Counts Nikolai, Felix, Henrik & Countess Athena, News Part 1: 2023 -

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I'm not surprised.

He seems both to have been and feel most welcome in Australia.
And Benedikte? Nikolai seems to have been having a ball here and has made friends. Perhaps he loves the heat and doesn’t want to spend months in frost and snow.

I wouldn't blame him for wanting to spend summer in Australia rather than go back to Denmark in the winter when it is cold and especially the daylight time is short.

How's the weather around there at this time of year? Looks balmy.
Well, if they arrive in Melbourne today they will be facing three days of rain. Unfortunately thats been a pattern here over the last few months. Temps are in the high teens, low twenties C though. The Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles, sandstone rocks in the sea (only about seven left, the rest have collapsed!), are spectacular though, and the weather there looks gorgeous.
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Going off of Benedikte's Instagram story, it looks like she's heading to New Zealand. Christchurch rather than Queenstown where the Crown Prince family seems to be but maybe a(nother) meet-up in the coming days?
I bet that’s Queenstown in NZ. The place specialises in adventure tourism, especially bungee jumping.
It's Countess Athena's 12th birthday today, January 24.

Two lovely photos, taken by Princess Marie in front of their house in Washington D.C., have been released today:

** instagram gallery **
Happy birthday to Countess Athena, she is a beauty already!
Very nice that two pictures were provided. The pictures are wonderful
Nikolai launches new luxury perfume
The young Count Nikolai is the face of the new perfume, which, according to the advertisement, oozes Danishness

" It is fantastic to bring my love of nature and fashion into this collaboration and explore the harmony between Danish values ​​and the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes, writes Nikolai for his post, where he shows off the Flora Danica perfume."
Hear it for yourself ;)
When I read 'oozes Danishness', my first thought was it smells of Lurpak butter :)
1199 DKK for a perfume?!? Does it come with smelling salt? :eek:

Well, good luck to him. That's something he can now freely do - and earn good money on it as well. Because eventually his association with the DRF will fade away.
Alexandra's press secretary always overshares, so not surprised that she is doing it this time as well.

Muhler's IMDB-link didn't work for me, so here is another try: Mie Sofia Elers on IMDB; she seems to go by 'Sofia Elers'.
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Because Mie may be a problem in regards to pronunciation in English, I wonder?

In Danish the pronunciation is (in English) like this Me-eh.

- You English-speakers really need some more vowel-sounds. ? You can get some 10 extra vowel-sounds from us - and we would still out-vowel you. :D
Nikolai and Benedikte were in Paris:

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