Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson, Current Events 1: September 2002 - May 2004

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Danes in a royal frenzy for Prince's mystery girl.

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22 November 2001
Daily Telegraph
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NEVER mind who won the elections, what the Danish public really wants to know is, has Mary Donaldson won his heart? The heart in question belongs to Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, who faces intense speculation in the next weeks as his homeland awaits an announcement from the royal household on an engagement to the Tasmanian-born law graduate.

With the general election decided yesterday in favour of Anders Fogh Rasmussen's conservative Liberals, it removes any barrier for making the news official.

Ms Donaldson, 28, who works for Kings Cross boutique real estate firm Belle Property, has enjoyed a secret romance with the Prince, who is consistently voted one of Denmark's most popular citizens.

Several journalists have travelled from Denmark to get the latest scoop on the romance, including Niels Pinborg, from Ekstra Bladet.

Mr Pinborg is sure Ms Donaldson is "the one". He says the best proof for this is that the couple sustained a successful long-distance relationship following their chance meeting at a party during the Olympics.

Prince Frederik returned home last week from a two-week holiday in north Queensland, rumoured to be his sixth trip Down Under to visit his girlfriend.

"The royal family is such a popular institution in Denmark. Since Prince Frederik has grown up, the public has been very interested in his relationships," Mr Pinborg said.

"People want to see him settle down. He is 33 years old, after all."

Mr Pinborg said the Prince would probably never again have the opportunity to get to know a girlfriend in his own good time. It was not until last month that her identity was known.

"With his earlier relationships, they were Danish girls. Two days wouldn't pass before rumours started and the public knew everything about the girl," he said.

"This is the other reason why we think this is going to be the one."

If being thrown into the media spotlight was part of the test, Ms Donaldson is also making the grade - she has consistently impressed the media with her gracious and good humoured attitude and was spotted last night on her way to the gym.

One of the things the pair have in common is a love of sport, something that will go down well in Denmark, where three out of four young people play sport regularly and almost half the adult population belong to sports clubs.

The couple met at the party to celebrate Denmark's gold medal in women's handball.

Ms Donaldson's two sisters, Patricia and Jane, are aerobics instructors in Hobart, where support for the relationship is strong.

Ms Donaldson's former neighbours in Morris Ave, Taroona, a middle-class suburb of Hobart, were impressed by the unlikely love match.

Lorraine Hudson said Ms Donaldson was more of a career girl than a social butterfly.

"I think it's good, it's something we can all be pleased with. Compared with most social circles, she would be considered a normal girl," she said.

Common touch Prince Frederik can be guided by two examples close to home if he's wondering if a marriage with a commoner will work: * HIS brother, Prince Joachim, has made a strong match with Hong Kong-born Alexandra Christina Manley, now Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who worked in an investment company * PRINCE Frederik was best man at the wedding of Norway's Crown Prince Haakon to single mother Mette-Marit Hoiby, the one-time Wangaratta schoolgirl, in August.

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How this schoolgirl won the Prince of Denmark.

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8 July 2002
Hobart Mercury
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MARY Donaldson was just an ordinary girl.

She spent her teenage years living a quiet life with her family in Tasmania.

The youngest of four - three girls and a boy - Mary lived in a modest house in the pretty suburb of Taroona and was a prefect at Taroona High School.

She went on to Hobart College, where she displayed talent in basketball and hockey.

Described by former teachers as a good girl with a bright future, Mary made good these predictions by going on to study law at the University of Tasmania for the following five years.

Like other young students, she had a boyfriend and supported her social life by working at a local hotel.

Her father, John, held the position of head of mathematics at the University of Tasmania.

The family was hit by tragedy when mother, Etta, died at a young age.

Mary's brother, John, moved interstate. Older sisters Jane and Patricia took up careers, one as a nurse, the other a pharmacist. Father remarried - to author Susan Moody - and took a temporary position at Oxford University.

Mary graduated and, like so many young Tasmanians, moved interstate to seek work.

With that background, Mary could be anybody, right? Wrong.

The career in real estate that followed was a progression in keeping enough with the preamble.

But then she met the Prince of Denmark, and her outrageous good fortune since has given the world a love story of Shakespearean proportions.

At 30 and about to be betrothed to her prince, Mary is the Princess Di of Denmark and a figure of international fascination.

She can say goodbye forever to the low-key life she had in Tasmania.

It is believed Mary first met the Crown Prince Frederik, 34-year-old heir to the Danish throne, at a function at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Romance blossomed between the estate agent and the handsome young royal.

Over the next year or so he visited Sydney every two months to see her and she made trips to see him.

After their relationship was revealed, Mary moved to Paris to be closer to her royal mate.

When this failed to give them enough time together, Mary moved into the Danish Royal Court's holiday palace.

The news spread rapidly and the paparazzi went into action to capture the Aussie beauty they dubbed "Kanga".

One top-selling gossip magazine - Se og Hoer (See or Hear) - offered 10,000 kroner ($2300) for photos.

She has even been featured as a "Page 9 girl" - equivalent to an English Page 3 girl - in Denmark's largest tabloid, Ekstra Bladet.

Settling for a picture of a fully dressed Mary chatting on her mobile phone shows just how intense the interest is.

Hong Kong-born Princess Alexandra, wife of Frederik's brother Joachim, says Mary is being primed just as she was for princesshood - including completing a 200-lesson course in speaking Danish.

An engagement announcement is expected next month, with news Mary's father has taken leave from the University of Tasmania to fly to Denmark.

Mary has her own bodyguard and even had her 30th birthday party at the palace.

Her current residence - Marselisborg Palace - is in Aarhus, Demark's second largest city, and sits in an English-style 13ha park surrounded by lakes and trees.

Rarely open to the public, it is Queen Margrethe's favourite holiday spot, indicating Mary has gained her blessing.

Frederik was living three hours away in Copenhagen until recently, when he finished his studies and graduated from military training.

It was reported that Mary spends her mornings jogging, riding the royal horses, having brunch and shopping in Stroget.

She has been spending much of her time with Joachim and Alexandra, who live close to the holiday palace.

She has been described in magazine stories as intelligent, independent, active and diplomatic and is often compared to enigmatic Swedish silent movie siren Greta Garbo.

The Danish public believe Mary has brought out the quieter side of the Crown Prince, once reputed to be an international playboy.

The Mary-loving Danes were thrown into panic when the Crown Prince was recently spied having coffee with a former girlfriend, London-based designer Bettina Odum.

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Three weddings and a christening ... But Mary is still waiting.

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28 August 2002
Hobart Mercury
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SHE has been to three weddings and a christening ... but there's still no firm date for Tasmania's Mary Donaldson to become a princess.

The 30-year-old real-life Cinderella is not only living in the royal palace, riding the royal horses and learning the language - she is now looking the part.

Ms Donaldson has attended several formal functions with the Crown Prince of Denmark, including three weddings and a baptism.

The former Hobart woman is turning heads with her refined elegance and Danish designer clothes.

The couple, who shunned public occasions early in their relationship, attended the wedding of a friend of Frederik's last Saturday.

The editor of Danish magazine Billed Bladet, Peter Juul, said it was the wedding of count Otto Rheetz-Thott, "... Frederik's good friend from the `blue-blooded' circles ... who inherited the family's beautiful fairytale castle Gavnoe, south of Copenhagen".

He said the pair had also attended the wedding of Jeppe Handwerk, a navy friend of the Crown Prince, on August 17.

"Mary was beautifully dressed and they looked very much in love," Juul said.

"She's got her own Danish designer now."

Danish journalist Anna Johannesen said: "She has now been to three weddings with the Crown Prince and she looks gorgeous."

Danish royal watchers remain convinced an engagement between the pair, who first met at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, is imminent and that they will marry in May next year.

Ms Donaldson has even been spotted with a large ring on her left ring finger. Sources also say Queen Margrethe of Denmark has taken a strong liking to the Tasmanian woman.

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EUR - Fairytale days for Tasmanian in Denmark's royal palace.

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27 September 2002
Australian Associated Press General News
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Danish television today reported that Australian Mary Donaldson had become engaged to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, although there is no official confirmation. BELINDA TASKER reports on how a Tasmanian has become a phenomenon in Denmark

By Belinda Tasker

COPENHAGEN, AAP - Mary Donaldson - whether she likes it or not - is fast becoming Denmark's equivalent of Lady Di.

Every detail of the 30-year-old Australian's life has been scrutinised since she began her fairytale romance with Denmark's popular Crown Prince Frederik at the Sydney Olympics two years ago.

Marriage speculation has escalated to frenzied proportions in recent months.

TvDanmark, citing political sources, reported today the pair would marry on May 24 next year.

The royal palace said it "had not heard word of any engagement".

In recent months Mary has become a cover girl on a string of European magazines devoted to royals and celebrities.

Paparazzi photographers follow her every move, Danish television chat shows discuss her designer outfits while gossip magazine headlines have been screaming for the young couple to tie the knot.

The Danes love their royal family and they love Mary.

And like Princess Diana, no detail of their possible future Queen's life is too small to discuss.

When she started work in Copenhagen earlier this month as a consultant at IT firm Navision, part of the Microsoft empire, it was front page news.

When she moved from the royal palace into her own plush apartment in an upmarket harbourside suburb of Copenhagen a few months ago, people read about her furniture choices.

When she pops into one of Copenhagen's many fashion boutiques, magazines quiz staff about what she buys and rush out articles about how ordinary women can dress like Mary.

The Danish press and the public have adopted Mary as one of their own and are not in the slightest bit worried about her lack of royal heritage and humble beginnings in Hobart.

In fact, some Danes regard Mary's Tasmanian background as rather exotic.

The couple were photographed at several well-heeled parties this European summer, sparking a wave of speculation that they would announce their engagement this month and have a spring wedding in May.

Locals say they are thrilled with the idea of Mary, 30, becoming their Queen one day.

"People can tell he looks happy with her and they have been encouraging their romance," one of the prince's many female admirers told AAP.

"For the media, Mary is the creme de la creme at the moment."

Rumours have been circulating for months that the prince's mother Queen Margrethe has been helping Mary ease into the royal spotlight and giving her advice on being a royal.

If the couple do marry, royalty from around the world are expected to be invited to witness the nuptials.

"She is the right age, she is well educated and good looking and sporty and he (the prince) likes sporty women," says renowned royal reporter Anna Johannesen, of top selling magazine Billed Bladet.

"And one important thing is that she can keep her mouth shut - she hasn't said anything.

"She is the Princess Diana of Denmark, but better I think."

If the wedding does go ahead and Mary becomes a crown princess, the speculation about her life is not likely to end there.

The wedding bells will scarcely have faded before the Danes will start thinking about a royal baby.

Document aap0000020020926dy9q004bm
I've had another gender identity crisis and read this in a womans magazine. I'll post the rest when I type the next 2 pages out

It's a long way from Morris Avenue in the middle-class Hobart suburb of Taroona, to the rococo spenduor of Copenhagen's Amalienborg Palace. Yet this is the leap that Mary Elizabeth Donaldson - Australia's very own Cinderella and future queen-in-waiting - may be making in the near future.

To be or not to be, that is the question vexing royal watchers in Europe's oldest kingdom, as the romance hots up between the Danish Crown Prince Fredrik Andre Henrik Christian, 34 an his beautiful sweetheart, Tasmanian lawyer-cum-real estate sales manager, Mary, 30, who moved to Denmark last December to be near him.

The handsome couple who met at Sydney's trendy Slip Inn during the 2000 Olympics and have since conducted a highly secretive 2 year romance, are widely tipped to be on the point on an engagement. In fact, the Danish press has jumped the gun several times in recent months, even going so far as to name the marriage date - May 24 next year- despite the fact that the Prince's mother. The imposing Queen Magarethe II, has yet to meet Mary.

The Queen's reticence to formally acknowledged her eldest son's relationship is hardly surprising given his reputation as a playboy with a string of previous girlfriends, who up until Mary had been deemed rank outsiders in the royal stakes.

In early 1997, the then 28 year old prince was involved in a scandal, when photographs were published in Sweden of him cavorting naked in a pool with a similarly naked Danish pop singer.

According to Danish royal watcher, Mads Jensen of the magazine Ekstra Bladet, Mary is by far the most serious amorata to date. "Some of the others you could not take too seriously" he says There was a pop singer and a model, and I am sure Fredrik had a very nice time with them, but you never felt for a moment that they were going to be the next queen.

"Mary is completely different. Most of the time, she keeps a low profile, but when you do see her, she is beautifully dressed and always dignified, If her aim is to marry the prince, she is playing the perfect game"

Historian Henning Dehn-Nielsen, the author of Fredrik, Prince of Denmark, echoes this view. "She has all the qualities for a queen and is radiantly lovely. Mary has a good education she is discreet and, for me, is the ideal princess."

And it seems that many Danes agree with him. Opinion polls published in the country's newspapers indicate wholehearted support for the dark-eyed brunette from Down Under. "Mary is perceived very positively in Denmark," says Australia's Royal Danish Consul-General, Ole Malmgren.

On paper the couple would seem ideally suited. Fredrik, 34 known as "Pingo" to his close friends and dubbed "the Turbo Prince" by the Danish press because of his penchant for fast cars, is a Harvard University political science graduate and a sports fanatic who runs marathons. Also a graduate of the Danish Defence Academy, the handsome Prince is not only a former Navy SEAL and SAS trainee, but also an accomplished pilot, dog-sledder and skier.

Mary, 30, a commerce/law graduate from the University of Tasmania, shares the Prince's passion for the piste and is very sporty. At her former alma mater, Taroona High School, she was a keen track and field athelete and a talented runner, as well as a student councillor and prefect.

At Hobart College, where Mary attended Years 11 & 12 in 1988 & 1989, she was a member of the shco's baskeball team and played hockey. As well as skiing she aslo waterskis.

"It couldn't be a better match, a Dane and an Australian
"Mary is completely different. Most of the time, she keeps a low profile, but when you do see her, she is beautifully dressed and always dignified, If her aim is to marry the prince, she is playing the perfect game"

I'm sorry, what outfits is she referring to? Shall we bust out the photo archive and relive the white tank tops, the white pants that seemed to be the only pair she brought with her to France, and the not-so-fashionable first and third wedding outfits?

I have to agree with the remark about being dignified though. She has a certain air of confidence when she is walking about from the pictures I have seen and she has kept a low profile in terms of talking to the press and creating a scandal.

I'm sorry I am being so catty in all my posts today. I have a major paper due today and I haven't exactly started it yet. I am taking procrastination to the highest level and am feeling the stress!
Hey Rick, Julia, Jacqueline, Kelly B, Sylvia and Tisha. :)

How are you? Thanks Rick for typing out the article. It was an old one and I typed it out in previous topics. Here is what I typed out :

The name of this article is Australia's Cinderella: Mary Donaldson, The tassie girl who may become Queen of Denmark. Page 24 - 28. The Australian Women's weekly (Its suppose to be a monthly magazine, but they didn't want to change the name) November issue.

Article by Rennie Bruce

Mary, 30, a Commerce/Law graduate from the University of Tasmania, shares the Prince's passion for the piste and is very sporty. At her former Alma mater, Taroona High school, she was a keen track-and-field athlete and a talented runner, as well as astudent councillor and prefect.

At Hobart college, where Mary attended Years 11 and 12 in 1988 and 1989, she was a member of the School's basketball team and played hockey. As well as skiing and also waterski's.

"It couldn't be a better match, a Dane and an Australian," says Torben Ebbesen, pastor of Sydney's Danish Church. "Prince Frederik is a very nice person, very down to earth and that is why I think he has fallen for an Australian. He is very much into being a pilot, doing all the adventures and sports is one of his passions. Mary is very sporty, too,which is good".

The young Mary Elizabeth Donaldson's childhood gave no indication of her future destiny as a would be Royal. The youngest of four children of Heinrietta 9Etta) and John Donaldson, she was born in Hobart in 1972 and lived briefly in Texas, USA before her family returned to Tasmania and Taroona, where Mary attended high school. A gifted student, Mary enrolled in law at the University of Tasmani, where both her parents worked, Etta (mother) as a secretary and father John as head of the mathematics department.

Mary's stepmother, Susan says 'All that matters to the family is that mary is happy. We have no idea if she is getting married or not. and frankly, we wouldn't presume to ask her. I am sure she will tell us anything we need to know. I understand completely the interest and, as a matter of fact, I share it. But you would imagine she is under enough pressure without us demanding to know what is going on".

Kim Brett, who worked with mary at Belle Property in Sydney's Kings Cross, says the romace between the Danish Prince and the property manager was a closely guarded secret. "I used to try to persuade her to come out with us more, but she would say she had a boyfriend overseas and he would phone everynight", She says. "I would say, forget about him, come out and have some fun' Then I found out who it was, I thought,"He's a bloody Prince. No wonder she didn't want to come out with us".

"She was so discreet about it. She's one of those girls who'll never tell anyone anything. She never gossiped. You knew you could tell her your deepest, darkest secrets and she would never tell anyone.

Janice Nazario, who worked with Mary at Advertising agents 'Young and Rubicam" around the time of the Olympic games, agrees. 'She was very discreet and never let on that she'd met this fellow. She was very attractive and vivacious. Not the quiet, shy type at all."

Judging by the comments of friends and colleagues, Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was the exactly the sort of girl that Frederik was looking for.

John Donaldson : He recently told a Danish Journalist "It doesn't matter to me if she marries a Prince or a plumber. As far as I am concerned, she and Frederik are simply two people who have fallen in love and, as long as they are happy, so am I. She is a great girl from a good family and I know that whatever she decides to do will be the right thing".

Have fun and take care all!!! :D
It sounds from all available stories, that Mary appears to be eager to wait about for Fred. Her friends used to invite her out and she would wait by the phone for Fred to call.
I hope Fred hasn't been leading Mary or Mary hasn't read too far into Fred's comments to her.
If her step-mom said to a journalist that a spring engagement was promised this year, that would be bordering on pathetic. She certainly has made her choices, hasn't she?

I didn't think for awhile that her step-mom had actually made such a comment, but after reading the conversation in BB and that ridiculous picture in front of the palace, I wouldn't put it past her.

I wonder what QM thought upon returning from England to see a picture of Mary's parents on her doorstep in the tabs?
Hey Kelly B,

I think that the reactions and answers to the press by Mary's parents was pretty silly, considering he is suppose to be a Professor and she a respectable crime writer. I am saying this not to be catty or mean, but I can't imagine both of them being the future Grandparents of a future King of Denmark. Princess Alexandra's parents had class, even though they were divorced and were very presentable. Here you have a picture of them waving at the press with a big smile and dollar signs in their eyes, reminds me so much of the Goldfield days in California when a nugget of gold was found and just that look. They had to pose of all places right outside Amaliensborg castle?. :rolleyes:

I don't think that Queen Margrethe would be very pleased with that photo and shocked too. :eek: :x :blink: All this reminds me so much of Sven Hoiby. Its like they are taking this opportunity to create some publicity for themselves. I bet poor Mary must be angry, afterall, she has waited so long and so close to hitting the jackpot and now thanks to her parents this had to happen. I think that she would be heading off to Paris, Brazil or England the next time her parents were in town, who wouldn't. :x


:heart: Lorissa

Princess Alexandra's parents aren't divorced.

I think the interviews are kind of odd. Why her father simply doesn't say 'I would prefer not to talk about Mary, thanks' is beyond me. He says in one sentence 'I would prefer that any news came from Mary' yet speaks to the reporter. And when asked about May 24th he starts 'messing around' in stead of just saying 'No'. I mean his wife then says 'But John you're teaching that day!'. Why this secrecy? I find it quite odd also that he doesn't seem to be especially interested in what's going on. 'I don't what to pry' (spelling) he says. They surely cannot be very close if he doesn't speak to her about this. I mean she only has one parent left - you would think she were very close with him.

Well, I still think they just should have said 'no coments, please'. Wouldn't that be the proper thing to do?

According to, Frederik met with Mary's father while he was visiting in Denmark. Anyone have any speculations as to what Fred and "Dad' chatted about? ;)


Here's the article in Danish w/ a pic of Fred :)

Frederik alene med Marys far: Møde under fire øjne - nr. 51

Båndene mellem kronprins Frederik og hans kommende svigerfar bliver stærkere og stærkere, efterhånden som de to mænd lærer hinanden bedre at kende.
Mens kronprinsen i begyndelsen udelukkende mødtes med John Donaldson i selskab med Mary, har Frederik nu holdt mindst ét fortroligt møde med sin kommende svigerfar uden Marys tilstedeværelse. Et møde under fire øjne.
Mødet fandt sted i sidste øjeblik, inden Donaldson igen rejste hjem til Oxford, England, og det varede i mere end en time. Tilsyneladende havde både Frederik og John Donaldson behov for en god, fortrolig snak om fremtiden.

Læs meget mere i Billed-Bladet
Crown Prince Frederik And Mary Donaldson Current Events: January 2003 - December 2003

I think they will get married either this year or next year.

I think that Mary is more decent than most message board posters say she is. The only real facts that we know about her are the following:
  • She's from Australia
  • She's dating Frederik.
  • She works for Navision.
  • Her dad is a university professor and her step mom is a mystery writer.
  • She has a couple of sisters.
  • She lives in Denmark.
  • Mary was the friend of Beatrice's roomate.
  • She likes to run and exercise.
  • Her middle name is Elisabeth.
  • She took an improvement/modeling course.

These are the only hardcore facts that we know about Mary. We do not know what she is like at all! I have only picked up a tabloid twice in my life and even then I know they are so silly that I cannot even fathom believing what they say. Most of the stories that we hear about her are from tabloids. We cannot prove that everything that Beatrice said was written down correctly.

Beatrice is another matter also. From the beginning I think that everyone is forgetting that Mary was a friend of Beatrice's roomate, Andrew. I don't know how close Mary and Beatrice were. If Mary and Beatrice were close friends I don't think Beatrice would be telling her story to a tabloid.

Another thing I would like to ask is why does everyone think that Mary is on the hunt for a prince? I honestly don't think that she knew that they were going to be there. Even if she did, tell me, how many of you wouldn't enjoy the chance of meeting one prince let alone two crown princes, two princes and a prince's cousin? I don't think I would have gone to a club because I don't do that kind of thing, but any other time I would have loved to meet any of these people as I'm sure you all would also.

Frankly, I feel sorry for Mary. All she does is move to Denmark and date Frederik and the female population of the world is on her like a cat seeing a mouse. We need to stick to the facts that we know and not make up things that aren't true.

I realise that everyone who reads and posts on these boards don't fall into this category, but this subject really disturbs me. It bothers me when posters make up hurtful things to say about people. It's one thing when there are facts to go on and people discuss it. For example Princess Diana having that affair with James Hewitt. We know that that was true because she said so on TV.

Julia, I'm not implying by posting this under your post that you are saying these things.:)
I also would like to add that this story about how she talked to a reporter in Danish is probably fiction. How do we know that's even true? Even if she did talk to him she may have not known he was a reporter. She may have just been trying to be friendly with the person sitting next to her.

I would like people's input on this matter, but please don't be insulted by my post or leave the board because of it. B) We need all of our posters and watchers. I guess that's the right term. What do you call the people who just read the posts, but don't want to post?:question:
Well, I am certainly not going to take back anything that I have said about Mary. I am entitled to my opinion and I am always going to have it and make it clear when necessary and appropriate.

I am sick and tired of people telling other people not to believe what they read and not to belive tabloids. It is really insulting. I have been around these boards for a while now and I think that it is extremely insulting to posters to say to them that they are getting all of their information from tabloids. Please! It's obvious that most of us take what we hear with a grain of salt. So, why is it necessary to constantly say to us that we are believing tabloids? It's the same as saying that we are idiots.

Yes, there are many facts about Mary. I personally believe that many of the things that are said about her are true. Beatrice is not the only person who hinted that Mary likes successful men. Her former co-workers were said to have said the same thing and I doubt that they had to be coaxed into saying it. Do you know why they said this? Because, normally individuals use the most prevalent and common thing that they remember about an individual to describe that individuals' character. They didn't say anything wrong. They were simply saying the thing that they remember most about Mary.

As far as reading what the paper, magazines, and tabloids say, well I do read them, but my opinions of Mary are based on her actions. I studied psychology for a long time and I don't need to read any tabloids to tell me what Mary is truly about. All I need are a few pictures of her and I can let her actions speak for her. Her photographs aren't genuine to be kind about it. She is too eager and tries far too hard. She is not merely someone who is aware of the camera, but she is someone who is searching for them. She is not really trying to live a quiet life. Yes, she has been very good at not speaking to members of the press, but she is always out and about smirking stupidly for the camera. She is really embarassing.

Of course, she is out to get a prince. "Prince-hunt"-I couldn't have said it better myself. If we had doubts about what Beatrice said in her interview, then we needn't have them now. Mary's actions give her motives away clearly. She took a twenty-four hour modeling/etiquette course just a few weeks after meeting Fred. To any intelligent human being that would say a lot. Some people think that Mary is a saint for taking the course in order to prepare for her future role as CP/Queen. I think she flatters herself and is quite pathetic. It is really sad that this young woman would only see fit to take a course like this after meeting the CP of Denmark and wanting to be in his company. I don't buy that whole "life is passing me by" routine that she put on for Ms. Page. Let's be direct here: Mary didn't want Fred to pass her by and she needed help. I have no respect for a young woman who has lived the way in which she has with a modicum of manners and poise and yet only saw fit to change these things about herself when an available man came along. She is completely transparent. She is also an embarassement, because I think that it was in very bad taste for her to take such a course in a place that thrives on publicity. She took this horrid course and then it was made public to the world. If she had any sense or class at all she would have rented or bought a few videos and read a few books in order to try and perfect her image. Instead she did it in a completely public way while spending nearly $2000.

I don't care if she has moved across the world to be with Fred or near him. That is not an honorable nor sensible thing IMO. That is perhaps the most stupid thing that she has yet to do. I think that it is insane for anyone to move thousands of miles away to be with a man or woman when no promises have been made (engagement/marriage). It reaks of stupidity and dependency upon someone who may not even want to be with you in another year or so. She didn't do anything noble by doing this. She was being silly and far too eager IMO.

I also do not appreciate the way in which she simply moved in to Amelienborg for months without a job or anything of the sort simply living a leisurely lifestyle. I don't care if Fred allowed her to do this. It is up to any civilized, sophisticated and sensible human being to know that this is not the proper way in which to introduce yourself to a man, his family and the citizens of a country which is a constitutional monarchy. The fact that someone allows you to do something doesn't necessarily mean that you should do it. Does she not possess the ability to think or reason?

As far my meeting a prince, I couldn't care less. I am not Mary. I am Jacqueline. I was raised well, I have common sense, and a major amount of respect and belief for myself and in myself. I don't care if a man is a prince. I am not going to uproot my life for anyone, regardless of their title or station in life. I care about myself far more than I care about any man or what "title" they may hold. If you want to get into my good graces, my dear you will need much more than a title, money and a friendly smile. If I meet a member of a royal family, then great. However, I am not going to start turning cartwheels and moving across the globe for anyone. There is something called subtlety. Obvious Mary has yet to hear of this thing.

I don't feel sorry for Mary. Anything that she gets be it good or bad is something that comes with this type of lifestyle. When you become involved with a public individual you have to deal with this type of ridicule as you would when you distribute behavior that is less than graceful. I am sick and tired of people who always go around whining, "She is a private person, she should be left alone." That is one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard. When you date a public person, you should expect to lose some if not an extremely large amount of privacy. Also, when you make it a point to constantly smile and put on a show for the cameras, your "privacy" just isn't taken as seriously it may have once been.

Will they get married? I have no comment on it. I don't know. I will wait and see along with everyone else. This relationship is so ridiculously warped IMO that I can't bring myself to remark on any possible upcoming engagment or marriage.

BTW, I personally refer to the people who read the posts and who never post as lurkers.
Ahh, lurkers, I think that's the word. Thank you. I couldn't think of what it was.

Well, if you think that about Mary you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Like I said in my previous post I am not wanting to insult anyone. I choose to believe that she is alot better than people make her out to be and so I'm sticking up for her. :) If she was going around topless or posing in lingerie I definitely wouldn't be defending her! I don't like everything she wears, etc., but that can be changed. Margrethe said in an article that Henrik is the one who decides what she should wear because she (herself) has an awful sense of fashion.
Hey Sylvia! Don't worry, I didn't take your post that way at all. I am so glad to see some major discussions taking place and it's great!! Never apologise for your opinion. ;)

Jacqueline, your post is great as well. I am so glad to see these responses! We need more like them! Good show, ladies!

I am not copping out of giving a reply...I will give one later (believe you me). It's just that I am at work! ;)

Julia :)

Oh, lurkers....yes, we need them as well as all of our other members to speak up! ;) Come on guys we want to hear your opnions!

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Hi Julia and Sylvia!

I am only insulted by the tabloid comment and I have of course gotten over it. :D

Julia, I can't wait to see your reply to this question. ;)

I still can't reply on whether or not Fred and Mary will eventually marry. I am not sure. At times I am really weary of this situation and more importantly Fred and Mary.

Attention: Lurkers (no offense meant of course ;) ) It's really okay to post something. I promise that we won't bite. We may get into a heated debate or discussion, but it's all in fun! We want to hear everyone's opinion. :) ;)
Hey ladies! I am still mulling over my reply... ;) I promise to reply soon; I mean after all I did start the thread, so I should respond! :D

Yes, to all of our non-posting friends....please post! We really and truly won't bite! :)

Originally posted by samitude@Jan 6th, 2003 - 11:41 am
Margrethe said in an article that Henrik is the one who decides what she should wear because she (herself) has an awful sense of fashion.
Well Henrik should be shot because some of the outfits he's chosen for the wife are just wrong :lol: We're always told how she designs her own clothing, though :unsure:

Having read over his interview from the beginning of 2002, I don't think they'll marry. He talked about still not having found the one and that was after he was with Mary. I don't see grand passion between them and I think that since his parents and his brother have great love affairs, he's not going to settle for anything less.
Well Henrik should be shot because some of the outfits he's chosen for the wife are just wrong :lol: We're always told how she designs her own clothing, though :unsure:

Having read over his interview from the beginning of 2002, I don't think they'll marry. He talked about still not having found the one and that was after he was with Mary. I don't see grand passion between them and I think that since his parents and his brother have great love affairs, he's not going to settle for anything less.
Wow! I didn't know that. Yes he should be "shot" or at least be made to have a seat and be talked to about this. Her Majesty has worn a few questionable ensembles over the years. :huh: :blink:

I forgot the comment that you mentioned Kelly D. about Fred saying that he hadn't found "the one" while still being with Mary. I do remember someone once mentioning something like that some time ago. I can't believe that it slipped my mind so quicky. Well, I am sure that Mary heard about that. She has to be very pathetic to still stay with someone after he has publicly admitted something of that nature. :doh: Granted that relationships end all of the time because people are not ment for one another, I personally would have found it hard to stay around after that. Of course, she has just relocated so she may be trying to maintain some sort of dignity about the matter in her eyes.....Still pathetic IMO.
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Here's an article from The Australian about Fred's trip to Tasmania, sans Mary nonetheless.

Where's Mary? :D

Prince sails as Mary slaves
By Carol Altmann and Vanda Carson
January 10, 2003

PRINCE Frederik of Denmark has flown to Hobart for two weeks of sailing in the home state of his girlfriend Mary Donaldson, ramping up speculation that the pair will soon become engaged.

But the 34-year-old heir to the Danish throne arrived without Ms Donaldson, who is reportedly still too busy at work to join her prince.

Ms Donaldson, 30, now lives in Denmark and works for a division of Microsoft.

The prince said Ms Donaldson was frustrated she could not fly to Tasmania with him.

"It's hard for her to think I am in her place and she is not around – she's having a lot of trouble thinking about that," he said.

"She has a good job back home and she can't really leave that right now."

However, Ms Donaldson, who is expected to join the Prince soon, has rarely been sighted at her workplace, just north of Copenhagen, because she has taken frequent holidays with Frederik to Brazil, the Swiss Alps and the Danish royal family's French chateau. The prince flew into Hobart direct from Copenhagen yesterday to compete in the Dragon Class yachting world championships.

In a rare media interview, Frederik would not say if he would ask Ms Donaldson to marry him, but said he was enjoying the relationship.

"That is hard to say – I can't reveal that anyway," he said. 'It's basically enjoying myself and getting to know each other more."

With the Danish media hungry for any news on the royal romance, the prince's preparedness to fly across the world for a two-week sailing holiday is being interpreted as another strong signal of his intentions.

As Frederik prepared his yacht, Nanoq, at the Hobart docks yesterday, Danish newspapers were reporting that Ms Donaldson and Queen Margrethe recently went to the movies together to see the second instalment of The Lord of The Rings.

Ms Donaldson spent the night at the royal palace on December 23, and celebrated New Year's Eve with Frederik at a Danish private estate, Scheel Estate, in Trend, according to the Danish press.

Frederik confirmed yesterday that he had met Ms Donaldson's father, mathematics lecturer John Donaldson, and her stepmother, author Susan Moody, last month.

"They are good people, good folks. They are proud Tasmanians, which is good," he said.

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