. Its not that I am judging someone by their employment history. All of you guys have brought out fantastic and very valid points that actions does speak louder than words, Mary's past actions has failed in every aspects and is strong evidence that she can't stick with something for long.

Fred's past girlfriends were very sincere, especially Katja and Bettina. Bettina found a unshaven bum near a dump and she didn't even know who he was and showed nothing but kindness and hospitality to and later on was shocked to learn that he was the Crown Prince of Denmark. As Suzanne has pointed out that on the night Mary met Fred she was on a "Prince" hunt so I am questioning her sincerity right now.

I agree with all of you that Mary gave up everything :rolleyes: (there wasn't much to give up anyway) as a Kelly9480 pointed out. It was like she saw the opportunity and jumped at the chance. Kelly B always has said that Mary needs to have a career and be financially independent from Fred. All this actions is proving strongly that she is unfit to be a future Crown Princess or Queen. Kelly 8490, I have not heard that term used for ages "serial monogamist", I do agree that if he was seeing both Bettina and Mary at the same time, I think that it is just time before he will dump her for someone else. As Kelly B said on the other forum that if a guy leaves his girlfriend for you, then he will do the same to you. :unsure: :x

In our New Idea magazine when Beatrice gave one of her "famous" interviews. She also mentioned that Mary dated ONLY successful men and enjoyed the high life in Sydney. She liked going into ONLY expensive or exclusive niteclubs and places that are trendy. So I guess that really summarises her charateristic to the bone. :rolleyes: How could she have afford to live in such an expensive area like, Sydneys Bondi Beach and plus drive a nice car? Afterall she has chopped and changed careers so many times and jobs.
I totally agree too that Fred is a serial monogamist.
He has a strong pattern on going from girlfriend to girlfriend with little time "alone" between them.

I agree with you, Kathy, totally that Mary made her own bed and now has to lie in it. I think life is choices and when you make the kind of choices she has and put all your eggs in one basket and move your life across the world for a man, I can't feel sorry for the girl if it doesn't work out.

It will be very interesting to see what the new programme about Mary has to say. I think the last programme was some people who worked with her at an ad agency extolling her to the skies. It would be interesting to see balanced programme for once, if that is what the new show supposedly is going to be.
I think it would be interesting to hear how average Danes view her vs. what the tabs write report/create.

I have a feeling QM may have had some say in Mary moving out and getting a job. Eventually, she would have to ask her son, "are you serious about this girl and going to marry her?...If not, then why are we supporting this girl?". Fred apparently wasn't able to say to Mom--"I love her and want to marry her". So Mary is now in her own flat with her own "job" (I use this term loosely--as I have never seen a job quite like hers)
Though she is still (given her expenses) being supported by Fred, but now that she is not just shopping, riding horses and being the "professional" girlfriend....the job gives the appearance of independence. Though her attendance for a new employee has been spotty at best. (I have a feeling Peter Warnhoe, Fred's big IT buddy in Denmark might have been VERY helpful in Mary getting her position. The Warnhoe's hosted Mary and Fred skiing last winter)
You have all made great points as usual. I am sorry that I was away and missed the initial discussion. :( :cry:

But I agree, that if things just don't turn out the way in which Mary has expected (marriage or no marriage) she will have only the reflection in the mirror to blame. She set up the entire thing and played her own warped little game, so whatever prize she gets is what she played for.

I used to feel sorry for her when I looked at the footage of she and Fred arriving at some of the weddings that they attended over the summer and Fred always seemed to be ten steps ahead of her running away, but now I don't care. People do you what you let them do to you, and if she is that bent on snagging a prince/man that she is willing to be completely idiotic and selfless then more power to her. If she likes that kind of sad existence, I love it!

However, I must say that it is really ridiculous for taxpayers to help to pay for her living expenses. I know that many want Fred to marry, but this is a bit much. Here's an idea: How about Mary live in an apartment that can be paid for by her salary? Just a thought. I know that she wants to be near the palace because she is that paranoid and co-dependent, but she is at least in the same country with Fred, so she really needs to lighten up-Geez!

I cannot wait to hear about this new programme either.
Hello everybody!

Lorissa, (hi again!)I agree with you in so many aspects...

I think that commoners should have at least stronger education, independence and better values than Mary Donaldson.

I do not think that if Mary D. were not Frederiks' girlfriend she would get so easy a job in Navision.

I think that Frederiks is a handsome man, he is still young (he is not "all that fat", not ugly etc), he can find someone (with better past than MD or any past) to share his life, job... a real companion for him (royal or commoner).

From what I have read about Mary D. I understand why the Queen Margrethe does not want MD (nor near her neither in picture!).


I think Mary has expensive tastes, and while Fred is catering to them for now, I don't see that continuing. What she's going to do when the relationship ends is beyond me -- she has an apartment she can't afford, no car and no real job. Would Peter Warnoe keep her on if Fred dumped her? I don't think she has an qualifications other than being Fred's nightime entertainment, so I have to think not. Hopefully she would be able to see the writing on the wall and would educate herself so as to be able to find employment on her own merits, because no one's going to fund the ex-girlfriend of the Crown Prince.
Hi everybody,

Welcome Chris!
Well at this point we can all agree that not all commoners
are created or seen as equal by royal parents! [:unsure:]
Queen Margarethe is the one that I can't figure out! If she
has a problem or felt uncomfortable about Mary living at
Amalienborg she should have gotten Mary to MOVE OUT
within days of her unexpected arrival!? But Mary was allowed to stay week after week no engagement, no job
and those weeks turned into loonnnggg months ![:cry:]She sure could have told Fred that Mary has to move to London or Paris and then get their act together but it looks like everybody just ignored the situation which of course set the press & reporters to assume that Mary is well on her way to being the next CP![:doh:] so it's really
mommys fault ! I know If some girl moved or showed up at
my brothers place ( parents own it] and was living there
without a job he (he's also a Fred] would get @#$@
hel!l my mom would be sooo furious he would be scared
out of his pants! And if I pulled a " Mary "well I know Mom whould kill me ! [:angry:]
Hi Robb. Great points as always.

I think that Mary never should have been allowed to stay at Amalienborg in the beginning, ever. Perhaps Queen Margrethe did say something to Fred, but he may have not known how to approach the subject with Mary. He may actually want to get out of the relationship now as some have suggested, but he simply may not know how to end it with Mary. Sometimes people fear hearing themselves say things like: I want a divorce; It's over; I met someone else etc. Some things are just really hard to say for some individuals so they avoid them until the last hour or they just live with things as they are. :(

I think that Her Majesty would have done well to tell Fred that sleepovers were not an option in the very beginning, and that would have honestly set the tone right at that point. This would have left no room for Mary to ever live at the palace. But, who knows if she knew how serious things were and that Mary was planning to move to Denmark? Queen Margrethe couldn't have known exactly what kind of game Mary was playing in the beginning.

I think that Mary's moving somewhere near to Denmark but not actually Denmark itself would have been a better idea since Mary obviously really had no problem with moving internationally. Anywhere else in Europe would have been great, but the fact that she moved from Australia to Denmark was simply a bit much, so of course, it caused and is still causing all of this media attention. She could have been near Fred without drawing so much attention all of the time in my opinion. I remember when Princess Maxima moved to Brussels-that was ideal in my opinion.
Hola Chris!

How are you? I am so glad you are back as I missed you heaps. I do agree very strongly that if Mary was not dating Frederik she would not have got the job in Naravision in the first place. When going for a job interview, especially in a foreign country where noone knows you, if they had a look at her employment history, no profit making company in their right frame of mind would hire her. Its like one year here and another year there, almost like "Old McDonald had a farm...." :x I wonder if Fred's friend just say that she works there for appearance and respectablility, but she doesn't really work there or get paid. Fred and many hardworking Danes are footing the bill? :unsure: :x :eek:
I think that anything is possible with Fred and his generosity. :x :rolleyes:

Hugs and I hope you have a nice day!

:heart: Lorissa
It may definitely be a waste of taxpayers money. I know it obviously appears that Mary and Fred will marry especially since she has situated herself in Denmark and very near Fred, but what if all of this "prince-hunting" and "modeling course" just becomes too much for Fred and he sees that she was out to snag a prince and use him all along? Honestly, Beatrice and anyone else who comes out of hiding and starts talking about Mary can say whatever they like. It can just be regarded as hearsay if there is no proof and people will eventually move on and forget about it. But, if too many people start talking about how Mary loved the good life; how she only dated successful men; how she may have taken lots of gifts from them; how she was out to catch herself a prince and all of this kind of stuff then I think that it would be hard for Fred and his family to constantly ignore that. That would present a pattern, and Mary would now have been seen as going the extra mile with the course preparing for royal life so to speak-talk about getting ahead of yourself. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Fred may realize that Mary may have been at his constant disposal but that she is just out to get married and marry well. She is using him and doesn't really care about what being CP/Queen would really entail. She can't really care that much when looking at the way in which she first presented herself to the people of Denmark. She moved into the palace and started living with him. I don't care if Fred was willing to allow it. The fact is that a sensible, sophisticated, and intelligent woman with any morals would not have done such a thing. A more sensible person who have said, "No thank you." It's not as if they were engaged or just living together in an apartment somewhere. Just because someone allows you to do something doesn't mean that you should do it. I don't see how more of the citizens of Denmark aren't offended by this like Maria F. I would be. But, as Kelly B. once pointed out eventually the infatuation with Mary, marriage and all of these other things will eventually fade and people will start to look at the entire situation. I wonder what "Marvelous Mary" is going to do then?

As a taxpayer, I would already be upset that I was helping to pay for bills and necessities of a grown woman who actually has a good job but because she feels the need to live above her means I along with other taxpayers get to help her along while in the meantime people who really need help may not be able to get it. :angry: :angry: However, if I were to pay for all of this along with other taxpayers and Fred were to get rid of her, I would be even more upset. That would have been an incredible waste in more ways than one. :angry:
Hi everybody!


If Mary Donaldson will marry Prince Frederik I really do not Know. Instead I will make just a few points...

Well, if Queen Margrethe has accepted Mary Donaldson with "open arms", so why not live until the "engagement" in Amalienborg?

From what I have read, Alexandra is not a royal exactly (not before her wedding with Joachin) and Queen Margrethe has accepeted her for sure.

Since Queen Margrethe is a Lady I can see her telling Mary "I do not like you, so go to live in Paris because there is easy for Frederiks to see you, It is less far from Australia".

From everything that is beeing said...I have to agree with Prince Henrik (we can say many things about him except that he is not sincere, genuine) He said once "...My son Frederiks have to know that only a perfect body is not enough to be Queen... My only sister in law is Alexandra..."

Have a nice day...



P.s. : Have a nice day too, Lorissa!!

I was having problems to enter in the Forum...
Hey Robb,

How are you? Thanks so much for your funny posts about the ghostbuster. It always brightens my day. ;) What does Felipe do with so many Teddy bears? And he really sleeps with them? WOW!! :eek:
Robb, I agree with you. I am not saying this to be disrespectful towards Fred, but its like he is a spoilt brat who has always had lots of money and doesn't care about spending excessively hardworking Taxpayers dollars. If I was Mary I would feel ashamed of myself as her actions is so self serving. Her actions is not CP/Q like. To be taken seriously and earn respect, she would have to at least get a "real" job and do some "real" work for once. I wonder often where she got so much money to live a Hollywood lifestyle in Sydney or who funded it, possibly maybe another secret sugar daddy or fool like Fred? If she can't cope for longer than one year with Rubicam and Young, Belle Property (nine months only) and Love Agency, ect..then how will she be able to cope with sixty years in the same boring role, day after day and night after night. I know that I wouldn't be able to do it.

I hope you have a fabulous day, Robb and hugs to you. :)

:heart: Lorissa

Princess Alexandra always have a natural and very peaceful look about her. She is beautiful and spiritual, but not beautiful like Supermodel, but has that inner glow which is natural. Mary on the other hand is very beautiful, but always has that popeye look. :eek:
In some photos Mary's eyes are so animated that it looks as if it is going to burst out like some comet and hit the cameramen, Journalists, Prince Henrik and Queen Margrethe when she does finally meet them on the forehead and send them on a around the world trip, faster than a 747 jet. Mary's eyes are so dangerous and could possibly kill Fred or harm him someday. :x :lol: :eek: :unsure: :rolleyes:

I wish sometimes I can tell her that natural smiles and facial expressions is the best. :)


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Good Morning Lorissa,

Ha ha me offended nah, It sure was funny [:lol: :lol:]You do make a excellent point! [:angel:]
Well it's December so If they were planning a May wedding they have to have an engagement announced
SOONER rather than LATER! I must say I can't compare
the two women even If Mary does become CP Princess
Alexandra came into the marriage and into Denmark under
diffrent and (happier] circumstances and she has a confidence that shows not just in her elf but her kids and with she's with her husband no modeling course can buy!
I have a feeling that Mary will be the second banana but thats going to be her problem![:devil:] BTW that would be
funny If Mary WAS kept waiting for 5 or 10 years or longer
boy, woundn't that wipe that smirk of her face forever!?[:unsure:] Bea and all her other so called friends will be married with kids and Mary is still a girlfriend in waiting?
I think the Queen won't invite her over for Xmas too!
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