CP Moulay Hassan & Princess Lalla Khadija Current Events1:July 2005-June 2017

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cute,its always nice to see the little prince with his dad they seems they enjoy each other company benefits of the holiday i guess:)
Thanks for the photos!:flowers:
It is always a pleasure to see Prince Moulay Hassan undertaking official engagements alongside his father. The most impressive point for me is that Crown Prince Moulay Hassan learns the ropes from such a young age and already takes his responsibilities very seriously.
Those are cute pictures. Moulay Hassan is the spitting image of his mother!
that sweet pic of Lalla khadija she looks like very lovely big girl,it's very nice they make a photo even if we expect more :)but nice anyway.
Loove the avatar by the way M.Lilo.
Thank´s Mademoiselle Lilo!!

Great pics, she is so cute.
What a lovely little girl, she is as cute as her brother!
She looks like Moulay Hassan.
Cute picture. I don't forget Lalla Khadija's birthday because we are born the same day :~)
Moulay Hassan looks a lot like his mother, but Lalla Khadija in the opposit looks like her dad.
i think she looks a little like her brother but in general she is mixture of her dad and mom,i can even say she looks a little bit like auntie Hasna.:)
I agree! I was going to say the same thing. I see a lot of Lalla Hasna in Lalla Khadija. While her brother is exactly like Lalla Salma.
Moulay El Hassan visits Casablanca International book fair with his schoolmates
More about the visit:
Hola article: Moulay el Hassan, hijo de Mohamed VI, preside su primer acto oficial sin sus padres
Translation: Google Translate

From Telquel: TelQuel : Le Maroc tel qu'il est
A little prince at SIEL, this disorder even grownups. Moulay El Hassan has wandered through the stalls of the Book Fair, closely tailed by a Minister of Culture, Bensalem Himmich, a mayor, Mohammed Sajid, a Wali Mohamed Halab, and a writer, Hassan Nejmi. Just that. All the pampering with the prince, who has slipped in the wake eat ice cream at Oliveri with his classmates and his bodyguards.
Lalla Khadija looks so cute!:) She looks like her mother. It's hard to beleive she's growing up fast!
seems that Moulay hassan takes his engagements seriously:)
the boys are just cute I hope they enjoy the visit.
A cycling race for the Crown Prince Moulay Hassan Prize takes place May 7-9 in Morocco for the first time. The race's patrone is HM the King Mohammed VI. The aim of the race is to promote cycling in Morocco and in Africa also. - LeMatin
:previous: the event is in the occasion of the 7th birthday of the little prince:)
I hope they release new pic of Moulay hassan for his birthday.
Thank you morgeanne for the pic.
I love it,the kids are so cute :wub:
What a nice family
Cute pics,nice family I love it
thanks for the sharing
What a beautiful family. Kids look good in their skin.
Prince Moulay Hassan looks like a smart kid with sharp mind, he reminds me of his grand father King Hassn II who was a person with great intelligence.
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