CP Moulay Hassan & Princess Lalla Khadija Current Events1:July 2005-June 2017

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it's wonderful they share a pic from the birthday party,I was waiting they do that long time ago:D
anyway the pic is beautiful.what a lovely happy family,Moulay hassan look lik he is enjoying every minute of his birthday good for him.
thank you for posting the pic and video i like them.:flowers:
I like the way that lalla Khadija is looking at the birthday pie :lol:
it's funny
He is very attractive, and his sister is, too.
They are so cute!
King Mohammed seems to be very proud of his son :flowers:
a day of with friends sound nice:)
the prince is a little cute copy of Lalla salma.
Great photo! Its great to see Lalla Salma, she seems to have almost disappeared from the public eye.
Doesn't the cake look the same as the one from Moulay Hassan's birthday last year?
Really nice picture ! Moulay Hassan and Lalla Khadija are cute kids :flowers:
Doesn't the cake look the same as the one from Moulay Hassan's birthday last year?
yes you have a good eyes,its almost the same cake,i don't get the idea behind:D
Lalla khadija looks radiant in her birthday she feel that's her special day.:)
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Khadija is so cute. Lovely family and great photo.:flowers:
Really Lovely family and great photo.Lalla Khadija and Moulay Hassan are so cute:)
mashallah what a beautiful princess !
Thank you, Mademoiselle Lilo, for this adorable photo!:flowers:
The birthday boy is so-o handsome young gentleman, and his little sister promises to grow up a stunning beauty.
I think, we may add Lalla Khadija's pictures to the Moroccan ladies jewel thread from now.:)
its a cute photo indeed they both look adorable,cute happy and enjoy their time..good for them.
still don't get the idea behind the simillar cake in each Birthday.:D

kathia_sophia i'll collect all previous birthday photos for you..later.:flowers:
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