Confirmation of Prince Felix: April 1, 2017

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It's no different, except for the number of participants. The liturgy is the same no matter how many are being confirmed. It used to be (in the US) you couldn't receive Holy Communion until you were confirmed. Now there is 'early' communion, which I'm not too familiar with, except the participant has to have an understanding of the sacrament, and probably some basic instruction. In the Episcopal church, you may receive communion as soon as you have been baptized - confirmation might not come until adulthood, when you are received into the full fellowship of the church.
How is a private ceremony different from a group ceremony? I would like to know.

A group ceremony is with all classmates or parishioners and their families. The attendance of the royal family would attract all attention, while it is an equally important day for other confirmants as Prince Felix. So it was understandable the royal family did not want to hijack a festive confirmation and did it en cercle famille.
I'm certain Felix will attend his classmates' confirmation and that he will be a part of the obligatory "Blue Monday" tradition. No need to worry about that.
I must say I prefer when the royal kids do these types of celebrations with their classmates. Time enough for them to be different.

As the Spanish and Belgian royal families did when their princes and princesses received first communion . I am sure it will be the same for confirmation, which, in the Catholic church, usually comes a few years later than first communion.
As the Spanish and Belgian royal families did when their princes and princesses received first communion . I am sure it will be the same for confirmation, which, in the Catholic church, usually comes a few years later than first communion.

From the belgian royal children we did not get Information at all when the had their first communion's. So probably it was an Event like in Denmark but in private.
:previous: Prince William in the UK was confirmed privately, for that very reason. Does anyone know if Felix received instruction (Catechism) privately or with a group?
The lovely bishop Erik Normann Svendsen said that Prince Felix was a delight to have in the group.
So I think he received instruction together with his classmates, but that the confirmation was private.

My nephew did it the same way as he wanted to be confirmed by his paternal grandfather (my father) and he wanted me to be the churchsinger and two of our friends to join me at the organ :) But he did attend the instruction with his classmates :)
In the Netherlands the King is so fond of his confirmation group that still, more than 30 years after the confirmation, his "class" holds regular meetings. Never we have heard anything or even seen a single picture of WA's confirmation. So this discretion happens in more royal houses (NL, UK, Denmark, etc.) and is pretty understandable.
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Because he's uncomfortable with being in the public glare?
Because he's a teen?
Because he is perhaps wearing braces?
Because he is serious?
- And so on...

Ah Muhler, you are so correct. He is a teen and probably would rather not be there. He will grow out of it. As far as the photo, no one looked annoyed by the fact of their placement. Each seemed to be standing with own relatives. The event isn't about them, only the child on his special day. If he wanted to stand next to his mother, he would have done so and told his Dad. I think is looked like a happy group, even with unsmiling teen.
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From the belgian royal children we did not get Information at all when the had their first communion's. So probably it was an Event like in Denmark but in private.

Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric's first communion was a public event. They did it with ten other kids according to TRF.

First Communion for Princes Nicolas and Aymeric | The Royal Forums

I don't know about King Philippe's children, but I would assume it wasn't private either. I don't have knowledge of canonical matters, but I am not even sure the Catholic church allows those kinds of ceremonies to be private (maybe it does, but, again, I don't know).
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Louise first communion was also a public Event. The twins will have their Confirmation this year?
For King Philippe's Children it was private.
I came across these 3 delightful pictures of charming sisters, Isabella and Josephine, to their cousin's confirmation last weekend :flowers:





Sweet little Josephine is wearing clothes from Danish and the cardigan cost 150 Danish kroner. Corresponding to 20 Euro.

Do not say that you need expensive clothes just because you are a heir-to-the-throne child.
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I have translated the quotes in this article very carefully, so you decide whether your interpretation is different from mine.

Martin nægtet adgang til prins Felix' konfirmation: 'I mit hjerte er han jo stadig min dreng' | BT Royale -

Her & Nu writes this week about Martin Jørgensen and the angling of the story is that he was denied access to Felix confirmation.

Martin Jørgsen says to Her & Nu, that he would of course have liked to be present at the church and at the celebration afterwards. But - "That is not possible as this is unfortunately the way the divorce is going/the way the takes place".
Martin Jørgensen express his disappointment: "In my heart he is after all still my boy".

A while back Martin Jørgensen said to the tabloid BT: "Unfortunately I don't see them anymore and I'm really sorry/sad about that. It's a pity it has to be that way, for the children. After all I still regard/see them as my own sons".

- I think Her & Nu "over-interpret" this story. It's more my impression, based on the quotes here, that Martin Jørgensen wasn't denied access - rather he simply wasn't invited. And that's a different matter.
Even though Nikolai and Felix may have had a close relationship to him, he is not their father. And regardless of what the boys think about the circumstances of the divorce you cannot expect Felix to go against his mother and insist on inviting Martin Jørgensen to his confirmation.
Well, perhaps you interpret this differently?
We will see what happens in August if we see pictures of Nikolai and Martin, even if Alex forbids a meeting Nikolai is 18 in the summer and can build an adult relationship with his ex-stepfather if he wants to.
Martin may not be their dad but he was their stepfather. And that still is an important place. Many people maintain a relationship with step parents even when a marriage ends.

It will be interesting to see if he seems a relationship with Martin when older. Alexandra should support it if he does. She brought the man into their lives, she can't simply think they can stop any feeling because she did. He is younger than his brother, and often when a stepparent enters when you are younger in age, it affects the relationship.

If MM abd Haakon divorced when Marius was a minor, would we have expected Haakon simply to stop having any relationship with Marius?
While I agree that Her & Nu are making mountains out of molehills, I do think Alexandra should have been the bigger person and allowed Martin to come if Felix wanted him to – but again, we don't actually know if Felix actually wanted him to be there. It's just as plausible that the reason Martin doesn't see the boys anymore is that the boys are taking their mother's side and don't want to see them. In any way, I think it's wrong of Her & Nu to drag Nikolai and Felix into their stories about Alexandra and Martin, but I suppose that's to be expected from a rag like that.
Even if Felix wanted him there, it would have been a too big focus for the media, reporting on how Alex and Martin got along etc.

Interesting to see in the future as Martin was always present as stepfather -and I think it was a role Alex absolutely wanted him to have - but then it went from 100 to zero. Ok for Alex but it remains to be seen if the boys also wanted it that way or if they played ball in order to not annoy their mother.
A divorce seldom falls out of the blue sky for those involved. It is likely that the 'concious uncoupling ' went on for some time. Both for the couple as for the two princes. A public event like this is not the place for Martin. If the boys want to see him it may be best to do so in private.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #14, 2017.
Written by Henrik Salling.

Both sides of Felix family were well represented at his confirmation. The DRF as well as Alexandra's mother, her sisters, Martina Bent and Nicola Bairs and at least one of Martina Bent's children, her son Matthew.
As well as his godparents.
They were also those invited to Amalienborg by the Regent Couple for lunch.

PH had before the confirmation returned from Spain. He has an ongoing exhibition in Barcelona. (It has been extended BTW).

Felix has not attended the same preparations as that of his school mates from Krebs School. Instead he was instructed by royal confessionarius, Erik Norman Svendsen, who said: "Prince Felix is both sweet and bright. So that went well. He did not make a single mistake and he said yes at the right times.
I tried to give a good speech to Prince Felix. A speech just for him. It was of course about how glad we have been to have him on the team. But I also said something of principle to him about Our Lord and something personal to him. We know each other pretty well.
He has been both an easy and bright confirmand".

The preparations took place at Garnisonskirken (kirke = church) in Copenhagen.

The proud family also commented after the confirmation.
Joachim: "It went well... He's been confirmed. So I'm very, very proud".

Alexandra: "Prince Felix had a fantastic day which went just as he had wished for, surrounded by his close family and close friends who had come from near and far. He has told me it was one of the very best days of his life, and you can't wish for more as a parent".

Marie: "It's been fantastic! We are very, very proud of him. And he said he'd had the best day ever".

The family posed outside the Fredensborg Palace Church.
Our Marie wearing a dress by Huishan Zhang. A model called Keira.
Mary wore a dress by Ole Yde.
Alexandra and Marie's hair had been done by Dennis Knudsen, who were also among the invited guests for the celebration later.
Before the CP family came out Josephine was seen through the doors doing a couple of dance-steps before coming out holding her older sisters hand.

Inside the church has been decorated by flowers symbolizing Spring.
It was Fredensborg Slotskirke's Girls Choir who sang at the church, with the Music Corps of the Royal Lifeguard playing. The choir is used to singing for QMII at services, but it was a special thing to sing for the whole family. It was noted that the children also appreciated the singing.

Christian is the next in the family to be confirmed, presumably in 2019 when he is 13.
Felix started school a year later than usual as he wasn't seen as ready for school yet.

The celebration took place in a restaurant in central Copenhagen, owned by the Siesbye family. The restaurant located in Store Kongensgade is literally down the street from where Alexandra now lives with Felix, so he and a few friends from his school strolled down the street to the restaurant, looking every inch like confirmands.
Felix had been home to change clothes (which IMO didn't suit him well - too big for him). Nikolai who appears to opt for the cool look these days, or perhaps he forgot his smile at Herlufsholm... Had also changed.
The rest of the guests joined them at the restaurant. (You're gonna love Frederik's outfit!) Joachim wore novel rust-colored pants.
Alexandra showed lots of legs.

Outside the restaurant our reporter caught up with Felix who said: "I've been looking forward the most to seeing family and friends. A big part of the family come from abroad. Not just Europe but also Asia, so I've been looking very much forward to seeing them.
We are ready for party and dancing all evening".
As for the menu: "I haven't decided everything, but some of it".

At the restaurant a DJ was in charge of the youthful music. The party ended around 02.00.

- You can feast on the dresses - and suits - in the Belgian state visit thread, when I get around to scan the mag and write a summary there.
Christa Manley was born in 1933 and now lives in Vienna.
:previous: Nice pictures of the party attendees.
I guess we can all be thankful that Joachim choose red instead of his pink pants :ROFLMAO:;)

and thank you for the summary Muhler :flowers:
Nice to see that Felix's friends joined the party as well.
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