Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events 1: November 2002 - October 2007

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Hey Lovely Robb,

How are you? Thanks so much for reminding me about the "smirk". I forgot about that. I agree with your posts and like the bit about Mary becoming "second banana". Cool and makes and makes me think of banana's in pyjamus. Yeah, I wonder how long would she have to wait for that ring. Gee, Time has really flown by so quickly, It is exactly a year ago since Mary resigned from her "job" and moved to the U.K. :eek:

I hope you have a fabulous evening and have fun, take care and send you hugs and friendship. :) :heart: :D B)


:heart: Lorissa
Hello people!


I agree with you too. With Alexandra everything was different and in better circunstances than now...


I find Alexandra elegant and a beautiful girl too. And more than that she was a "modern girl" when she met Joachin with a career (a real job) and has always her family around, she seems to be both a good wife and mother... I have never seem her in that kind of clothes tha Mary D. likes (tops, horrible skirts, etc.).

A modeling course for what? To take photos? To be a movie star? Come on...

I think that Mary will be the ex "next princess in wating Eva Sannum".

Mary Donaldson takes my advice (or Madonna advice if you want...):

"Don't go for second bes baby put your love to te test...

Fancy cars go very fast but they wont last no, no...

Satin shee are very romantic but what happens if you're not there..."

I do not remember the lyrics very well...

See you later...


Dear Chris,

How are you? Well said as usual. I agree totally with everything, plus the acting lessons. If you need to take acting lessons while dating a Prince, then you must see this whole relationship like a showcase on broadway or something. Love, relationship and marriage should not be one big stage act, but from the heart and mind. It shows no sincerity at all. :unsure: :x :cry: :rolleyes:

Chris, I really love the lyrics to th song and very true in real life too. You have hit things spot on. :)

I wish you a very beautiful day for beautiful Chris. :)


:heart: Lorissa
Well Mary is on the covers again..

BT has a story today about the programme which airs tomorrow. Two young men from Marys past - a coworker and someone from her school - praise her and say that she's wonderful, lovely, the most beautiful woman they ever saw.. I'm sorry, I find this too much. I'll repeat myself - Mary is pretty, but please! She's not that beautiful. And like so many off you have said - she looks very selfconcious (spelling..) when she's being photograhped.

The gossip-magazines tomorrow all have Mary on the cover (I think, I havn't seen Billed Bladet yet).
Se og hør says that Fred and Mary will marry on the 24th of may.
Her og nu says that Mary is sad; she won't be spending christmas with Frederik.
Kig ind says the opposit; that Margrethe has approved Mary and that she will spend christmas with Frederik.

I'll report back tomorrow, it certainly will be a big Mary-day..

Hi Lorissa, Robb, and Chris! :)

Well said as usual.

I just the think that the fact that Mary took a modeling/acting course that is frequented by models and those wanting to get into show business is just a slap in the face to The Royal Family of Denmark and royals in general. In essence Mary is viewing being CP/Queen as something that is fake and completely superficial in which she only has to dress well, have clear skin, and walk and stand in a proper manner. Honestly, the first thing that she should have done to prepare since she insisted on getting ahead of herself was to go to the nearest library and do some historical reading along with a large amount of volunteer work here and there IMO. Also familiarizing herself with diplomacy would also have been a great idea since one of the main functions of royals is to serve as ambassadors for their countries and its citizens. A friend could have helped Mary with her hair, makeup, clothing, etc. If she didn't have a friend that possessed that ability then perhaps the first thing that she should of done was to get a better class of friends and then move on from there.

Lorissa, there is no need to apologize, a least not to me. You of all people know how twisted and wicked my sense of humor is at times. :lol: ;) :D I thought that you were very funny, and that you are right about many of Mary's more recent photos. She kind of looks like a deer caught in headlights trying to play it off for the camera. :( :shock: :neutral: I think that Mary has that "Popeye" look Lorissa because for the most part she is faking it. She's acting and the camera has unfortunately caught her in the "act" a few times.
Thanks for the update Maria.

Originally posted by MariaF@Dec 4 2002, 06:43 PM
BT has a story today about the programme which airs tomorrow. Two young men from Marys past - a coworker and someone from her school - praise her and say that she's wonderful, lovely, the most beautiful woman they ever saw..
These young men must not know very many women and they must not socialize or travel very often. As I once said when speaking of Eva Sanuum (sp?): "She's attractive enough, but no great beauty, IMO." I saw a more attractive woman than Mary this morning at the newstand."
I think that the comments made by her former co-workers (the most beautiful woman they ever saw) are inflated a bit too much. I wonder if she was even close (friendship) with them.
Thank you, Maria F. for starting a new thread. That last one was getting a bit long to follow.

I don't know what will happen, but I think Mary will make a good crown princess for Denmark.
Hello again!

Just one question...From December to May, I think this is so little time to any engagement to be held in the near future, and more than that what about the parliament approval?

Come on Mary Donaldson is not all that pretty girl...Elegant she is not for sure...What I conclude that she has not any help from the Palace.

If to be a Queen you only have to take photos (and it is not true)...Well, in that case I can say that Mary "will be" a great Queen... I think that are other girls that could represent Denmark better...


I don't think that Mary will be a good CP for Denmark. She and Fred may actually marry, but conquest in itself will not make her a good CP or Queen. In the event that she and Fred actually marry, Mary may one day be great in time (but she will have years of work to do before that happens), but so far she doesn't have what it takes. She is fake IMO and her motives are obvious. Someone on the board once compared her to the obsession and reaction that was given to Sarah Ferguson upon her courtship and eventual engagement to Prince Andrew and I agree with that comparison in many ways. Everyone love Fergie in the beginning, but after the wedding when she didn't behave very royally, gained weight, didn't dress well, and of course the affair that was captured on film and did her in completely everyone hated her. She was everything but a breath of fresh air then. As if the affair wasn't enough she was already being crucified constantly for her manner of dress and weight. Funny, how the public's perception of you changes when the fairy tale wedding and spectacle are over and the big white dress has been packed away?

I believe that if there is eventually a marriage, the initial infatuation and obsession will fade once Mary has to actual put herself into the role of CP. She just doesn't have what it takes IMO. I am unfortunately not so concerned with Fred marrying and his having a new girlfriend that wasn't a lingerie model or pop star that I see Mary as being the most ideal choice for CP of Denmark. I doubt that it would be difficult to find someone more suitable.

I have tried to convince myself that it was possible that she had what it takes, but I simply cannot do it. It just isn't there.
Originally posted by Chris@Dec 4 2002, 09:03 PM
Just one question...From December to May, I think this is so little time to any engagement to be held in the near future, and more than that what about the parliament approval?

If to be a Queen you only have to take photos (and it is not true)...Well, in that case I can say that Mary "will be" a great Queen... I think that are other girls that could represent Denmark better...



I totally agree with you. I really don't believe that they will have such a short engagement. If she's going to be CP there are SO many thing for her to learn and so little time.. I cannot believe that Margrethe would approve. She's the type who want things done right and besides - what's the rush?

The palace said there would be no engagement this year and I cannot believe that 5 months would be enough to prepare what will be grand weeding. So I really cannot take it seriously.. (I really hope it doesn't happen actually. I fear she will make a fool of herself).

Hello Maria!

For sure the palace has said that any engagement will be held now or in the near future...

I personally think that Prince Frederiks can find someone more prepared to be Queen and his wife.

I do not know in Denmark but in Spain if the Prince (before he becomes king of course) dies prematurely, the Queen has the legal right to be ruling as a "king" until the heir to the throne grows up...

I am sorry - for those who do not agree with me, and they have their rights and their opinions, as I have mine too - I just can not imagine Mary Donaldson as Queen, more for her curriculum than from I have read about her. But It is Frederiks and "his family" choice not mine...


Dear MariaF,

How are you? Thank you so much for posting the latest news from Denmark for us all to discuss and enjoy. You are awesome! I am so glad to hear you say that you DO NOT approve of Mary becoming your Crown Princess and Queen. The Journalists always make it sound as though all Danes approve of Mary, worship her, like some sort of icon and even went as far as comparing her to the late Princess of Wales. I don't see that at all and I am so sure that if I had interviewed many hardworking Danes the story would be so different. I think that Journalists are out to sell a paper. :eek: :rolleyes: :unsure: :x

This is so sad, Denmark has given so much to Mary, free stays at Amaliensborg Castle, money for shopping,etc... what has she given them? Lots of magazine covers with her fakky smile and tank tops?. Please this is all to much of a joke. If I was a Dane, the thought of supporting her for the rest of my hardwoking life would be too much to bear. I would just leave the country and move to anywhere else to avoid the bills or would rather end up in prison cause I refused to pay my taxes. :x

MariaF, thanks so much and I wish you a beautiful day in Denmark.


:heart: Lorissa

Hello Chris, Tisha, Sylvia, Jacqueline and MariaF. :)

How are you all doing? I agree absolutely with all your posts and well said as usual. You fabulous people. :) I don't think that Mary would make a good Crown Princess for any country, stand alone Denmark. She is a very, very superficial person who has no shame or ethics. Its not about discriminating against Mary for any personal reasons. If a girl has ethics, sincerity, is smart, beautiful and kind hearted, it doesn't matter where she is from, her ethnicity, family, social status,etc..even a model she should be acceptable as a CP/Q.

Mary has neither of the qualities I mentioned above, aside from only beauty and a fakky smile and malicious motives. Its like her every move is all a lousy and foul act to win Fred and the "starsearch" acting and modelling school has taught her well, great acting skills and its all like a stage or camera illusion. :blink: I am nominating mary for a oscar next year for best actress in the Royal soap opera. Her actions is like one of those business scams you hear about on the news, ripping people off with fakky products and lots of crap. :rolleyes:

I agree with what Kathy said about Mary not being close to her family. It is very important for a future Queen to have this particular quality as she will be serving a nation, which will be like one big family. I felt very disappointed in her when her grandma died and she did not go back home to Tasmania for the funeral, she had no legitamate excuse as she had not started a job, yet with any company and was just bumming around in Denamark and living off hardworking people, like MariaF who have real jobs that they can be proud of and when they do go shopping, it is with their own money.

Mary, has never had a real job so how she she be placed in a real job like serving the public and representing a great nation like Denmark? The only way job she has learnt in life is how to get free rides from everyone. :x :cry: The latest victims are Microsoft and Hardworking Danes. I don't know who she was living off, but I seriously don't think she was paying her own way in Sydney. I know of so many people who live in Sydney and have professional careers and yet, did not live the good life Mary did in Sydney. I really hope that thye truth comes out soon and save Fred from making a dreadful mistake which could cost him his crown and well being. :x

Hugs to all,

:heart: Lorissa
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I don't think he has any intention of marrying her. And I doubt he ever did. If he had intended to marry her, he should have gotten her a job before she came. (Well he shouldn't have HAD to get her a job -- she should have been self-sufficient enough to get one for herself). And they shouldn't have been shacking up at the palace. And she should be made to look independent, even if she really isn't. If he ever intended to make her look respectable, he's gone about it the wrong way. She looks like his nighttime companion and nothing more.
Robb--that is hilarious!!!

I am like you snowed in....I guess this is what we get for having such a mild winter last year.

I am wondering if they will get married as well. Clearly, someone (fred of QM?) has reservations here. Since she was shacked up in the palace and now has a job set up for her and a nice fat pad. Perhaps all the assistance by Fred is guilt on Fred's part for this girl moving across the world "for him". Granted it's probably not Fred's sole responsibility for her choices, but he may be playing the "nice guy". That is one theory I have seen developing from the weird moves recently.
Hey Kelly9480, Kelly B and Robb,

How are you guys? Well said as usual and I couldn't agree more. Robb, you are so funny as usual and it really made me laugh out
loud. :lol: The two Kelly's - you are always so sharp and hit the spot. :D :heart: I think that it is inexcusable and pathetic to see a Young, healthy, athletic and pretty lady like Mary, just looking for free rides in this world from everyone. We all have to work, whether we like it or not to pay bills, feel good about ourselves and for many other reasons. What makes Miss Mary so special, even Jesus Christ was a Carpenter while he was waiting to be crucified. Who is Mary Donaldson and why is she exempt from a "real" job? :unsure: :x

In Australia now they are placing all people with handicaps or disabilities back into the workplace, such as the blind and those on wheelchairs and even the mentally challenged and placing them according to interests and what they can offer various companies, etc... The intellectually impaired work for charities and fold envelopes, cleaning and other light duty tasks and the blind do stuff like answering the phone. Whats it with Mary? Whats her problem?

I remember once going into this office to get my tax returns done and they guy who processed my forms for me was in a wheelchair and yet, he is not living off hardworking taxpayers funds or treated any differently just because he sits and can't walk, he is a "real " accountant, not made an accountant cause some stupid Journalist is too lazy to change his cut and paste articles. What makes Mary so special? Has she got any disabilities the press doesn't know about that disqualifies her from hardwork and explains why employment record is - 1 year only for every job?. Microsoft is the latest sucker. Doesn't it shame all the people with disabilities as well as hardworkers of the world who are honest and have "real" jobs.

I agree with you strongly Kelly 9480, that she should have found her own job, instead of Fred or anyone else having to find it for her. I don't think she really understand that being a Crown Princess and Queen, you have to actually do some work and be presentable. Its not about taking acting lessons or wearing a tiara and smirking at photographers.

I am so proud of those who have a disability and choose to work and achieve something they are proud of and show us that nothing is impossible, where there is a will there is a way. Have fun and take care everyone. :heart: :D B) :) :grrr:


:heart: Lorissa

Hey Kelly B and Robb,

You two are so lucky to have some snow eevn if it means being caved in. I miss the stuff terribly and anything would be such a relief as it is hot as hell here. :x :cry: Have fun in the snow and take care. Hugs. Lorissa :heart: :grrr: :)

Hey MariaF,

How are you? I read your posts again and in Australia, some guys are like that, all you need to do is smile at them and they tell you that you are the most "beautiful women" they had ever seen, believe me I have seen it happen. They must have gotten real excited with her "wizard of oz" red shoes or mistaken her for some other co-worker since Mary Donaldson is such a common name. :rolleyes: :x

I wish you a very beautiful day in Denmark. :)


:heart: Lorissa
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Hey Everyone,

I am going to be posting pics of the type of guy or girl I would pair Fred and Mary with if I was cupid. I encourage all to post a pic if you have one of whom you think would be suitable for either person, its like a vision we all have of whom we think its suitable. So have fun!

Photo courtesy of Josefine from Seoghoer.


Fred and mary at the Melbourne cup. Its like Mary is squatting and ready to pop the heir to the throne out any minute now and Fred is telling the Journalist and photographers "There is no engagement in the future so just butt out. We are here on a pleasure and no business visit to Australia. You'd be gay not to enjoy Mary". I agree with you all that Mary doesn't have it to be a Crown Princess/Queen. Didn't the modelling school teach her not to squat as though she has might be having diarrhoea or ate something that was off.

Mary : "Oh, Fred I think I ate too much pate, no it was the Champagne and caviar, I think I am going to be sick. ooops, but there are so many Journalists around, cover for me hun, what am I going to do?".

Fred : "Didn't I tell you that the pate was off and not to eat too much caviar, I know its free, but still....o.k I am going to tell the journalist to go away so you could make your way to the ladies restroom".

I couldn't help myself, thats what came into my mind as soon as I saw these photos. How did they manage to end up being photographed like this? I have never seen a Prince and girlfriend like that before. :eek:


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Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? I have very little experience with relationships and have very often ruined my own lovelife, but I would love to hear what everyone suggest that Mary should have done to win her Prince. I will make sure I print out all this fabulous and wise advice and then keep it posted somewhere on the fridege about the do's and don't
of a successful relationship. Thank you in advance everyone and much appreciated. Have fun and take care. :D :heart: :grrr: B) ;)


:heart: Lorissa
Shown some independence.
Not dropped the life she had to follow him halfway across the world.
Gotten her own place, her own job, her own car, and pay her own bills.
Not been so obvious in her desire for the role.
Not done the modeling course.
Shut Beatrice up :lol:
Dressed better and eat more.
Hello people!

Well, Mary donaldson is so confortable in her "easy life" that if I were Prince Frederik I would be worried about a "real baby" that could come (I know girls who did that, ridiculous!), so he would have to pay everything for her for the rest of his life...

I think I never was so "bad girl" as now... But what you have suggested is such a kind of "Frederiks date another person", because everything you have said about Mary has to be changed...

She has her own courage, but I do not think it is enough to make things better, less vain more suitable... I see Prince Frederiks not close to her (as boy-girlfriend). She should look more familiar. The way she dressed better was the white trousers and the green coat... Simple is better, always...

From the very beginning Mary Donaldson did the wrong things and the only person who could make things "fit better" I think is Queen Margrethe. I understand (since 2 years are not 2 days) that Queen Margrethe does not want to know Mary Donaldson... If you take a look at her last pictures you see that MD does not know anything about etiquette... That should have been her first step I think...

Bye... Have fun!
Hi Lorissa, Kelly D., and Lorissa.

My advice to Mary is similar to most:

1. Mary should have never moved to Denmark as this has put undo pressure on Fred and most likely has been annoying to some if not all members of the Royal Family of Denmark. I personally wouldn't have moved, but if they truly wanted to see where the relationship was going and wanted to save money on traveling expenses, then Mary should have moved to another part of Europe. She is from Tasmania/Australia, therefore, I am sure that finding work in London wouldn't have been very difficult. Travel would have been easier and Mary would appear to have some sort of independence and life of her own.

2. Mary should have gotten her own job without help from anyone other than her previous employers and work record. I don't care if she became a glorified assistant or retail clerk. A job is a job and anything that pays the bills is worth having. Princess Mette-Marit was once a waitress and also a strawberry picker. It's not very glamorous, but it's respectful, because she did what she had to do to survive and pay her way in the world. That definitely must strike a cord with the members of Norway's working class.

3. Mary should live alone-or with a roommate if need so (female of course for appearances sake) and pay her own bills with money that she makes from her own job. She should live in a way in which she can support herself. Maybe this is old-fashioned, but in my opinion, you only allow two men to support you in life: father or husband if necessary. Honestly, if you are single woman, you should be able to stand alone and call on Daddy only for much needed help. I obviously think that Mary should move into a more affordable apartment. So far there has been no engagement, what happens if we are still discussing this next year around this time? Fred can't pay her bills forever....or can he?

4. Have a life: Mary should go out with friends-shopping, dinner, lunch, movies, etc. Do not get into the habit of sitting around waiting for Fred to call. Of course, she should do her best to keep in touch, but she needn't be at Fred's constant disposal. It's important that she reveal some sort of independence and ability to function within society without Fred or any man in particular.

5. Mary should get some definite fashion counseling. She needs to look at photographs of herself and search for some objectivity within herself and realize what works; what doesn't and find a personal style that is tasteful and classic. My ultimate advice to Mary in this area: K.I.S.S.-Keep It Simple Stupid

6. Quit smiling for the photographers and posing for them: Try to keep a low-profile. Mary should be aware that they are most likely everywhere and that she can't see them at times (she must always be dressed tastefully and present a good posture), but when they make themselves visible don't smile like some sort of silly child who can't stay away from the camera. Go about your business and behave naturally. A small smile is fine, but don't ever stand and look at them directly and pose for the camera. If they sneak up on you then that is unfortunate but don't constantly supply them with photographs. Try and be discreet-pleasant, yet a litte mysterious. As of now she leaves nothing to the imagination.

7. I cannot stress this enough: Mary should read a few books in her spare time and watch the world news and read some international papers online. Shopping shouldn't be her only pastime. If she is to be CP then she must learn to be keep herself abreast of current events. She would also be well served to find out as much as she can about Denmark and it's history, but she needn't share that with anyone. It's not very prudent to let everyone know that you are gettig fairly ahead of yourself. Some people may find this to be a bit much (her learning about Denmark), but she needn't be completely ignorant.

8. She should keep in touch with her family as much as possible. It's understandable, if they aren't close as this is unfortunately the case in some families, however, for the sake of all that is good and reasonable, Mary should go to anyone's funeral should they die. Also, it wouldn't hurt to at least visit if anyone is hospitalized. It's the sensible and intelligent thing to do.

9. She definitely needs to eat more. She is starting to get that lollipop waif look. It's fine if one is naturally waifish, but she is obviously not and looks somewhat ill.

10. Mary should do some volunteer work for obvious reasons. Being a CP/Queen means that you will be dedicated to a life of service, so Ms. Mary might as well get a jump start on it now. Even if she never becomes CP, she should do some volunteer work in general.
So much good advice from everyone else that I am already collecting it to send to Amailenborg Palace...;)

Lord, where to start??

1. Mary should have never been "feeling" the royal chests at the Olympics!!!! Such a no-no! Would you all not be embarrassed of yourselves? Horrors! What a way to have Fred's friends and relatives talking negatively about you...she was an absolute idiot in that regard.

2. Someone said shut up Beatrice. Absolutely, and better yet not say what she did to Beatrice...the whole "I'll invite you to my royal wedding, if you invite me to your's". Hello??? Is Mary totally off her rocker? Since she ended up w/ a Prince and Beatrice didn't isn't it tasty ammunition for the tabloids? Beatrice is getting more out of this now than Mary. Mary looks like a sleazy, prince-snatching, goldigging...ok, I'll not go get the idea. Where is that masking tape when you need it? If Fred marries her he needs to invest in some so that whenever Mary opens her mouth he can slap a piece over it and say "My wife cannot talk right now...she's lost her voice". Mary, darling, keep your trap shut!

3. The clothes..."WHAT, what is that??" I keep saying when I look at some of her outfits. Too showy, too everything but right.

4. All of you gals hit the nail on the head when you said that she should have stayed put in Sydney. She is doing herself a great diservice by living off of Frederik. It makes her look like a kept woman (which is what she is).

5. I was horrified to learn that she didn't have the time to return home for her grandmother's funeral! How awful and yet she had time for her friend's wedding and the Melbourne Cup. A wedding and a horse race...pathetic. What does that say to the Danish people not to say the LEAST to her family??? Pleasure before duty and no sense of family obligation. What a pathetic woman. Perhaps that is why Fred looks so hesitant to be photographed with her now. Maybe he knows he's dug himself into a hole and cannot get out.

6. Mary needs to do a reality check. 2 years and nothing more from Fred than an apartment (as far as we know). Mary also needs to lay off on the arrogance. What initially was sort of pleasant is now becoming unattractive. To me it seems like she is stuck is some glamorous fantasy. One she believes that she will end up like Cinderella.

7. Mary needs to remember who she is in the scheme of things...Mary Donaldson not, H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (at least not yet) and even then she should re-think who she is as a person because $50 bucks says she doesn't even have the answer to that question. She may be Fred's girlfriend but that isn't squat in the real world.

8. Mary, go home and get a life there.

p.s. was I too harsh???
Dear Julia, Jacqueline, Kathy and Kelly9480,

How are you all? Well said and excellent advice. I second to Julia's post and would love to fax a copy to Mary Amaliensborg Palace or Microsoft, but then she is never there anyway to read and take note of the message and fabulous advice. I have learnt so much for reading all of your advice to Mary, I think that I am confident now for when I meet my "Prince" and yes, I will make sure that I won't repeat past mistakes. ;) :) :cry: :heart: B)

I do agree with all of you about Mary and that she should have found her own job and spend her won money. I am very glad that Bearice and others are talking now as then shall Denmark know the "real" Mary and her not so genuine motives. Her fashion sense needs to improve badly and her hair needs some feathgering on the side to shape her face.

It is really sad that all she is ever photographed doing is shopping and more shopping, so she must be looking forward to doing more shopping for Christmas presents, great excuse as she might even ask Microsoft if she could take a month off with full pay as she can't concentrate on work and has to buy some more tank tops before they are all sold out.

Julia, your posts was not too harsh and I really thought that you and Jacqueline, Kathy and Kelly9480 were so funny, I laughed hard and now my lungs are so sore. :lol: :) :heart: I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend have fun and take care. Mary's friends did describe her as "dating ONLY successful men" and that she was out to get a Prince that night. I remember reading a post months ago by a lady named Caroline who said that it was no accident that Mary met Fred at that pub that night and that she knows what she is doing.

So I guess the golddigging label is very much polite, Miss Julia, compared to what some of my friends in Australia have said about her actions from observing and reading magazines. Her intentions are so obvious that only a moron would not notice it. :x

Hugs to all,

:heart: Lorissa
Hello everyone! Julia, I love your avatar, very cool. :D

Everyone has made such wonderful points, I don't know that there is anything much to add, but I will anyway. :lol: :lol:

At the point Mary realized that Fred may be smitten with her she should have:

1) Visited a headhunter (professional job placement rep) with a complete resume entailing her education and job history, and ask: 1) What does my spotty work history say about me to prospective employers [and the media/Danes/ppl on this message board : )]? 2) How can I turn this impression around? 3) Can you find me a job, which fits my interest, education and work history with an international company (a corporation that has branches in Scandinavian countries)?

This way she would know what kind of impression that 5 year gap in work history would convey and she could get a job [in Australia] with a large international company that would allow her to transfer closer to Fred, when the relationship got serious, without looking like a kept woman or someone so desperate to be CP/Q they would give up everything.

2) Visit a professional image consultant and get some help with what colors/fabric/styles look right on her, tips on hair and makeup, proper posture, business etiquette, body language assessment, etc.

A good image consultant could have done a lot more for the same amount of money as the writing course and princess course she took AND would not have been as much of an embarassment when the world found out about them.
:p :D :lol:

3) She should have cultivated a closer relationship with her family. These are the people who know you better than anyone else in the world and they know ALL your secrets, if you can't sustain a long close relationship with them you will have a harder time teaching it to your future children or even sustaining relationships outside your family. IMO

When her grandmother died, she should have been on the first flight back to Australia to be with family and attend the funeral. If Mary couldn't afford it and Fred refused to pay for it....she should have walked out on him. Who wants to be with someone who doesn't support the family relationship of the woman he loves.

4) She should have cultivated close friendships with respectable people outside Fred's circle. If your closest friends were first friends of your beau, they will repeat what you tell them to him and when/if the relationship ends he will get custody of them - leaving you without the shoulder of friends to cry on.

Friends outside the relationship will provide perspective and makes a person less emotionally needy.

Also, if you live with a man and hang out with only his friends, what do you talk about? He knows all the stories you could tell cause he was there too!! You will have much more to talk about and appear more worldly if you have places to go and people see, that aren't in his circle. :rolleyes: :)

5) Learn to shop on-line or from catalogs for lingerie!!!! :eek: :D
Having the press report you went shopping for lingerie in every article on you makes you appear that much more of a tart and kept woman. Not the reputation a future CP/Q needs. :p

Get a personal shopper! Most large department stores have them and they usually don't cost anything. These people consult with you about your wardrobe needs, budget and can make suggestions as to what looks right on you. Additionally, they sometimes bring clothes to your house/palace for you to try and decide on, so you won't appear to be a shopaholic with a princes charge card.

I desperately think Mary would have done well with a second opinion on some things and a personal shopper knows if her/his advice and clothing selections make you look good then you will keep spending money at their store and that's what it's about for them, so they are not going to give you bad advice just to sell a garment. Most are very disreet too.

6) Go to church!!! I don't know that Fred is a defender of the faith, as royalty in other countries are, but I think Mary needs some spiritual grounding and moral rules to follow, which she apparently hasn't learned elsewhere. IMHO

7) Find a role model who already has the lifestyle and job you aspire to and try to emulate her personal style and morality/comportment. For Mary, I would suggest Princess Caroline and Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

I would also suggest Mary read The Power of Style by Annette Tapert and Diana Edkins. This book profiles several women who were born of modest means and turned their life around by 'going to school on their betters', as the authors wrote in the profile of the Duchess of Windsor.

8) While Mary is buying books she should also purchase several about Denmarks history, religion, monarchy, language, etc., so she would know something about the country she wants so desperately to queen of and I think Fred, his mom and the Danes would find it endearing that she made the effort.

Also, she should take a subscription to an international paper and READ it from cover to cover every single day!! Buy some classics of our time, books on art, culture and so forth. This would make her a better conversationalist in any sitiation she finds herself and appear more worldly.

9) Spend some time volunteering at a charity you deem worthwile. This will help give you some perspective and the appearance of someone who thinks of others and not just themselves and their own pitiful agenda.

10) Finally, Mary should spend some time alone with Mary trying to figure out who she is and what she really wants in life. Nothing is sexy and more appealing than a woman or man, for that metter, who knows themselves inside and out. :D

Oh my, I just realized I have written another novel, sorry folks.
:angel:Kathy :x
Hey Kathy,

How are you? I agree with you that the Kidman sisters are cool. Thanks for the pic of the pink dress. I think it is so gorgeous and I would love to see Mary wearing something similiar, more high
fashion stuff. Cool! B)

Hope you have a nice day, have fun and take care! :)


:heart: Lorissa
Hey everyone!! I really think we should print all of this excellent advice up and fax it over to Amalienborg Palace..."To: Mary, who needs some serious advice"...;) ;)

Kathy, thanks regarding my avatar!! I adore French advertisements from the 20s and 30s!! Wonderful things they are!!

You ladies know what it takes to be not only a great future CP but also how to be fantastic people!!

Hi Julia, Kathy, and Lorissa! :) :)

Julia, you weren't too harsh. I guess that I am a little devil too :devil: :devil: :lol:, because I thought that your post was hilarious. You are fantastic!

The faxing idea isn't a bad one at all. I'm game! :D :lol:
Hey Chris,

How are you?I missed you heaps and glad you are back. Thanks so much for always being so sweet and kind. The next question is
how do we get them together? I need to find my cupid arrow. What
about poor Arnold, wouldn't he be very hurt and diappointed? :eek:

I don't know about anyone else and not saying this to be cruel or
rude, but I can't imagine Fred and Mary being a match as she is so
strong, athletic and very musculine built while Fred looks very skinny,
dainty and almost very gentlemanly, Its like I could see him with someone like Alex. But Mary -its Arnold or Sylvester Stallone or maybe 007? If they did get married there would be no doubt who would be wearing the pants in this household. :x

Hope you have a nice day, Chris. :grrr:

Hugs to all and take care, have fun. :heart: :grrr: :D B) :)

:heart: Lorissa
Hey Jacqueline! I guess we are both little devils :devil: :p

Your advice was perfect! Seriously, it was excellent as always! :D

Ok, you get the fax number for the palace and starting printing.... :shifty: ...Margrethe will wonder where such sterling advice came from and immediately decide to include your points of etiquette in the royal dossier on the correct behavior for eligible young ladies! :D Can't you just see a nervous Margrethe passing out copies of the "Advice to an Unsuitable Young Lady: How to Change your Embarrasing Behavior and Get the Queen's Approval in a Matter of Days" to any girl who now comes Fred's way? Maybe she will just take to passing them out on street corners in hopes that a more suitable girl might pipe up and take interest in Freddo! :woot: Ok, I have a rich fantasy life!!! :lol:


Ok, more silliness but I promise to stop after this!!!

This pic below is how Mary will look when she hears about the mass printing of that popular document on the correction of bad behavior in the company of princes. :lol:



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Hello people!

With some advice as the ones that were shown here I can say that having "friends" as you who needs enemies?

I am not exaclty being an angel since I entered the forum...but you have being little evils "for sure". I must add: How funny you are too...
You have a great sence of humour...!!!

See you later


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